Being Married & Divorced Young Chp. 3

The Start of a Steep Hill

Being Married & Divorced Young Chp. 3
The spark of a wildfire..

Majority of men in this day and age would consider the actions I made back when me and Ke-Ke were together as being a punk. In reality, I looked at it as being the man that my mother raised me to be. There were many times when I would get laughed at or picked on just because I was in a relationship in general. That reason being the fact that most of the people that were around were all single and dipping into anything that was available. Me personally I could not see my self having to worry about multiple different females feelings at once.

Throughout my entire life thus far I have always been the relationship type of male. With that being said, one woman is enough for me to handle. Although, at this time of my life I had not dated a woman like Ke-Ke before. It was has if I was dating 5 different woman all bundled up into one human being. So yeah I had a lot of learning to do with this one.

Not to mention, being young and in love can blind you from someones true colors. I must say I was Ray Charles majority of the relationship, because no matter what happened I continued to not see the signs for departure. The very first sign that let me know things would eventually come crashing down within the relationship happened a week after prom. This would be the first date me and Ke-Ke would go on involving a female friend of hers.

In like manner, I took this movie date as a test for her to see if I would ever attempt to talk to one of her friends. In all honesty her friend was how should I say, something way out of my ordinary type lol. However, I still decided to play along with the game Ke-Ke tried to play. Personally I feel like a man should not ever be put in the position to where he has to prove himself while being set up in the first place. That is basically asking for a confrontation of some sort.

Equally important, the date was not the set up I was referring to. It was the question asked within the vehicle on the way to the movies. The question directed to me from Ke-Ke's friend asked "Would you ever consider having a threesome with me and your girl?" My hesitation to respond to the question should have been my first warning, but I decided to respond while laughing saying "If it was a drunk night and Ke-Ke was up for it." This was the moment that I had screwed up unknowingly.

As a matter of fact, the silent treatment I received from Ke-Ke the rest of the ride to the movies is what scared me the most. This was the first time I had ever experienced a woman ignoring me in general. When we pulled up at the movie theater off exit 218, Ke-Ke friend had hoped out of the vehicle before I could finish taking off my seatbelt. The first thing I hear come out of Ke-Ke's mouth is "That's how you really feel?"

Correspondingly, my body reacted as if I had heard a ghost. Eventhough, I knew exactly what she was pertaining to I still responded has if I had no idea what she was talking about. After my response I immediately hoped out of the vehicle, mainly because I knew that the situation was about to get real. What I did not expect was how real it was actually about to get over a simple question. The messed up part is that even though she did not say nothing then, she had eventually told me later down in our relationship that she had told her friend to ask me that question that day.

Anyways, as I am getting out of the vehicle I over heard the car door slam. The moment I turned around after closing my door, I quickly received a hard slap to the face. This was the very first time any woman besides my mother and grandmother had ever laid their hand on me. Like I said my mother raised me so therefore, I disregarded the slap to the face. All I could do at the moment was stand there and think about what had just happened.

As has been noted, I was raised to never lay my hands on a woman. With that being said I remember looking at Ke-Ke has she stood quietly in front of me after slapping me. Then, simply walking away towards the movie entrance without saying a word of response to what she had done. Before I could even make it to the door she tugged me back repeatedly saying "sorry" to me. The crazy part is I had already forgiven her the moment I walked away in silence.

Ka'Sean Cobbs-Walton
Ka'Sean Cobbs-Walton
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