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A Small Town of Windsor

by Jammie Alexander 8 months ago in humanity

and a little bit about me

I live in the small town of Windsor Maine. What I love most about it is you know your neighbors and can trust people around you. When we were kids, we used to walk up and down the roads selling to our neighbors so we could get the best prizes from the school sales. Nowadays I feel like you can't trust anybody. I know the names of everybody on the road I live on and we constantly help each other out. We have an older couple Named Frank and Jane at the beginning of the road. I grew up not really having a grandfather. So, throughout the past ten years or so I have adopted them as my step grandparents. I have helped water their plants and mow their lawn. I am always looking for ways I can help others. I feel that being selfless in today's world without expecting anything in return gives me the best benefits of all. It gives me satisfaction of putting a smile on someone else's face. To see someone, smile because of something I was able to do for them makes me feel happiness. This winter I lent my sister $600 for a car because her husband got into an accident with his truck and it was no longer drivable. He was able to trade the truck and pay $600 for a car so I provided the money. I didn't give them a time frame on when to pay me back by nor have I asked about it. They have four kids to care for and they are more important right now. I had two of my sisters who had owed me over $100 and for Christmas I told them that they were debt free. Growing up I had a neighbor let me use the internet. I used to go around with my dad delivering wood to people. Through that I learned skills like hard work and selflessness. I would work hard for little to nothing just to see a smile on my dad’s face that he didn't have to do it all on his own and a smile on the receiver's face knowing they would have wood for the winter and be able to stay warm. I started helping with wood when I was a teenager and still help as an adult. I still look up to my father for teaching me those values. I love my family, I love my neighbors, and I love my town. I can trust my neighbors to the point where when my kids get older, I would trust them to walk to the same neighbors I used to sell to. I trust my neighborhood and I trust that it will continue to stay this way. From age sixteen and seventeen I used to walk home from the bus stop which was about a mile and a half from Hussey's General Store. I did this almost every day, yes even some day’s in the snow, just to get my exercise and get home so I could start on homework. I never got abducted and nobody ever asked if I needed a ride. It was just something I could do that my parents could trust me to where we trusted everyone around us. The main thing that I love about living in a small town is having a lot of space to be able to run around. We have a lot of space at my parents. They have a big yard with a swing set for the kids. We also grow a garden and they give vegetables out to me and my sisters as well as some of the neighbors as well. We are all happy living in this lovely home town of Windsor Maine.


Jammie Alexander

Mom living with parents just trying to get by right now. In college getting a degree in Business administration with a focus in accounting. I am a God fearing woman and love life. I have the best boyfriend ever.

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Jammie Alexander
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