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A truly strong person inside has six quality characteristics


By La holePublished 4 months ago 7 min read
A truly strong person inside has six quality characteristics
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People who are strong inside must have calm hearts, gentle hearts, and wise min. They must have experienced storms, high mountains, and low valleys, and have seen all kinds of life. I wish we can be full of wisdom and strong courage on the road of life, no matter what kind of situation we are in, and become strong people inside. Weak people are generally easy to anger like a tiger, and easy to rage. The strong is usually calm as water and relatively peaceful. People who are not calm inside, everywhere is a storm. Even the smallest things will be infinitely magnified. A person who is not strong inside, the heart will always be insecure. Not being strong enough means that it is easy to be influenced by the outside world, usually manifested as either being particularly concerned about the views of others or living in the eyes and mouths of others. As a result, they lose their independent judgment and become wavering and restless. To become a strong person inside, you need to have at least the following six quality characteristics.


01 High self-discipline and self-hacking

Why not say self-confidence? People who are not confident are generally more vulnerable inside. Confident people, full of confidence in themselves, often does things with a positive force and are always full of passion. All blind self-confidence, and empty-bellied self-confidence, are self-righteous. The heart should have real talent, even in continuous trial and error, but eventually can reach the day of climbing the peak. Where does a person's self-confidence come from? And how to develop one's self-confidence? A high degree of self-confidence comes from a high degree of self-discipline. What is self-discipline? Self-discipline is the ability to manage oneself and discipline oneself. This is a very important ability. Learn to restrain yourself first and control your life with a strict schedule to keep honing your self-confidence in this self-discipline. In addition to self-discipline, the ability to self-hack is also quite important. The world is a big place, there are all kinds of birds. The day you make a little achievement, many people you know or do not know will be behind the scenes, chattering about right and wrong. From the very beginning of the trolling to out-of-context assertions and even uninteresting black you. Self-black is to laugh at yourself, your black humor. Self-black is a way of communication, but also a realm, but also alternative cultivation. You must see through those boring and vulgar people, to be better than they will also be good at black themselves, after they know they are not interested, they will be ashamed to exit the field and go.

02 must experience despair picture experience despair means, is already gone through the years. Maybe you have not been desperate, does not mean you are not strong, but certainly not as strong as those who have experienced desperation. A life that has not been desperate is imperfect. Despair can be emotional, career, or loneliness that cannot be faced, etc. "Must" is a prefix, an important state. "Must" is not an active choice, but mental preparation. When despair comes, accept it openly and without fear, even if it is extremely painful at the moment, even if you have lost yourself. Finding hope in despair is a life worth experiencing. A strong man is not what he conquers, but what he can bear. There are things that only after experiencing can you understand the truth of them and the true meaning of life. Despair is not terrible, what is terrible is losing courage and passion. Experience despair, but do not be consumed by it. Instead, you must overcome it, just as you overcome the darkness and welcome the light.

03 Develop the ability to be alone Picture solitude and being alone are not the same thing, they are two different things, and they are often confused. People often see interaction as an ability, but overlook that being alone is also an ability and in some sense a more important one than interaction. If being unsociable is a weakness of character, then being intolerant of solitude is simply a defect of the soul. To tolerate loneliness and not go with the flow. Loneliness is a person's carnival, carnival is a group of people's loneliness. The so-called maturity is that the more you grow up, the more you can learn to adapt to everything alone. In the time of solitude, find what you love and develop your independent judgment. People are only capable of loving others if they first learn to love themselves. If you don't learn to talk to yourself, it will be more difficult to communicate with others. The more you can be alone, the better you can face and understand difficult situations, and the better you can get along with others.

04 Think without limits

Your vision should be farther than others, and your heart should be broader than others. A life that is calculated every day will be calculated by life sooner or later in the future. Life is like driving a car, when you are 30 yards faster than others, you experience feelings that others can not perceive. Life is also like flying an airplane, when you are 30,000 feet higher than others, you see the vision naturally different from others. It means that when you are in pursuit of higher and more distant beauty, you do not have to care about the short-sighted eyes of others. Everything is naturally cloudy and no longer affected. When you are broad, you will not be bound by narrow-mindedness. After the freedom, it will not be restricted by formalism.

05 The number of people who need a picture of faith is too limited. No matter what you believe in, you always need to have faith, otherwise, there is no difference between animals. In this day and age, almost everyone has faith, only their faith is different. Some people believe in the power, some belief in money, some self belief, some belief in love, some belief in happiness, some believe in food, some believe in parties, some belief in institutions, some believe in no god, some belief in a god, some believe in multiple gods, some believe in Christ... No matter what kind of faith, it is worthy of respect, but any faith needs to be deeply understood and believed to be called "faith". There is a distance between heaven and earth between wisdom and truth. Learn to thirst for the truth more than the pursuit of wisdom. Truth can make people wiser to see all things in the world, a tolerant attitude to face the intricacies of human relationships has incomparable faith to run the road of life and is calm and calm to face the darkness of human nature and the tragedies of the world.

06、Be Yourself (be yourself)

JUST BE YOURSELF. Don't try to please everyone, you can't do it now, and you can't do it in the future. People can't do everything. Everyone should have people they care about the most, they are the most valuable asset in your life. If they misunderstand or question what you are doing, it is worth your time to respond and explain.

The following are the three groups of people that individuals care about most, for reference purposes only: 1. family members; 2. life confidants; and 2. pastors or mentors.

Only those who care know you relatively fully; most others have a one-sided perception. There are no special interactions in life, some are just hearsay or just a few acquaintances. Do not have to respond to those familiar strangers, they do not necessarily really care about you, more just a curious baby. Time is so precious that there is no time for this and it is not in the obligation to explain. Your life does not need to live in the words of others, there are many more important things waiting to be done. People who are strong on the inside rarely care about what others think, including familiar strangers. Just like positive people rarely pay attention to negative messages, even if they see them, they are automatically blocked or digested instantly. They are very clear about their positioning and pursuit.

When they encounter obstacles, they will try to eradicate them by all means. When they encounter setbacks, they do not easily give up and fall. Overcome the difficulties, they have the strength. When you solve a problem, you have wisdom. Out of the darkness, there is hope. For them, these are just the necessary path in life.


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