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A Little Big Thing

by Alice ♡ 2 years ago in humanity

The way you make me feel

Do you ever meet someone who makes you feel both small and big at the same time?

Small because whenever you're with them, you feel protected. You feel safe and sheltered. You feel cared for, and secure in their company. There's comfort in knowing that they're around because as long as they're there, you have someone to look out for you. You have someone who has your back, who wants to protect you and see you succeed. You have endless support, like strong hands lifting you high up when things are hard to see. You have a strong shield against all the negativities that try to surround you, never letting their harm even come close. You have the peace of mind that should you face any danger, you have someone who will stand up in front of you and keep you from getting hurt. You feel, in simplest terms, safe. It's like you're in a never-ending hug, arms strong and holding you together while the terrors and dangers of life try and shake you to your knees. Or like you're being lifted up, high up in the clouds. From there, you just look down at all the negativities that try to reach you, knowing that there's fortitude in the arms that hold you up. It's like nothing can touch you. Nothing can get past the love, nurture, and care that surrounds you, encapsulating you completely.

Big because they make you feel like you're on top of the world. You feel in charge. You feel powerful. You look at them and there's nothing but faith in their eyes, faith in you and the belief that you can do anything. The sheer passion of their belief makes you believe, too. You feel confident in yourself and your choices. You feel sure of who you are, what you want. You're not afraid of anything, you're willing to take risks. You're the one calling every shot, making every choice. You're in charge. It's like you stand at the precipice of power, tall and strong and everything you were meant to be. Every ounce of your being is alight and alive like you've sprouted wings and are flying high above it all. There isn't anything that can drag you down, no pain no problem that can pull you under. The world is beneath your feet and there isn't anything you can't do. You're fearless. You're bulletproof. The world is yours to conquer, the prize is yours to win, and you truly believe that you can win.

It's honestly a strange feeling to be big and small at the same time.

To feel so tiny that you could be tucked away into a pocket, but feel so large that you could command armies if you wanted. To have a person just be there. Not to act as your babysitter, your decision-maker, your bodyguard... just to truly just be there. To look into someone's eyes and see genuine love and care, but also faith and respect.

They want to take care of and nurture you, but they're confident that you can take care of yourself. They wish to defend you and protect you, but they never doubt that you can fight your own battles. They're always there to hold you up, but understand that you're stable enough to stand alone. They never want to see you fall, but that doesn't keep them from watching you fly. So they watch you fly, watch you take the risk and soar as high as you can, knowing that should you start to fall, they'll be right there to catch you.

It takes a special person to make you feel that way. To make you feel, in every essence of the word, whole.

Alice ♡
Alice ♡
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Alice ♡

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