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Are You Ready for Entrepreneurship?

by Rick Martinez 2 months ago in advice
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Sometimes you find it, and sometimes it finds you: either way, you need to be prepared

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"If trouble comes when you least expect it then maybe the thing to do is to always expect it." ― Cormac McCarthy

That quote comes from a book by Cormac McCarthy, and it's stuck with me for a while. It stuck with me because we, as humans, can replace the word trouble with a plethora of other words and the just is the same.

Words like love...success...good luck, or bad luck.

And yep, even the word "entrepreneurship."

Sometimes we seek the path to entrepreneurship. And other times, we're shoved down that dusty, dirty road when we least expect it.

So, in the same way that Cormac says we should be prepared for trouble, shouldn't we be prepared to become an entrepreneur? Especially if that's the road we deep down, wish to take?

I say yes.

And that's why I wrote this for you.

But first, did you know roughly sixteen percent of the American population are said to be entrepreneurs?

This means sixteen percent of the American population doesn't rely on a J-O-B to make money. While the number seems insignificant, it isn't, and you can easily be added to this elite group. You don't need to be chained to a desk or tied to an employer if you don't want to be.

You need to have the correct information in your corner and take the proper steps to launch yourself into entrepreneurial success.

Here are four signs that signal your readiness for entrepreneurship to the universe.

You've got some dough stashed and ready to take risks

I'm not talking Mark Cuban or Elon Musk cash.

Instead, enough money the time to be able to leave your job and not overstress about it. Keep in mind this means business funds as well as personal ones. While this may sound obvious, many first-time entrepreneurs believe they will start cash-flowing quickly.

The opposite is almost always the case, though.

It might not be a bad idea to find ways to supplement your income through part-time gigs, freelancing, or save any income you can to cover your bills for as long as you can.

Unfortunately, most businesses don't see a profit until their third year.

You've got clear business goals and objectives

A business without clear goals is simply just a dream.

If you lack either of these, you will probably have to stop and figure these out first. Designing a simple business plan is the best way to make your goals, objectives, and value as a business defined and clearly understood. It may sound tedious, but knowing how to steer your ship and where it's headed is paramount to success.

You have adopted an entrepreneurial mindset

There are probably 1,000 different entrepreneurs with 1,000 individual responses to what the entrepreneur's mindset is.

So here's mine

An entrepreneurial mindset is about focus, determination, clarity, creativity, and direction.

With an entrepreneurial mindset firmly in check, you can better overcome obstacles or setbacks as you learn to accept responsibility for yourself and seek to improve. In addition, you know you will always work to create value for your clients as you adopt this mindset.

The bottom line is the mindset of a 'trep is not the mindset of an employee.

You feel confident and ready

Confidence and feeling ready are essential to being successful.

If you don't feel ready, it will show in your work, and you will likely miss something important. And that's what amateurs do.

A possible solution is to stay in your current job until you feel it is the right time to leap is a good idea. However, you must be realistic and be sure you are taking steps to get your business going, or you will likely stay at your job forever.

Feel me?

The final word

So, how do you know if you're ready for entrepreneurship?

Well, if you have some dough saved up, have clear business goals and objectives, have adopted an entrepreneurial mindset, and feel confident and ready, then the answer is likely yes. There are no guarantees of success, as with anything in life, but following these four signs will increase your chances astronomically.

Now it's time to get out there and show the world what you're made of!

Entrepreneurship is waiting for you.

Discover in less than two minutes if it's time to finally quit your job.

Grab the Quit Your Job Checklist right here...


About the author

Rick Martinez

Trauma nurse turned freelance writer and startup entrepreneur.

I write about healthcare, entrepreneurship, personal development, and life lessons through the eyes of a recovering trauma nurse.

California born, Texas raised.

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  • Babs Iverson2 months ago

    Outstanding information!!!

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