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80 Icebreakers for Adults

by Joanna White 2 years ago in how to

Any Introverts Need Help?

Sometimes, speaking to other people can be uncomfortable or even awkward at times and that's the last situation anyone wants to be in. When trying to start a conversation, it would help if you had some conversation starters in mind. Well, that's exactly what ice breaker questions are for. They are basically questions that you can keep in mind and then ask them to someone to help you get to know the other person a bit - otherwise, break the ice. It helps both people in the conversation sort of ease into speaking, and the questions are often on topics that can really help not only start a conversation, but keep it going. If you ask them a question about a show they watch, for instance, then you two might be able to talk for hours afterward, and all it took was one simple ice breaker question. More than helping you feel comfortable and ease into a conversation, ice breaker questions are a great way to have fun. You can even ask them to acquaintances or casual friends to help get to know them more and they certainly work best when used on dates. Some of the conversations that ice breakers can lead you into can even cause you and the other person to become friends. Especially if the question helps you both realize you have something in common. Ice breaker questions is one of the funnest and easiest ways to try to make friends, even if you're more of a shy person. This article will give you ice breaker questions for adults that will help you go from being a shy introvert to a social butterfly in no time.

1) Light Side of the Force or the Dark Side?

Hopefully, they're a Star Wars fan or have at least seen the movies. If not, maybe they aren't meant to be in your life! Just kidding, but if you're both Star Wars fans, you could end up talking for hours. If not, well, you should go watch Star Wars.

2) If you were a season, what season would it be?

This could really have both you and them thinking. I mean, which season best fits your personality, in your opinion? Asking this not only would have them thinking about their own personality, but give you more insight into theirs as well as giving them insight into yours. This could possibly spark a good conversation about your personality or other likes and dislikes.

3) What time period of history, other than your own, would you have rather been born in?

Now this is bound to strike up a conversation of some sort, unless they're a fan of modern times more than history. It should be interesting to see what period they would have enjoyed to live in, as well as why. The why is probably the part that will help you get to know each other more. Finding out why they would have loved to live back in whatever time period they answered will help you get to know more about them - more than most people know about their friends, actually.

4) Cats or dogs?

This is an age old classic, so much that's it's probably a cliche question. It might strike up a good conversation and it might not, but hey, it gives you and your friend a chance to talk about pets. You'll find out if they're a pet person and if they are, if they like cats, dogs, both, or neither. It also gives them a chance to find out what your preference is and if either of you have pets, this could also lead into some really good, hilarious stories!

5) If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

As with the rest of these, the goal of the question is to strike up a conversation at the same time it helps you get to know more about the other person and their personality, who they are. When they answer this one, you might be able to learn more about their favorite or least favorite foods and it might even start a conversation about cooking or other foods that you have both tried or enjoyed.

6) If you should shapeshift into any animal, what would it be?

This is a better way of asking them what their favorite question is. It's not as cliche as directly asking them and if they really think deeply about the question, then they not only would have to think about what animal they like, but what they would like to live as. Just because they might love wolves doesn't mean they would enjoy living in the wild. This could definitely start some interesting conversations.

7) If your life was a movie, what actor or actress would you choose to narrate it?

This is a variation of what actors/actresses would play them in a movie, which is another typical thing to ask. Thinking about who would narrate their life gets them to thinking about their life, what kind of scenes would be in a movie like that, which leads them to think about who would do best in narrating those type of scenes. Or maybe they would just pick an actor whose voice they adore, like Morgan Freeman or Liam Neeson—I'll admit; he's my choice for this one.

8) What's your biggest passion?

This question may be a little deep, but if you really want to know someone, knowing all about their passion is one of the first priorities you have. You've been warned, though; if they're truly passionate about something, expect this question to start a long conversation where they're doing most of the talking and you're doing most of the listening.

9) What is one scary thing you would actually love to do?

Getting people to talk or think about the future is a great way to break the ice and start a conversation between you both. It will give you a chance to think about the question and answer it for yourself too and who knows, maybe this will strike up a conversation about whatever thing you guys would like to do. Sky dive or shark dive, maybe? I think I'll pass!

10) If you had to be chained to anyone for 24 hours, who would it be?

This one sounds super fun to ask. Honestly, finding out who their first choice would be will really show you who they're close with and who they trust to be in their inner circle. Likewise, it will show them who you're close with and who knows, once you ask this ice breaker question, maybe years down the line, you both will be close enough friends to answer this question with each other.

11) What was the first book you remember reading?

Chances are, if they aren't a book reader, they will still have read books when they were younger and if not, well, maybe you can talk about what books you remember reading. If you have a good memory, this could start a cool conversation and who knows, maybe you both read the same book at first.

12) If you had to choose one of your pet peeves to live with all the time, what would it be?

Rather than just asking them outright "what's your biggest pet peeve?" why not go the extra mile and make them think for a bit. Asking questions like this not only helps break the ice, but shatters it with some of the long conversations it can drag you into. Plus, come on, having to think about what pet peeve you'd have to live with... Even the thought might be super annoying!

