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Astimegoesby unnoticeably

by ngoc ngan bui about a month ago in humanity
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Astimegoesby unnoticeably

Astimegoesby unnoticeably
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Time is like water, time flies. After a busy and orderly semester, we have joined "Wu Fangjun Junior High School Chinese Workshop" for nearly one year in the spring of 2022. Looking back on the study in the master studio, I feel the joy and harvest brought to me by this group, and also let me grow up in this team. Maybe THIS year I did not have the honor to boast of, worthy to show off the achievements, but the studio leader and partners studious and ambitious, willing to innovate, the spirit of pioneering give me a great power, let me in the teaching practice of solid steps. Growth is a process, is a joy. Here I harvest a lot, but also see their own shortcomings, now will learn experience report as follows.

There is no end to learning. I am on my way

Tang Dynasty poet Meng Jiao once said: "People learn to know, do not learn unnatural." Learning is necessary at all times. With the implementation of "double reduction", education workers need to intensify their training and study hard. There is no end to learning, we do not change the original intention; There is no end to learning, we search up and down; There is no end to learning, and we keep moving forward... As the fundamental task of teachers in the new era is to cultivate people through moral education. At the same time, we should carry out the policy of "double reduction" and comprehensively improve quality and efficiency. Therefore, after I got the seventh grade Chinese textbook, I studied it carefully, so that I could accurately grasp the direction, grasp the key and difficult points of the textbook, teaching strategies and homework optimization design.

The compilation of textbooks for the seventh grade tries hard to construct a comprehensive practice system of Chinese and carry out the spirit of unification of instrumentality and humanism, so as to improve students' Chinese literacy comprehensively. To change the current situation of over-emphasis on learning and mechanical training, actively advocate independent, cooperative and exploratory Chinese learning way, pay attention to cultivate students' innovative spirit; Follow the law of Chinese education, do not deliberately pursue the system and integrity of Chinese knowledge, highlight students' Chinese practice activities, so that students learn Chinese in practice; Make every effort to be full of openness and flexibility, leave broad activity space for local, school and teachers and students.

The textbooks mainly carry out the fundamental task of establishing morality and cultivating people from four aspects: first, constructing socialist core values; second, inheriting and carrying forward excellent traditional culture; third, persisting in revolutionary traditional education; and fourth, highlighting national sovereignty and maritime awareness.

Textbooks according to "the overall planning, organic, natural penetration" basic train of thought, adopt the way of centralized layout combined with dispersed permeation, teaching material selection as the main carrier, complementary with elaborate language practice activities, so that the students in the process of learning language exerts a subtle influence infection, gradually set up the correct ideas and noble moral sentiment, Finally, the core values of socialism will be internalized into spiritual pursuit and externalized into conscious behavior. The selection of textbooks not only retains a number of classic traditional chapters, but also develops a number of new chapters that meet the needs of The Times and are conducive to the cultivation of students' values.

I read the textbook clearly, master the main purpose of the compilation of the textbook, looking for practical teaching strategies. This semester, every lesson prepared, according to the "teaching innovation and student development" requirements, deep cultivation of the "first class".

Two, unity and cooperation, create success

Since joining the Masters Studio, I have been actively participating in the activities and courses organized by the studio, "studying classical Chinese Teachers' Dao and understanding the connotation of excellent teachers' ethics". Learning "Class management and Mental Health", "Case study and Teaching Demonstration", "Information literacy and technology application" and so on to constantly improve their teaching ability.

In spare time, I took notes in online lectures, consulted a large number of materials and studied the teaching materials. The grinding process was painful, but IN that process, I kept tempering myself and improving myself. From the design of the teaching process to the accuracy of every link and every word, I learned seriousness and preciseness from the famous teachers. All the members of the team were united, the division of labor was clear, and the activities achieved good results and were well received. In these activities, I was deeply inspired to find the goal and direction of learning and know what aspects I should improve myself in.

School after receiving the task of innovation education teaching design case, prepares a lesson I'm positive, serious, making courseware and teaching demonstration repeatedly, continuous optimization design, from the classroom 40 minutes of life down to 20 minutes of no class, various forms of transformation, ground class, everything comes to him who waits, finally, shows a wonderful Chinese classes for students. These achievements are inseparable from the studio members of the careful guidance and help. And I also learned that "go fast if you want, go far if you want." What's more, we are a hard working team.

Three, the perception of improvement, adhere to the feelings

Through studying in the workshop "national education conference spirit of led and enlightenment" I understand: "ShuangJian" is not the result, not the quality, but through a small incision education ecological system reconstruction, truly integration education resources, face-to-face regression nature education, reconstructing education new understanding and the system, improve the quality of children's growth. Because I deeply understand: to reduce the burden is to better improve the quality and efficiency, real education should not rely on brush questions and time pile up, real quality education is not afraid of scientific examination.

What about the grades when the school load is reduced? The answer is to improve the quality of classroom teaching. What children often resist is not what they learn, but how they learn. In order to let the children to experience learning process is meaningful and interesting, our school to carry out rich and colorful theme culture, reduce passive infusion control, increase the initiative, interactive learning, understanding, practice, innovation optimize campus life process, one thousand ways to stimulate children's intrinsic motivation and learning enthusiasm, encourage the children lively and independent discipline. Every question and every teaching design provided to the children have been carefully demonstrated, making the professional and solid school-based teaching research become an important lever between reducing the burden and improving the quality of the children.

Gradually, the children were able to complete their study tasks well in 70 percent of the time and spend 30 percent of the time on 19 clubs and sunny sports activities. We strive to be the "six good" students of "eat well, sleep well, exercise well, be in a good mood, conduct well and achieve good results", forming the group characteristics of loving the party and patriotism, sunshine and self-confidence, thinking and innovation, loving reading, and having sufficient stamina for development. The results have been among the best in all levels of quality testing for many years. Through all this, the school's massive data has won the understanding and support of the society.

My biggest experience is that every child is different. It is not in line with the law of education to ask them for the same requirements, the same growth path and future development direction. Education is the strategy of teaching students according to their aptitude and the feelings of teaching without distinction, so as to live up to the potential of every child and let every child develop according to their own advantages. This should be the original aspiration and mission of our education workers, and should also be the rational consensus of society and parents.

Four, the goal leads, I am working hard

I have been constantly reflecting and summarizing in practice to find out my shortcomings, define the direction of my efforts and set the following goals:

1, in improving the effectiveness of the classroom work hard, so that students in each lesson have a greater harvest.

2, timely summary, strengthen reflection, their usual accumulated experience, valuable thinking, timely record, in order to improve their level faster.

3, continue to enhance the improvement of their own quality, enhance business ability, strengthen their proposition technology ability and reading ability, for tomorrow's education to lay a better foundation.

The studio not only provides a space for us to improve our own quality, but also becomes a big family where we learn from each other and promote each other. In this big family, I found my way forward, in this big family, I realized the enthusiasm of mutual help and progress together, in this big family, I appreciated the elegant demeanour of famous teachers.

"Set sail, the road ahead" in "focus ShuangJian, comprehensive quality" of today, the social requirement for teachers' quality, the higher education teaching work in the future, I will be more strict with myself, work hard, carry forward the advantage, make up the shortfall, forge ahead, I will use the actual action dutifully do a good job and become a qualified member of the studio, To write xunyang education beyond the new chapter to contribute light and heat.

There is no end to learning, I am always on the road...


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