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A woman who wrote with her body in the Republic of China

A woman who wrote with her body in the Republic of China

By Elora HaysPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

She was born originally in the home of a rich businessman, living a kind of quiet and luxurious life because the husband does business is not at home, however, cannot bear loneliness, and goes looking for "sexual happiness" emphatically outside; She had slept with 3,000 men and liked to sleep naked in hotels. She was the first pioneer of "body writing" in the Republic of China. She not only printed the love letters of her lovers into a book, named "Modern Love Letters", but also widely publicized them and became a popular bestseller at that time. She is twenty-eight years old, sees through the world, escapes into an empty door, but also can not understand the affair, and finally jump into the sea suicide. She is Yu Meiyan, a strange woman in Guangzhou.

In the 1820 s, beauty is a household name, fame, she popular degree, more than today's muzimei, rogue yan and even photographed yan Zhao door "beast beast", in the society at that time, beauty is a different person, her story is today, was simply amazing.

Yu Meiyan was born in 1900 in Dihai, Taishan city of Guangdong Province, which was divided into Kaiping city in the 1950s. Her father, Yu Dajing, was a local pawn dealer. Her mother was a well-read lady. Although women rarely took part in social activities at that time, Yu Meiyan was very interested in some foreign books under the cultivation of her mother, who had literary talent.

It can be said that although Yu Meiyan was born in a feudal family, she received a Western education. She graduated from junior high school. At that time, girls who went to the fourth grade were equivalent to our current "high school graduates". After graduation from senior high school, Yu Meiyan studied Chinese and English by herself under the education of her mother. What Yu Meiyan likes to read most is foreign books, which broaden her vision, especially foreign love stories, and women's concept of "sexual equality", which makes her feel novel.

Yu Dajing, her father, had no problem with her learning a foreign language. As a businessman, he would occasionally interact with Westerners. He originally let Yu Meiyan study to increase her daughter's language knowledge. At first, he wanted his daughter to be his "translator" so that he could communicate with foreigners smoothly in business. However, after reading these books, Yu Meiyan often published some strange remarks. In her diary, Yu Meiyan often wrote that "my life is devoted to the freedom of pursuing love" and that "the burst of passion is like the bursting of a silver pot, and when combined with mutual affection, it is love".

It can be said that it was very bold for women to talk about "sex" at that time. Even Yu Meiyan's mother was appalled by her daughter's remarks. Then, Yu Meiyan's parents cut off Yu Meiyan's right to study, and they began to put the "Four books and Five Classics" on the desk, hoping that her daughter would not do anything out of line to lose the family face.

From the perspective of the present, Yu Meiyan just read some erotic novels, which opened her sexual consciousness and made her have a view on love and sex. If she had been born in modern times, such comments would not have caused much alarm, but for women in the old society, talking about "sex" would have been considered a great shame by their parents.

Arrived puberty, Yu Meiyan gets graceful and graceful, graceful and graceful, she likes a fresh things, like to wear fashionable clothes, worship relatives visit friends, go shopping to play, she is bold and generous to the person, and also is a very talkative woman. In the circle of friends, some of her opinions, often called "rare", her friends up, of course, there are also some floating wave children, began to pursue Yu Mei Yan.


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