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9 Signs That You Have Too Much Goodness In You

by Conner Bowen 4 months ago in advice
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And That Ruins Your Life

9 Signs That You Have Too Much Goodness In You
Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

You are too good? Then that can affect your well-being. You often have to be like a strong hand to support others in difficult situations. But at the end of the day, you feel empty. You feel that people do not understand what you have to go through, so you can make their life easier.

It seems to you that people use your kindness. Moreover, they laugh at you and you feel like a failure.

Below are 9 signs that being good is to your detriment:

1. In your vocabulary, the word "No" does not exist

You can't say "no" to anyone, so you're ready to comply with any request, even if it seems quite difficult now. People around you turn to you for any reason and all you have to do is give up on your business and spend time with them. You are afraid that failure will disappoint people and you will feel guilty.

Learn to say no. Do it for your good. Before you think about others, you need to take care of yourself. If people see that you can be used at any time, they will lose respect for you and treat you as if you owe them. So sometimes you have to say no.

You will not upset anyone if you answer with a polite refusal. The right people will be understanding. As for the hypocrites, you still don't want them to be present in your life.

2. You are always on the side of other people

You want people to always think well of you. You can't come to terms with the fact that someone doesn't like you. You need to be on good terms with every person you meet.

You don't want to argue with anyone and make a bad impression on yourself. Therefore, even if you know they are wrong, you agree with them.

Stay alone with yourself and think about who you like and who you don't, what qualities you like about other people and who you don't. Think about the moral values ​​that take you out of your comfort zone.

Don't be afraid to express your opinion. People won't hate you for that. You need to feel confident and stop worrying about what others will say.

3. For you, the opinions of others are more important than yours

Each person has their own opinion and values ​​of life. And he tries to adhere to these values, agreeing only with those opinions that do not contradict these values. And this is not normal if you agree with the other person's opposite opinion, and not with your own opinion.

Start expressing your own opinion. Those around you will surely understand. Even if they fail to do so, they will still accept it. In the discussion, the opinion of each participant is important.

Don't be afraid to talk about how you feel. Be confident.

4. Lack of personal limits

You have absolutely no personal limits. You do everything you are asked to do. You do everything people say, even if you do your own thing right now. People usurp your space, time, comfort and throw all their work at you.

You allowed them to consider you indebted, so they just forgot that you have your own life.

Demonstrates personal limitations. It must be clear that you also have a personal comfort zone, a personal space.

You did not come into this world to entertain them at any time convenient to them. Define and prove your border.

5. "I'm sorry" - the most used word in your vocabulary

No matter how unpleasant it may be, you have to apologize at every step. You always blame yourself for the mistakes of others and allow others to believe that you are the one to blame.

Even if you weren't wrong, everyone is still waiting to apologize. Don't humiliate yourself like that.

Don't apologize if you know you're not guilty of anything. You shouldn't feel guilty for treating yourself with love. Learn to love yourself.

Your happiness should be your priority.

6. You live with constant guilt

You always feel guilty about the mistakes of others. You're a minute late and you feel guilty, your friend is sad and you feel guilty again. You always blame yourself. Don't be upset about what you didn't do.

Think about your feelings and stop feeling guilty about loving yourself. Everyone should have self-esteem - this is true for you too.

You have to put your needs first and only by satisfying them can you help others. If you don't take care of yourself, then no one else will.

7. You hate confrontations

You are afraid of quarrels and confrontations. If you see that someone disagrees with your opinion, you'd rather keep quiet. You are afraid to face the truth. This is wrong.

Don't be afraid to talk out loud about what you don't like. Until you start talking, no one will guess that you are unhappy with something.

Learn to assert your rights and start respecting yourself.

8. You're the one who always says "Yes"

Don't be the one to always say "yes", forgetting to take care of yourself. Just find the strength to think about yourself at least once and leave other people's desires in the background.

Start living not for others, but yourself. Love yourself and spend some time completely relaxing and enjoying life, forgetting that you have to help others all the time.

Relax and think about the expectations of others.

9. Ask yourself in the mirror, "Am I happy?"

If your reflection in the mirror at the end of the day seems annoying, then it's time to think about yourself. Your sincere reflection makes you understand that you need to stop living just for the joy of others and start loving yourself more.

Straighten your shoulders - this will help you and other people who will love you for your courage and perseverance. You will bring joy and love your strength. Instead of agreeing with everything, start fighting for your rights.


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