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Advice With!

To the person who does not know how to NOT be in the spotlight and how to give it to other people,

I totally get what it feels like for everyone to think that you are selfish or vain. But sometimes you can't help it; you are just full of yourself. That is not necessarily a bad thing. Not at all. I believe that if you find yourself beautiful, FLAUNT IT. If you think you are the best actor or actress, FLAUNT IT. But I think your problem is that you do not know how or when to flaunt it. That is probably why you messaged me, and you have come to the right place.

When your friend just got done talking about how great they did on a test, or how they are proud about something they are about to do or have done, do not feel like you have to say anything about your life to one-up them because you really don't. Mention it at another time, and spend that time to congratulate them on their achievement. The last thing you want them to think is that you do not care about their accomplishments and that you think that you are better than them (even if you actually believe you are).

Also, if you want to be a part of something and you know that someone else wants to be a part of it too, sometimes it's okay to let them have that opportunity. You should really give it to them if you have done it before. Life is a whole lot better when you give.

You also mentioned that you are ruining your friendships because of your selfishness. Well, my answer to that is to talk to your friends about it, and talk to your past friends too. Find out what was wrong with your friendship and why they broke up with you so that you can change it for future friendships and maybe even rekindle that old friendship.

To the one who does not want to give up their friends,

LET THEM GO. As harsh as it may sound, you have to let them go. They clearly don't love you like you love them so you should let them go. I am not telling you to go off on them or hate them because at the end of the day they were your close friends—it is just that people change. They have changed. Do not spend your time chasing after people because then you will miss out on someone who can change your life and open your eyes.

Most times we notice that someone is not good for us, yet we turn a blind eye to it because we worry that we cannot find someone better. I will tell you to your face, THERE IS. The longer you wait to find that person or those people, the longer you are unhappy and the bigger a chance that they might find someone else and you miss your chance.

To the person who is talking to someone who doesn't claim her in front of friends,

LET HIM GO! I am sorry but obviously, they do not want you enough to claim you so you let them go. We do not have time to be focusing on boys who do not want us. They are a waste of time and why focus on someone who does not want you? There are plenty of fish in the sea and you clearly got a bad one, so throw him back in and go fishing again!!

As a girl, you cannot let boys get to you. You have so much more to think about like school, hobbies, and your religion. Boys are a distraction and can stop you from becoming the best you can be. That is why we have to let some of the boys we really like go because they are stopping you from becoming a great, successful, and intelligent young woman.

To the person who thinks that their brother hates them,

Your brother does not hate you. I am telling you that right now, he does not hate you. But there is clearly a problem if you feel like he hates you. You might need to talk to him more or try to find something both of you have in common. Oftentimes, siblings have a certain personality that may come off as a hateful vibe—trust me, one of my sisters has one. But they still love you.

You need to find the right time to talk to your brother about how you feel. If he is a good brother, he will take the time to sit down with you and listen to what you have to say, and if that does not work, talk to a parent about this. They can talk to him for you, or they can help schedule a day that you and your sibling can hang out with each other.

Try not to think the worst of your situation. Sometimes older siblings are a pain and it feels like they don't like you, but that can also be their many mood swings. He might grow out of it and you might become closer in the future.

Well, that's all for today, guys!! If you want some advice, just message me on any social media platform and tell me if you want to be anonymous or not! I try to post advice stories once a week! My social media is in my BIO and if you keep scrolling you will find it below!


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