13) What's the last movie you saw in theaters?

This one is a twofold question. It gives you the chance to talk about the movie if you've seen it to and it also gives the chance for you to share stories about what happened the last time you or they were at the theater. Maybe something funny happened or maybe there was a part of the movie that can start a conversation.

14) What movie, if any, has ever made you cry?

Alright, this one is the perfect chance to see what kind of things gets their emotions rolling. Not that you really need to know that, but it will definitely tell you a lot about them. Who knows, maybe the same movie made you cry or maybe a movie made you cry and made them laugh. It could lead you to a really interesting conversation at least.

15) If you had the chance, would you choose to live forever?

This is one of those questions that sounds casual and fun but could end up with a really deep conversation if you both let it. It will tell you a lot about their personality because that will determine the answer to this question. It will also give you a chance to think about your answer and share it with them. Breaking the ice goes two ways.

16) Would you bring a knife to a gun fight, or something else?

I have no idea why this is even a question, but it came to my mind, so here it is. Let's hope it doesn't weird them out or anything but maybe it will get you both talking about weapons or the philosophy behind the quote.

17) If you could only listen to one song for a whole day, what would it be?

Again, instead of just asking them "what's your favorite... (fill in the blank)" why not reword the question to get them to think a little bit more? By doing that, you have a chance to get to know more about them than just a random list of favorites. Plus, asking it this way might help you remember their answer more.

18) What's your preference for transportation?

Most people will probably say car but you never know when you'll find someone who prefers planes, boats, bikes, or even walking. Maybe their answer will lead you guys to talk about why they prefer it that way or what their potential issues are with the other things listed.

19) What's your dream vacation look like?

The way this is worded is enough to have their answer be a long conversation but getting them to share with you what their dream vacation would be like has the potential to either have you both talk about that destination or listen to them teach you more about someplace you don't know very well. It could end up with you both discussing what your dreams for the future are.

20) What's the weirdest dream you've ever had?

This one will definitely end in a few laughs at least. We have no control over our dreams and our brains sometimes can put together the oddest things. It'll be interesting for you to see what their answer is and maybe you both will have a nice laugh because of it.

21) What's your biggest phobia?

Some people might not be comfortable sharing this but if they do, it will give you both a chance to really get to know each other in a deeper way than casual acquaintances.

22) What's the one commercial that annoys you the most?

I'm not really sure why this is here, but it sounds like a good question to me. I mean, there are people I know I would like to hear the answer to this one. Plus, it could end with you both discussing commercials or ads you both have seen. And hey, if there is one that really annoyed you, this gives you a chance to rant about it.

23) What's your favorite fairy tale and why?

If you're going to directly ask someone what their favorite (fill in the blank) is, then always ask them why at the end of it. That way, they're more inclined to continue explaining it, rather than just respond with a one word answer and have that be the end of it.

24) What candy bar best describes your personality?

This is another question similar to the seasons one above. It will help you get to know their personality a bit and help them get to know yours. Both of you will probably have to think about your answer, though, because I'm not sure how many people really know what candy bar reflects their own personality. I know mine doesn't.

25) Celebrity you would date without hesitation?

This is a fancy way of asking who their celebrity crush is. But just because someone has a crush on a celebrity doesn't mean they would just outright date them. So this will really tell you which celebrity they absolutely adore and meanwhile, you can think of what your answer will be (or if this is a date, lead into a pick up line, maybe).

26) What animal do you think best resembles your appearance?

Okay, this one is hilarious just even thinking about it. My personal answer would be an elephant! Just kidding. This is a question that will really get you guys to cracking jokes and hopefully not feeling insecure about your appearance.

27) If you could ride any animal, what would it be?

If they're really obsessed with one particular animal, then this answer might be the same as the shapeshifting one above, but maybe what they'd want to be and what they would want to ride are two different answers. Either way, you could ask them about their answer and start up a decent conversation with them.

28) If you had to give up one of your senses, which would you give up and why?

This might be another that they would have to think on, but if you listen to their answer carefully, it will tell you a lot about them. If they're more of a visual person, they might choose to get rid of something other than their sight, but if they're hands on, they might get rid of anything else other than their sense of touch.

29) Imagine you got sucked into a movie. What movie would it be?

This not only shows what movies they like or have enjoyed watching, but it shows what movie they truly know by heart. To answer this, they have to think about the movie and possibly think about what it would be like to get sucked into it. This gives you a chance to give them your answer too.

30) What's your favorite type of meme?

I mean, there are memes for everything these days. Personally, I really only enjoy the memes about writers or Star Wars, but you can really start a conversation about their interests based on their answer here. Or maybe they don't like memes, which also gives you a chance to ask them why not and learn more about them.

31) If you were left on a deserted island and could only take five items with you, what would they be?

This one will really help you get to know their personality and what they value and deem as important. I mean, only five items can be taken, according to the question, so they're going to choose either what they value, what they can't live without, or what they deem as important or necessary.

