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Although, you are not as happy as you think

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By Bula SetePublished 3 months ago 4 min read
Although, you are not as happy as you think
Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash

You always say that you are not happy now, you used to be so happy. You are not as happy as you thought you would be. You always say that the older you get the harder it is to be happy, the more you grow up the lonelier you get, and the more you grow up the more burdened you become. You say you are unhappy, you don't have time to read a book, and you don't have the opportunity to go on a journey.

You say you are very lonely, with many friends and kmany social functions, when you want to talk late at night you looked through the address book but none of them can tal. You say you're tired, shuttling in the streets of high-rise buildings and cars, bogged down in nothing, the car, tickets, and house pressure you have no breath. So, you sigh, close your eyes, and start to remember the past. You said your childhood was carefree and innocent. At that time, the birds and fish and insects mud swing is a world, daytime mud pinching, night fluttering cicadas, sweet dreams. At that time, the sky was blue, the moon was full, and the flowers were fragrant. At that time, the friends were very lively, playing wild battles and hide-and-seek. At that time the sky was full of stars carrying many beautiful legends, very charming, very longing. It seems that you were really happy at that time. So, you are immersed in the memories, the pure world. At this moment, your look, confused and happy, the corners of your mouth with a faint smile, this time you are really happy. However, you forget that because of playing with mud you soiled your newly bought clothes, were spanked by your father, cried, very loud, very hard, and hissed. You were so aggravated, trembling, and hiccuping, left with the last feeling that it hurt. You also forgot that your friends pushed you to the ground and asked you to be a "ghost" to find them you won the guessing game, were blindfolded and counted down, and then find someone. So, you are dizzy and start to turn around, from the cracks of the dilapidated wall to the back of the miserable door, you looked for a long time, ran far away, lost, you are very hungry and scared, crying and crying to find the way home, only to find that the little ones are already home. Your eyes are wet and you pout, a little sad. You smile, a little helplessly. The emphasis is on saying that despite that you still felt happy at that time. You may not be happy at that time, but you are really happy when you remember. The flashlight shines on the piece that is necessarily shiny and bright. Just like the hot sun exposure under the beach, then it is burning hot, wait until the sunset, the warm western sand is so warm and pleasant. It is easy to add beautiful imagery to your memories and form a beautiful picture in your mind that can be treasured. The photo of your hour laughing heartlessly or crying snotty, you will not pursue what story behind the photo, only feel very funny and happy. Buddha said, "Love and separation, resentment and hatred will be, the hand of the West, all is the class. But it is full of empty flowers, a piece of illusion."

People's life is to endure suffering, each ordeal, pain, and sadness, are just geese over the feathers, the boat over the aftermath. The important thing is not whether you are a phoenix in nirvana or a rebirth, but to experience, and walkthrough. Please believe in the will of God, nothing that happens in this world is an accident, one day there will be an explanation for everything. There are all kinds of life. Everyone has their way of living, everyone's life is different, poor or rich, unfortunate or happy, painful or joyful. But know that there is no end to the sea of desire, this multitude of beings are struggling, not only you and me. It is not that we have too little, but we want to have too much. And walk, and far, with you to encourage. Although, you are not as happy as you think!


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Bula Sete

Everyone is the moon, there is always a dark side, never let people see.

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