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Are You Relying On Friends To Help Your Passion?

by Joshua Reed 2 months ago in humanity
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Writer Wednesday: a rant about support

Are You Relying On Friends To Help Your Passion?
Photo by Chang Duong on Unsplash

I know I am. It’s almost impossible not to when you’re first starting an endeavor. I’m not sure how reliable my friends are when it comes to my art, though. I don’t want to sound like I’m ungrateful or that they don’t support me, because I feel the love, but I know that they don’t always have time. I don’t always have the money to support my friends that are trying to get a business started.

William Butler Yeats, an Irish poet, said something to effect of, “There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t met yet.” I love the friends I’ve met, but the friends I’ve yet to meet in real life are somewhat more supportive of my work. The followers I’ve acquired support me because they relate to my writing, not because they feel a social need to support me.

There’s a lot of overlap there, as the friends I’ve met do relate to my work and support it because it is inherently good. I don’t always see that, though, mostly because I believe that they feel the need to support me as friends and not because they like my product. There’s no ill intention there. On the contrary, it’s love that drives them to cheer for me.

Take my girlfriend for example. I know that she is supporting and rooting for me. Still, I don’t catch her reading anything of mine unless I ask. I think this is because there’s so much going on in life that we don’t think of supporting our friends unless they ask. Followers on the internet, however, will support something because they genuinely like it.

Sometimes we have to make it easy for our friends and followers to support us. While likes, subscribes, and views are easy, purchases are not. Spending money on a product is an investment. Friends do want to invest in our work, because they care for us, but we have to make sure we have a quality product, too. Even those that love us most won’t tell their network about our articles or products unless they believe in it.

Anyone starting out has to rely on the network close to them to take off. Comedians and musicians are famous for starting off with empty shows of family and friends. Henry Rollins, front man of the punk band “Black Flag”, told a story about Ozzy Osbourne expecting an empty show well into his career. Even a rock legend like Ozzy has scars from a time when they had to rely on friends.

This could all come down to mentality. Should we expect our friends to support us and hope we find followers along the way? Will it be disappointing when we don’t get either? I think that may be a part of the grind. The important thing to remember is why you are doing what you do. Sell things because you believe in them, write things because you have something to say.

I have a hard time writing for the sake of writing. As recent as yesterday, I was insecure about the things I produce. This led to an unproductive day. I may have needed the break to step back and look at things. Take your own step back and do the things you do for your own soul. People will invest in you if you invest in yourself.

To the friends that support me and the strangers that follow me: you are all important to me. Even when I put out something you may not particularly like or agree with, you are there. In turn, I hope the opportunity comes when I can be there for you. Believe that you will make it and you just might, whether it’s friends you know or friends you haven’t met that support you.

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