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Be Careful of Mediocre Thinkers!

by Monica Stefan about a month ago in humanity
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They are everywhere. Be aware. They will destroy your thinking.

Be Careful of Mediocre Thinkers!
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

The abundant availability of platforms where almost anyone with an opinion can express themselves without quality check or much censorship has opened up new gates to people like me who want to live free and creative.

We now get to say what we want, when we want, and where we want — and there is almost nobody apart from our intended audiences to judge us and like or dislike us.

This is an amazing thing to happen as we get to not just express but also expose ourselves to a wide array of perspectives. This has meant we can hear the opinions of diverse people, irrespective of qualifications and credentials.

And this is also the very reason why all this is equally dangerous if we are not careful and capable enough to think for ourselves. And this is what this article is about.

A quick Internet search of anything that is of speculative nature — such as the future of so and so — and we are likely to see the opinions of people just like us (equally confused) appear at the top (that too only a snippet) as if it came from the mouth of god. Good SEO of platforms like Quora and Medium are responsible for this. And also are all the people who thought that opinion was valid — with no fault of their own. It’s up to us to remind ourselves that just because most people agree on a thing doesn’t make it correct.

But there is a danger to this: What if we had searched for something when we were in a vulnerable state of mind and that opinion was incorrect!

If the opinions of even the best philosophers, scientists, and artists who have devoted their entire life to thinking have proved to be incorrect time and time again— who is a bloody modern-day mediocre Quora opinionator (who is there to gamble for a shot at fame) to be perfect?

Remember that most are just like us: ordinary blokes with opinions. Seeming Experts. Not Experts. Just people who present themselves confidently. And this is what makes the danger more dangerous.

Just because a person has a degree in political science doesn’t mean s/he gets to act god on political matters on social platforms. If you are so good, then write a book about it and make me drool to read it!

They might be okay to listen to in certain technical matters with minor consequences, but never on imaginative or speculative matters. Our entire career or life trajectory could drastically change by one such opinion especially during our vulnerability. And what if that opinion was wrong?

Of course, it doesn’t mean we are supposed to skip through anything written on public platforms until we reach to the expert we know — and not everyone with an opinion is incorrect. It just means:

We need to be careful and capable enough to think for ourselves.

And it is the same with platforms like Medium.

Hundreds of articles spring up here every day that tell us — do this, don’t do this, this will die, this is the future, etc., etc.

What we have to remember is: The entire human race is confused about a lot of things and we shouldn’t even blindly listen from the horse’s mouth (not that there are any perfect horses), let alone from some wannabe influencer who in most cases doesn’t even know what s/he is talking about. They are only in it for the fame. And they will type just about anything that will increase their upvotes or whatever it’s called.

Once again: all this is dangerous if we are not careful and capable enough to form our own judgments. (And most of us are not :(

So what do we do when we want answers to some questions on the Internet?

Here are some options:

Remember that not every opinion is true.

Remember that the person who has written it might just be good at writing things that grab attention and not at knowing.

Remember that some questions do not have certain answers. For example, the future of movies, the future of our jobs, the best writer ever, smartest person in the world, the birth of the universe, etc.

Don’t let academic credentials fool you. They may have faked it for all we know!

Train yourself to think for yourself.


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Monica Stefan

Romania |22| Art lover

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