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Analogue, Proofs, and Paper Moments

Memories of a golden era that still glimmers

By The Dani WriterPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Analogue, Proofs, and Paper Moments
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

When I tell you I lived through old magic and you don’t believe me, there is unspoken agreement from all those who share my knowledge and warmly smile.

In our present e-commerce internet existence where everything is instant and security checks a normal part of life, I and others of my generation enjoyed a slower, more majestic path that kept space no marketing agency could access and made memories from a perspective that can scarce be recaptured.

Picture by Photo2Painting on Imgur

It was the fascination that came with unrecordable serendipitous events like seeing a waterspout at sea for the first time (and no video devices available), unable to tear your eyes away. Or being lifted up to the teller’s counter as a child because you couldn’t see what they were doing up there, and online banking didn’t exist.

There was no Amazon or eBay. So, the sheer teenage anticipation of waiting for your specially chosen toy, game, or outfit to go on sale awaiting purchase with money painstakingly saved; taught patience, meticulous coordination (thanks to a network of friends regularly swinging by the store), and eagle-eyed focus; skills highly valued and more challenging to teach for many societal contemporaries of today.

Me at 4 yrs. old with my older brothers and my Mom

It was the anticipation of really not knowing who was calling when you answered the phone. Or what the pictures taken were going to look like. Or what the next movie showing was until you read about it in the paper or TV guide. So we enjoyed the moments of suspense before yelling out that Uncle Michael was on the phone for Daddy. And secured negatives that we knew we wanted reprints from or secretly destroyed because the picture made us look hideous. And listened to the clock ticking until it was time for posting of the TV lineup and previews.

Meme by helldozer1 on Imgur

I have decades of enjoyable experiences flying before 911 as well as when air travel flight service was personable, enjoyable, and made you feel like royalty. No shoes off. No small Ziploc bags. No countless security checks. Staff who genuinely smiled at you and wanted you to enjoy your trip. In-flight meals that were not only good but chef-standard delicious and well presented (You looked forward to the meals on the plane—not kidding!) And nothing but air and a balcony between you and boarding or disembarking passengers so that you could wave to your heart’s content. Simple pleasures relished. Real sorry that maniacal fiends, terrorist plots, and common as dirt idiots ruined that ride.

Video by sophiajamesms1 on Imgur

Suspense filled with all the illuminating joy that made summers long and lush and the winters blanket-snug and full of fresh-baked comfort.

While technology and its continuing advances have their place, it is the essential aspects of who we really are and our choices that shed light on our purpose in life. The lens through which we view the world does more than just allow us to observe but to feel, interpret, reflect and desire change, leaving our mark on this world.

There is inherent value to assist with today’s challenges from what is now deemed old school experiences.

By Aaron Burden on Unsplash

It is seen the concept of sustainability which emerged in the late ‘80s as observation brought awareness that resources were not inexhaustible, so we had better stop behaving as if they were.

By Pop & Zebra on Unsplash

With behavior patterns modeled by elders, I grew up with a ‘waste not, want not’ template, using discarded water for flushing and giving away things to others before re-gifting was a term well known.

If I didn’t want socks with holes, I knew, from a knowledgeable, adept grandmother (and home economics class for added measure), how to sew them and where to find the needle and thread in the house.

Food waste was negligible and thus did not require terminology.

Why would I waste food? It’s food!

Water, electricity, heating, and telephone use were things in my home monitored and conserved.

I never thought of this lifestyle as unusual until I saw the huge amount of waste of an incessantly consumerist society in my adult years.

When a deep level of care and awareness is built into the fabric of a community, there are fewer values and morals to instill as they remain perennial as dandelions (the leaves of which, incidentally, are great as a tea or addition to any salad.)

What a contrast kick to think that a bygone era has something to offer today’s techno-want-it-yesterday-DM-only generation, to assist them in retaining the fundamental elements that make our species unique. Creative. Compassionate.

By Tim Marshall on Unsplash

A reminder that regardless of countless flaws, we can flourish. That in spite of it all (and yes, coronavirus, that includes you too!), we can be more than what we do, have, plan, or say. We can be the beauty that Gibran spoke of in The Prophet, “Eternity gazing at itself in a mirror.” We can be long-sought answers for all our anxiety-ridden yesterdays, todays, and tomorrows. And we can be so much better at being humans.

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