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9 Things That Foretell a Long-Term Relationship From the First Year

by Bryan Stormyweather 11 days ago in Dating

Do you have a healthy relationship?

9 Things That Foretell a Long-Term Relationship From the First Year
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Psychologists call the first year of a love affair "honeymoon" because the sweetest and most pleasant days are usually at the beginning. However, some signs appear early in a relationship and that can predict its success.

The first year of a relationship is one of the most important because during this period couples adopt healthy and unhealthy habits that will shape the relationship in the future.

The habit that can save the relationship from many inherent dangers is open and sincere communication. When this habit is developed, any unpredictable obstacle can be easily solved by the partners …

Although there is no secret formula for a long-term relationship, there are, as mentioned above, some signs that can tell you what to expect.

You make time for each other no matter how busy you are

It's a very easy thing to do when the relationship is still fresh, but after a year everything can seem busier and busier. Of course, everyone's schedule won't fit in perfectly with each other, and that shouldn't worry you. What you need to do is the plan so that your activities have intertwined moments. Relationships require more quality when it comes to time together than quantity, so priorities should be chosen carefully.

You listen to each other

It may sound boring, but it's not as simple as it sounds. Many people find it difficult to survive a year of relationship and often because they do not listen enough or do not listen to enough. Remember, the more you encounter problems and try to solve them from the moment they appear, the more you will earn.

You are open to what you like or do not do in bed

Sexual pleasures should not be a taboo subject, especially in a love affair. If you are best friends, as would be ideal, you should not be ashamed to show each other the 'weird' parts. Nothing is strange, and we are each different.

You know what to do and what not to do when your partner is upset

If you want your relationship to last, you need to know how to communicate effectively in a variety of situations, including when your partner is unhappy. Some members of the couple cannot solve a problem when it is 'fresh' due to feelings of nervousness, and in this case, it is best to wait until you and he are in point 0 and have a clear mind.

Work constantly on the relationship

The key to a long-term relationship is effort and hard work. You have to learn from the beginning that a relationship is a work in progress, so not everything ends after you have conquered your boyfriend or he has conquered you. Intimacy is not just about sex, but also small details such as holding hands while in bed or on the couch.

You have total trust in each other

This can be difficult many times, especially when the baggage of the past is not locked with a padlock by one or both partners. Everyone needs to know that any problem they have can count on the other, and this will give both you and him a sense of security. You can consider this as a knot that strengthens your relationship.

You leave space for each other without hurting yourself

When your partner asks you for space, it can make you feel hurt or anxious. The key to getting through this scary stage for many is not to take everything too personally. It is healthy to have space for yourself as long as you and your partner are comfortable.

You show your appreciation for each other

As you approach your first birthday, you begin to feel comfortable with each other. At this point, many partners tend to let the relationship fall apart by forgetting to support it. For example, to show your appreciation, you can offer to cook for your partner when you know he had a full day and most likely has no energy for that.

You know how to get over conflicts in a healthy way

Couples need to have a clear vision of their relationship, its limits, and the stage they are at. By the end of the year, you should know what your partner needs and wants and vice versa. This way you know what to expect, you know where it is working and you know your strengths that you can continue to use in solving a couple of problems.

So, if you are at the beginning of a relationship and you are already fulfilling the above-mentioned signs with your partner, you don't have to worry! Most likely you will live a love story all right.


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