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Career and Family Are Not Excluded.

by Mickey Castillo 4 months ago in advice
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Career and Family Are Not Excluded.
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The balance between professional and family life means allocating an equal amount of time to both segments of life, avoiding the disadvantage of one of them in front of the other. 

This balance does not come naturally and is the result of good organization and discipline. For those who manage to have accomplishments on both sides of the balance, it seems that the dream of having a happy family, but also a successful career is possible and worth any effort.

Pregnancy and later, the child, can influence a woman's career, sometimes in a dramatic way. Due to the responsibilities related to the child or the relationship that the couple can show now the limits.

But, first of all, it is important to understand the factors that can determine, positively or negatively, the woman's relationship with her own family, but also with her career plans.

And they are related to the characteristics of the woman but also to certain external elements that can influence her.

Thus, first of all, it is very important to evaluate the future mother: character, temperament, possible personality disorders, life experience, motivating factors, level of professional training, but also what she has achieved or not, until that moment. from the financial perspective or of the position occupied within the company.

All this represents the woman's inner world, which is important to be in a balance on which the child's temperament and his family environment will later depend.

We must also think about how much she wanted her child, but also the hopes she has from different people to support her in her upbringing and education.

And that's how we get to the external factors, which are often misjudged as supporting elements. And these hopes are mainly related to the partner, the family of origin, or where appropriate a nanny.

Most problems, however, occur in the couple's relationship. Because, without properly evaluating their partner, but also in the absence of discussions about how they will share their tasks, dissatisfaction begins to appear from the first days after the birth of the child.

In conclusion, the expectant mother needs to evaluate with sincerity and objectivity her partner, extended family, or possible people whom she may or may not support.

What if the expectant mother does not do this introspection? Or if he can't evaluate the important people around him?

First of all, we can think of a postpartum depression that can be triggered very quickly, if it does not find the resources to cope with the baby.

Then the horizon of psychological disorders can be enormous. We can meet with: anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, eating disorders, sex disorders, eating disorders, behavioral disorders, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts.

What can a woman do if she suffers from one of the above problems?

Calling a specialist is the first guide. Because the problems may worsen to the point where hospitalization is needed. Or the new mom can make a thoughtless gesture …

If you don't want this, try to build a plan for the future now, with patience, love, and a desire to help the other person understand what is important, first and foremost for the child and then for you.

But I'm coming back. If you feel that you do not have the resources to communicate with your partner, or that you feel that you no longer want to talk to anyone, do your best to reach a psychologist, family doctor, psychiatrist.

Also, if you are the partner of a woman who has recently given birth and you find her in the descriptions above, do your best to convince her to go to a specialist. But first, take care to show her that you love her, appreciate her and that you are close to her, no matter what your life holds.

In your behavior, you can find the cure for her condition. And for this, do not spare any effort. This way you will be a strong family, with healthy and vigorous members. And the child will grow up and enjoy life because he will feel that he can rely on you in any situation.


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