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A reverie in the autumn rain

by Szaflarski Salmonson 3 months ago in advice
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Autumn Rain

A reverie in the autumn rain
Photo by John Noonan on Unsplash

Autumn rain is raining, crossing the lintel of the season and falling gently in the red dust. For the autumn rain, people will always be sentimental, sad, or not leave. This may be a kind of fondness for the good, can't bear the coming of autumn, will be these good together with away.

An autumn rain a cool, lingering autumn rain rinsed clean the red dust everything so that everything was fresh and new. Whether the autumn rain brings the cold, leaves withering, or flowers floating scene, nature gives us the real memory.

Strolling in the autumn rain makes people's thoughts grow more and more. Such days are suitable for thoughts and memories. Whether it is sorrow or joy, it is the best gift given to us over the years, because the mood of gratitude for the seasons, and therefore will no longer be nagging at those flowers and leaves fall. Every situation and every landscape is worthy of our appreciation. As long as we have a good heart, even if it is a miserable season, there will be a surprise to look forward to.

The fresh and elegant petunias are weaving those faint memories in the falling rain, and every morning is the time for beautiful dreams to bloom. As long as you carry an expectation and beauty, no one can stop you from moving forward. Although the splendor is only for a very short time, this is enough to make yourself the main character on the stage.

The rain on the tip of the grass condensed into dew, shining with a warm glow, because of the autumn rain infiltration so that these small grasses look more and more bright. This is the gift of autumn, this is the most gentle soothing of the season. Every tiny life has a shining meaning, and the beauty of life always meets you as long as you are willing.

The rain fell on the treetops and made a rustling sound, seemingly whispering, like a couple in love, telling the language that only they understand each other. This is the time to feel more and more peaceful around, the whole world is immersed in it, enjoy the good time.

The rain lengthens the traces of the passing years and brings out the charm of those unconscious moments. The change of seasons contains a unique charm, whether a flower blooms or a rainfall, which will tell the warmth of the years in the way they like. As long as you are willing to believe, willing to feel, everywhere you can find those simple beautiful things.

Sitting in front of the window, watching the rain slowly fall from the air, it seems to be weaving a huge net. All the memories of the changing seasons are linked together, lengthening the length of memories and making the years more beautiful and vivid.

At this time, the imagination is also very diverse, such as the butterflies that we chased as children, the water drops that jumped in the stream, or a leaf that fell from the top of the tree. Anything you can think of can come to mind. I often marvel at my imagination, as long as in the rain, those images of the sky and the north will jump up and down at will, so there is this large paragraph of text.

I like the feeling of the autumn rain, you can quietly enjoy the quiet time, or tea, or reading, or let the thoughts be very pleasant. There is no need to attach sorrow and melancholy to this autumn rain, it should also have a good memory of joy and moving. The rain falls in front of the window of the years, with a warm and delicate composition of a beautiful poem, love this delicate and fresh feeling, let the imagination take wings and fly through the years of the mountains and waters!


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The so-called enemies are only those who force us to become strong ourselves.

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