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Be a man, really don't flatter yourself too much

by zhaoyu 4 months ago in humanity
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Being born in the world is a process of gradually recognizing others and yourself. In the beginning, I always have some naive ideas about the world. As I get older, I will gradually become more conscious and change my view of everything.

Be a man, really don't flatter yourself too much
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Being born in the world is a process of gradually recognizing others and yourself. In the beginning, I always have some naive ideas about the world. As I get older, I will gradually become more conscious and change my view of everything.

Writer Zhou Guoping said: People will grow three times, the first time is when you find that you are not the center of the world; The second time is when I find that even though I try very hard, there are still some things that I can do nothing about. The third time is when you know something might be impossible, but you try your best anyway.

Childhood is thought that be the center of the world, but later found that the earth is away from who still turn, no one will always be around you.

Not all people will take you as the center, not all things will be by our idealized direction to develop, some things even if we try our best also can't achieve, some people even if you are humble to please, the other side will not look at you.

Thousands of worlds, and we are just a drop in the ocean, like dust, quietly landing, the slightest insignificant.

The rarest thing for a man is to know himself and his position in the hearts of others. In the end, we will find that no one is inseparable from who, who is not all of whom, not the only one.

Life, remember not to be too sentimental, this is a person's most sober view of life.

Don't overestimate your position in anyone's mind

Never overestimate your position in the eyes of others, because the world is not black and white, there are many things we do not know.

You may think that your seemingly friendly co-worker is nice to you, but one day she may turn out to be the one who betrayed you.

You think that the good man said to be good to you for a lifetime, he identified you, must you, but his heart will change, you don't know which moment he will abandon you.

You think that as long as you dig out your heart to a person, and use all your strength to a person, you will be able to get his heart.

But in fact, most of the time what you think is just what you think. Some people seem to be very friendly to you, but hide a knife behind a smile. Some people seem to love you very much, but they are already planning to leave.

Don't be too naive to believe what some people say, don't easily believe the word forever, and don't overestimate your status in anyone's mind.

Likely, you are not worth anything in the eyes of others, they will not look down on you, you in the eyes of the other side are irrelevant existence, anytime and anywhere may leave you.

Not overestimating your position in anyone's mind will save you a lot of disappointment.

Don't take yourself too seriously. You have to know yourself

In this world, who is not the center of the world, the earth away from who all turn, this sentence although very cruel, is reality.

Whether in a group or a relationship, it is important to remember that you should not be too proud or overestimate yourself.

When you leave a group, it will still be orderly, when you leave someone, the other person may live a person more comfortable.

Never put the platform when the ability, most of the time is the platform gives you the halo, rather than your unique ability, too much value yourself, the reality will often knock you awake.

"30 Just" Wang Manni in the luxury shop work, has up to eight years of sales experience, is also a gold medal sales, she is very confident in their ability, though it will be easy to find a job after quitting.

But the reality is that she is nothing without that platform. Jobs are easy to find, but wages can't even afford the rent.

People should have a clear understanding of their own, do not blindly overestimate their ability, even if you are good in a company, but it is not indispensable existence, leave your company to run, not because of your departure and how much change.

Don't overestimate yourself, don't take yourself too seriously, a little more self-knowledge, can be more clear to the world, and self-knowledge, to force yourself to continue to progress, and become more excellent.

Be less judgmental, more understanding and respectful, and less secretive

To be a man, to be a little less self-righteous, do not always speculate on others in the eyes of the self, you will never know what others think.

Recently hit drama "happiness to the family" Wang Qinglai because Yani father to his cold to them have a big prejudice, that Yani father is not the county magistrate, to his family is not much help, then let Qing Zhi and Yani break up.

He said: at the beginning Kei Chi and Yani together, because of his father's identity and power, since it will not help his career too much, he does not need to stay with Yani.

This is just his own opinion, because his own narrow-minded, trying to rely on others to take shortcuts, by speculating on other people's thoughts, ultimately only exposed his bad.

As the saying goes: don't know others bitter, don't advise others well, without his personnel, don't talk about others. We always habitually stand in our perspective to look at things, often just personal will, biased, you can never empathize with the situation of others, more can not understand the real idea of others.

You can save yourself those self-righteous ideas, have more understanding and respect for others, and have less self-speculation so that you can look at things more objectively.

Be a person, don't be too self-satisfied, don't overestimate your position in the eyes of others, don't take yourself too seriously, and a little more self-knowledge.

Don't judge others by your own will. Don't be too self-righteous.

A little less self-affection, will let you be a little less disappointed, don't overestimate yourself, will make you clear to see yourself and see your situation. Don't be too self-righteous, to be able to approach the heart of others, and avoid being disgusting.

Don't flatter yourself, it will make you more comfortable in dealing with the world.


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