Being Married & Divorced Young Chp. 1

Four and a Half Years down the Drain

Being Married & Divorced Young Chp. 1
I would love to write the next chapters if anyone is reading.

Like all love stories, I fell in love at first sight. It was the night of New Year's Eve 2012 going on 2013, when I was invited to come to a party. Only to find out when I got there that it was not actually a party, instead, a get together with close friends. It was not meant to be a set up for me and Kayla to meet up through her friend Travis. Travis had come across me on social media and invited me to the supposed to be party himself. Only to later find out that Travis was actually gay LOL, and his intentions were to introduce me to Kayla as his next thing. The flaw in his plan was that I am not gay.

Therefore, his plan with me had failed before it started. Normally, in a situation like this. I would have spazzed out and went home, but luckily Kayla was single and interested in me as well. I decided to stay a while to chat with her, in which, one thing led to the other. Had her big brother not have shown up. we would have had sex that same night, instead, the night was sealed with a kiss on the lips. Not to mention it was that time of the month anyway if you know what I mean.

Although, after that night Kayla and I continued to text and talk on the phone for a week before our next physical appearance. We had already established that we were together as boyfriend and girlfriend that same night of New Year's Eve. I know it's silly that we were both young and looking for love, but what better way to bring in the new year, then in a relationship after being single for awhile. Anyway, when we met again at my house there was a lot less talking and a lot more lovemaking. This had been my very first time ever bringing a woman home to meet my family within the first week.

In addition, Kayla had lived 45 minutes away from me, meaning every time we met she was taking that drive to see me. I took that as her way of basically showing me how serious she really was of being with me as I was of her. A month goes by and the drive had started to become too much for her, especially having to deal with senior homework and after-school activities. She had called me one day and told me that if I could not find a way to see her then it would be the end of us. I admit that broke my heart right then, but at the time Uber and Lyft was not yet available in the United States. Meaning I had to either start paying people for gas money there or say goodbye to the only thing that made sense in my life.

Correspondingly, my mother is the one who saved the day without even knowing she would. We had ended up moving to Henry County located in the middle of Georgia, that same week of being given an ultimatum on my relationship. The area we had moved reminded me of the same area the so-called New Year's Eve party was held. I did not think anything of it at the time, just figured it was a coincidence. Only to find out the next day when I was enrolled to Luella High School towards the end of my senior year, that I was actually in the same county I was in when I met Kayla for the very first time.

Not to mention, that was exciting news for me since I knew at that moment, I was much closer to Kayla. What I did not know was how close I actually would find out I was to her. On my first day at Luella, I noticed a lot of people staring at me as if they had already known who I was. In fact, they knew who I was and what I looked like only because of social media. What I did not know is that someone very special to me at the time was very popular at this particular school.

You guessed it, Kayla was attending Luella High School as well, only I still did not know. Until, that same day when it was lunch time someone had came up to me and asked me what was wrong with my girlfriend. I remember looking at them stupid and saying "I don't date no one at this school." They looked at me weird and responded with a point of direction, followed by a question

"So you're not dating that girl Kayla over there anymore?" As I looked in the direction they were pointing, I saw Kayla crying and not eating her food with her back turned against me.

Generally speaking, I decided to use this opportunity of her not knowing that I was attending the same school as her with a hand covering the eyes tactic. But, as I made my way to her table one her friends ratted me out mistakenly. She turned around with tears coming from her eyes, hopped out of the seat, and ran to jump on me in the middle of the cafeteria followed by the biggest kiss we ever had. As we stood in the moment of happiness words were still not exchanged between us, but you could hear everyone in the cafeteria saying "Awwww." When we stopped kissing I specifically told her

"Remember when you asked me to see you? I did you one better and moved towards you."

She responded, "I was never actually going to leave you, it was just making me upset that I could not be with you all the time like I wanted to."

Ka'Sean Cobbs-Walton
Ka'Sean Cobbs-Walton
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