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All do not take the initiative, it is because do not care

Because I don't care

By CorsicariPublished 4 months ago 5 min read
All do not take the initiative, it is because do not care
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People are not afraid to give, afraid is that you are too confident about a relationship.

Once, also by many people cold perfunctory, but then do not think, and even for others to find excuses.

The fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not interested in the actual people.

The fact is that you will find a lot of people who are not interested in you, and you will be able to find a lot of people who are not interested in you.

But is this the case?

The friend who doesn't contact you is very active in other people's circle of friends, and the likes and comments are never left behind.

The partner who does not care about you, as opposed to others considerate and caring, both attentive and understanding.

So far you finally understand, the original your existence, people simply did not put in mind, is that you are too confident about it all.

It turns out that all the inactive, are because do not care, maybe you do not want to admit it, but this is the truth.


People who do not actively contact you, do not care about you that much

Between people, friends, or lovers, as long as they sincerely treat each other, their thoughts of each other should be mutual.

Maybe busy time, we really can not remember each other, but wait for the leisure, always want to talk to the people who know.

But unfortunately, there are always some people, we are never in active contact with, people never remember us.

The relationship with this type of people is particularly tiring because the topic of conversation is to find you, to meet the things you want, people never for you to spend a thought.

If one day you are tired, you are busy, or you do not want to take the initiative, then your relationship, will come to an end.

The people who do not contact you do not pay that much attention to you, there is no day for you, and people eat well and sleep well.

The people who do not contact you, even alike can not be spared, people selectively ignore you and is afraid that you are too enthusiastic.

The people who do not contact you do not look forward to your contact, think about it, slowly look light.


People who do not actively care about you, do not like you that much

If you like a person, you can't help but want to care about each other, day after day warm and fuzzy, just to let each other understand their feelings.

A person who never takes the initiative to care about you, he is with you for the purpose but wants to dominate your good to him.

You personally to him, in fact, not much attraction, he never heartily like you, so naturally will not spend too much time and energy for you.

In the process of you getting together, you pay, and he will be happy to accept, but if you mention the request, he will pretend to put it off.

Even sometimes, he is not as good to you as to a stranger. The next person in difficulty, he can also give a helping hand, but your joy and sorrow, he ignored.

With such a person for a long time, you will become more and more unhappy, you can not count on him in case of trouble, such a relationship, what reason to persist?


The person who doesn't take the initiative to get you back is not so put off by you

A person, if you really can not let go of you, then he has long come to win you back.

Long time to put you aside, do not contact you, that he is used to the day without you, you are not so important to him.

A girl I knew before, after breaking up with her boyfriend, two people went to different cities, she always felt that the other party still loved her, so she has been living in the memories.

She couldn't wait for people to win them back, so she desperately tried to find excuses for each other, saying that boys are more dignified and won't bow down so quickly.

She is wrong because there is nothing that will be more important than leaving the person you like. Men are good at saving face and not taking the initiative, that's because people from the moment of separation, decided not to look back.

As expected, she finally waited for the news that the boy was about to get married, and only then did she finally wake up.

After the separation, if a person, for a long time did not contact you again, then put it down early, you are too confident, and will only delay themselves.



People get along with people, the most afraid of sincerity are let down, the most afraid of active goodwill, in return for the other party's carelessness.

You take the initiative once, and the other party does not respond, which is perhaps also justifiable.

But when you take the initiative countless times, the other party is still ignoring you, then you should look away.

Some people have never cherished you, you contact again, then pay, your relationship will not become better.

The person is perfunctory for a long time, don't be so naive, always let yourself cater to others, in the end, will live lower and lower.

Those who never take the initiative, do not look so important, perhaps not bother each other, but a good choice.


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