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Are You An Old Soul?

by Jocelyn Joy Thomas 9 months ago in humanity
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5 Common Signs that will confirm or deny

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There is a general belief in mainstream thinking that to be an old soul means you are drawn to things from another time. That is true to a point, but the actual meaning of an old soul has much more to it. 

An old soul is someone who has had many incarnations, and importantly, has learned a great deal of wisdom from those incarnations. Someone can live many lives and not learn lessons and must continue repeating them. So, it is only those individuals who have learned a great deal that can be termed as old souls. 

To follow are five common signs that you are an old soul, if you have three or more you are likely an old soul.

You feel like an outsider, even in your family of origin

It can feel isolating at times to be an old soul. Things that entertain others, don't appeal to you. You may feel alone and on the outside a lot of the time. The rituals, beliefs, activities of others just do not make you feel as excited or fulfilled as they do for others. 

You ask a lot of questions that others cannot answer and this makes them feel uncomfortable. You learned from an early age that others were a little out of synch with you so you had to tone yourself down in some areas and keep certain ideas, beliefs, perspectives to yourself. 

You may find yourself more in tune with nature and animals feeling as if they are family. Animals have a stronger connection to higher consciousness this is why there is a draw. Nature is a balancing force that helps old souls greatly during their difficult journey through the dense physical world once more. 


Not all introverts are old souls, nor are all extroverts young souls. Introverts do tend to have more of the qualities of an old soul. The need for being out in the world is more pronounced in individuals with extroverted personalities. That stage of soul growth has since passed for old souls. There is less of a need to be seen and heard and more of a desire for solitude. Close connections are still vital but introverts need time spent alone to recharge. 

Old souls are often introverted because they don't require a personality that seeks to be with others but rather one that is revitalized by time spent in peace and contemplation. This is more conducive to the goals of an old soul, things like wisdom, harmony, and creativity.


Old souls are often better connected to their higher consciousness, or soul. This means that the ability to sense and know, intuitively is pronounced. Everyone has this capability, but it is those who connect with these abilities regularly that know how to use them. 

In the case of an old soul, the intuitive abilities were typically developed in past lifetimes and the ability has been carried over. 

Being intuitive means you can sense or know information about others without them telling you. How it works for one person can be quite different from another. Some people are sensitive to animals, others receive dreams, while others might sense those who have crossed over. 


For this group, most are old souls. It's always possible that a younger soul chose to be an empath or sensitive but typically it's older souls who choose this more challenging path. 

An empath or sensitive is someone who can sense emotions, physical symptoms, or other information of others. Not all sensitive people are empaths, but usually, empaths are sensitive individuals which is why I grouped them together.

Spiritual and personal growth 

Old souls have an interest in merging higher consciousness or soul, with the physical world. To experience beyond the limits of human consciousness while in the physical world. The soul has already experienced what it is like to live a life in any manner of mundane ways, warrior, business owner, victim, oppressor, poor, wealthy, all of the dramas of the world have already been experienced. 

The old soul comes back for a handful of lives to know what it is like to merge consciousness, to take all of the wisdom from former lifetimes and move beyond them.

If you do believe you are an old soul, take the time to share your wisdom in some way. Mentor someone, write, create, express, pass down your wisdom. Take time for yourself, world-weariness is a constant if you don't remember to get out in nature and/or meditate daily. Self-care allows you to feel balanced. 

You more than anyone knows the finite nature of life, ask yourself what can I do to make today meaningful? Make this a habit.

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