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Are air purifiers the IQ tax we pay?

by Test 2 months ago in science
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Before discussing whether a certain commodity is an IQ tax, we must first look at what exactly "IQ tax" is. Although it tends to become a common term, its definition of it is still rather confusing.

According to the description in the question, the discussion of whether a specific type of product is an IQ tax is not related to the price because there are always low, medium, and high-grade products, what should be considered here is whether the product's function can achieve its advertised effect and whether the publicity is fictitious and not the actual demand.

From the point of view of function and demand, an air purifier is not an IQ tax product.

The principle of air purifier is not complicated, the mainstream program is similar, and can be understood as a sensor, fan, and filter system, the fan will contain pollutants air transported to the machine, after the multi-level filter, and finally output relatively clean air, while the sensor is responsible for detecting the concentration of pollutants, flexible adjustment of the machine's work intensity.

However, the principle of simply does not mean that the implementation is also simple, the air purifier filter in the technical content is not low. Take the 3M KJ600F formaldehyde air purifier we are using as an example, it can effectively remove common air pollutants such as formaldehyde, bacteria, viruses, PM2.5, allergens, dust, smoke, pollen, and odors.

To effectively remove these pollutants, the 3M KJ600F Formaldehyde Air Purifier has a built-in filter designed with a 5-layer structure. The first layer is a pre-filter layer as well as a second protective layer that filters larger particle pollutants.

The third layer is an electrostatic filter layer for smaller scale particles, and it is at this link that the respirable particles we are most concerned about are removed, and they are below 10 microns in diameter.

Particles in this size range are interesting in that larger particles are intercepted by inertia due to collisions in the screen driven by high-velocity airflow, while particles smaller than 1 micron are at the other end of the spectrum and are more easily captured due to their rapid Brownian motion.

Interception efficiency of a typical filter for particles of different sizes

Only the particles stuck in the middle of not too big and not too small are the most difficult to remove, our biggest concern is PM2.5 (inhalable particles less than 2.5 microns in diameter) is right in the middle of them, want to remove them to use electrostatic adsorption, the use of materials carrying static electricity to adsorb these particles, including PM2.5, bacteria, viruses, etc., even 0.003 microns in diameter particles, 3M filter electrostatic filter layer can filter particles down to 0.003 microns.

The principle is similar to the N95 mask, the N95 standard is to be able to block 95% of the diameter of 0.3 microns or more of non-oil particles, which used electrostatic adsorption technology was initially applied by 3M in the air conditioning filtration system, air purifiers and protective masks are also a lineage, it can be seen that 3M has a wealth of accumulation in related technology.

The fourth layer of the structure is a patented formaldehyde filter, using coconut shell activated carbon, which has a huge specific surface area, the total adsorption surface area equivalent to 50 soccer fields (about 350,000 square meters), can adsorb TVOC that is total volatile organic compounds, including benzene, aromatic hydrocarbons, esters, aldehydes and so on, they usually have a pungent smell, may be harmful to humans, formaldehyde is among the representatives.

3M KJ600F formaldehyde air purifier's built-in filter

Finally add a fifth layer of low resistance, high air permeability support layer to ensure that the filter is not deformed in the use of the process affects the performance of the seemingly simple air purifier filter is considered complete. In addition, the 3M KJ600F formaldehyde air purifier is equipped with Smart Filter technology, which reads the built-in RFID smart chip of the filter to determine the life of the filter and optimize it according to the usage habits, with an anti-counterfeiting function.

The filter is equipped with Smart Filter technology

The five-layer structure of the filter can achieve up to 95% of formaldehyde adsorption rate, 99.99% of virus isolation rate, 99.9% of bacteria removal rate, 99.7% of PM2.5 removal rate, but also can effectively filter solid particles with a diameter of 0.003 microns or more, such as dust mites, mold spores, pollen, willow, and other common allergens.

Among the key pollutants used to measure the comprehensive quality of air are three, namely PM2.5, HCHO (formaldehyde), and TVOC (total volatile organic compounds), the level and value of the three comparisons can reflect the current air quality, but also many air purifiers monitor the main indicators.

3M KJ600F formaldehyde air purifier based on PM2.5, HCHO, and TVOC three indicators to determine the air quality, and displayed on the screen with different colors

In addition, there is another indicator to measure the actual performance of the air purifier - CADR value, i.e. Clean Air Output Ratio, which represents the size of the volume of air the air purifier can purify per unit of time. The 3M KJ600F formaldehyde air purifier we used has a CADR value of 600 m3/h for particulate matter and a claimed CADR value of 330 m3/h for formaldehyde, with a measured value of 470 m3/h for a room of 42-72 square meters (based on a floor height of 3 meters).

3M KJ600F formaldehyde removal air purifier operation

Therefore, the CADR value is an important reference for choosing an air purifier, and if an air purifier with a lower CADR value is used in a large space, the results may be less than ideal.

3M and BMW's design company Designworks jointly designed the patented appearance of the elegant placement

From the principle and function of the air purifier, it can solve a lot of practical problems. For people with asthma, pollen allergies, dust allergies, rhinitis, and other respiratory sensitivities, protective masks can solve the problem of going out during periods of more serious local air pollution, while air purifiers can greatly improve the experience of indoor activities, and although they cannot directly treat these symptoms, the improvement in air quality can greatly improve breathing comfort.

The 3M KJ600F air purifier we use is certified by the AAFA American Asthma and Allergy Foundation to effectively remove a wide range of allergens, making it suitable not only for people prone to allergies but also for the elderly, young, and pregnant groups.

For ordinary people, the function of an air purifier can also improve their quality of life. If you have just moved into a newly renovated house and run into bad air quality and can't open the windows and doors for ventilation, the air purifier's formaldehyde removal function is very useful.

Even if there is no need to remove formaldehyde, air purifiers can also reduce indoor dust and lint, especially pollen and willow floss during the change of seasons to keep clean, and in terms of health, they can also remove bacteria and viruses to reduce the risk of illness.

In summary, whether from the perspective of function or demand, air purifiers are not the so-called "IQ tax", as long as their needs are clear, rational choice of appropriate products, but can make people appreciate the meaning of technology to improve life.


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