Being Married & Divorced Young Chp. 2

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Four and a Half Years Down the Drain

Being Married & Divorced Young Chp. 2

Growing up my mother always moved around. Every time we would move the reason would always be the same as to why; the answer to that question is for better opportunities elsewhere. I didn't always believe that was the case until she made her last move ever within the state of Georgia, a move that brought me closer to my next step in life as a young man.

Sometime in April 2013, I found myself confused about what it was I was going to do with my life. I figured since I had nothing to lose that anything would be better than nothing. I decided to start selling candy in the meantime to put a little money in my pockets for dates with Ke-Ke. As a few days went by I remember over hearing students at school talking about a big dance that was around the corner. Then it hit me: Prom was the big dance they were talking about.

God could not even believe the facial expression I made when I realized I had no money for prom tickets, let alone a suit. My body felt like it had sunk deep into my soul. There was no chance of me gathering up the strength to tell Ke-Ke we would not be able to attend the biggest night of our high school career. I had to tell her one way or the other, but something in the back of my mind was telling me to calm down everything will be ok. Thank God for that something, because moments after almost having a heart attack I received a text from Ke-Ke. The text message specifically read:

"Will you be my handsome prom date?"

Before I could even respond with an "I'm sorry," a picture message was downloading from her. As it finished loading up I remember almost breaking my phone in excitement as the picture message showed her holding up two tickets for prom. Immediately, I deleted everything I was about to say about me being sorry to the longest "Yessss..." of the century. Of course after that I asked her, "How did you get the tickets with no money?" That's when she shut me all the way up telling me that she had been working part time at American Eagle long before I had moved so she could surprise me.

Indeed, it was the surprise of my life at the time, I must say. Now the only thing I had to do on my behalf was get a suit. As you already know I was as broke as a joke. Luckily, ma dukes wasn't called super mom for no reason. She had gone all out on me at the Men's Warehouse for everything prom related. All I had to do in return was to make sure I did not get anything on my clothes, because after prom everything was getting returned LMAO.

Since my mother had taken care of the suit situation. I decided to hustle even harder selling candy inside and outside of school. The goal was to rack up enough money to pay for dinner and a hotel after prom. When push comes to shove I met the amount that was needed a lot earlier than expected. You would think everything was going to be perfect, until Ke-Ke's oldest brother passed away of a natural cause a week before prom.

Equally important, the day of the funeral was the exact same day as prom. Also, her brother's funeral was being held in another state. Therefore, the decision to cancel going to prom to attend his funeral would be a no brainier for me. On the other hand, Ke-Ke was determined to go to both no matter how much pain she was in or the distance. I personally could not have applauded her decision more.

All things considered, had it been me in her shoes I more than likely would have taken the situation to a completely different mindset. This honestly had taken a toll on us both regardless of whose shoes we were in. I am still 'til this day proud of how strong she was to have gone and flown back to Georgia just in time for prom night. Even though prom was held at the Atlanta Zoo, I made it my goal to act as the number one animal that night. She has yet to regret anything silly I did, because it was the only reason she was able to maintain her emotions throughout the night.

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