32) What's one holiday that you don't enjoy?

This is different from the cliche question of what their favorite holiday is. Instead of talking about that, why not ask them this question and then talk to them about why they dislike whatever holiday they mentioned. There's bound to be a reason, and who knows, maybe there's a story behind it.

33) What superhero would you choose to save you?

This will maybe make them think a bit. If their favorite is one that they wouldn't necessarily trust to save them (like maybe they like this hero for their appearance), then they'll have to really think for the answer.

34) If you had a time machine and could travel to different periods of history, which ones would you visit?

This is a slightly altered version of asking them what era they would have rather been born in. This way, it allows them to answer with multiple periods of history and will give you a chance to get to know their favorite historical time periods, if they have any.

35) What museum would you want to visit?

This is another one that will help you break the ice and get to know their likes and dislikes. There's bound to be a museum they would want to see, something that they're passionate or excited about.

36) What game as a child would you still want to play now?

Okay, this one gives you both a chance to really shatter the ice and hopefully not be shy or insecure about telling the truth. I think deep inside, every adult secretly has a game they used to play that they would still enjoy nowadays.

37) If you could change your name to anything, what would it be and why?

This one might not end with a long drawn out conversation, but it could spark a little something. Maybe they have a fascination with languages or have a name they've always really adored. It will help you get to know each other better.

38) What type of world record to you think you could beat?

This one is super fun to think about and try to answer. They will really have to think about themselves as a person, what they do, what their hobbies are, and their answer will really get you to know them and vice-versa.

39) What does your dream home look like?

This one might take a bit to try to describe it in words, but if they've thought about it and have an answer, then it will help you understand more about them.

40) Favorite app on your phone?

I really hate that this one makes sense, I really do, but in this era of technology and phones and apps, it might (and probably will) strike up a conversation, sadly. At least, hopefully, you'll be talking with them about it and not spending more time on your app than with the other person!

41) If your life was a musical, what would the hit song be called?

I love this question. Even if they aren't a fan of musicals, they would have to think of a title, more than just for their overall life. That question has been asked many times before. But having to think of the title of a song means they have to think about a specific area or aspect of their life.

42) Pest you despise the most?

This one probably isn't the cleanest or most normal question people talk about but it could spark some stories (or fears) and if we're being realistic, most everyone has had to deal with something at one point of their lives or another. Unless, of course, they live in an airtight, sealed box.

43) If you could have any power or ability, what would it be and why?

Again, this is one of those questions that will help the two of you get to know more about each other instead of the cliche and typical, what's your favorite (fill in the blank). Sometimes, getting to know someone means knowing things like this, not just favorites of everything.

44) What color reflects your personality?

No, not their favorite. Make them think about themselves, who they are as a person. Trying to compare yourself to a color or fit your personality to a color is hard, or it seems hard anyway. But the answer could enlighten you and hey, at the end, why not go ahead and ask them what their favorite color is?

45) What's your favorite villain on TV or movies and why?

Okay, knowing someone's favorite villain is one of the few exceptions. It isn't a question that's asked too often, so it isn't cliche and it's good to know if they're in the same fandoms as you, if you both watch the same movies and shows or none at all. And let's be honest here, villains who are adored deserved to be discussed more.

46) Do you prefer to talk or listen to others?

This one will tell you not only what they do the most of, but what they find or see as more important or what they naturally end up doing.

47) Are you active or a couch potato?

Hopefully, if you're both lazy, neither of you are afraid to admit it. But if you both can admit it, then you'll feel more comfortable being open about who you are, even if those things are seen as a bad thing (like being lazy, which I am).

48) Who was your childhood hero?

This will give them a chance to reflect back and take you with them as they think about who they used to be as a child and what they valued back then. Maybe their answer has changed now that they're an adult or maybe it hasn't. Ask them and see.

49) If you were abandoned with no car or money in one of the states in the U.S., what state would it be and why?

Again, this is another one of those completely random questions, but I think it would be interesting to know these type of things about a person and this one will definitely strike up a conversation with them about what states they like or don't like or why they like some states over others. If you've never been to the one they respond with, maybe they can teach you more about it.

50) What natural disaster are you afraid of, if any?

This is similar to discussing your biggest fears with them, but I think everyone is afraid of at least one type of natural disaster. If not, maybe you can ask them why or share which ones concern you the most. Maybe this conversation will get deep and real, but that's another great way to get to know someone.

51) What's your dream job?

Their answer to this question might be the same as their passion (mentioned above) or it could be different. If it's different, maybe ask them why. If they don't do this job, ask them why they don't or why they've chosen the profession they have.

52) If you could choose a character from a book, movie, or TV show to be your parent or sibling, who would you choose and why?

Obviously, if they don't read or watch movies or TV shows, then this won't end with a great conversation, but if you're a nerd who meets another nerd, then this conversation will probably be one of your biggest. Most people have probably not thought about the answer to this (or maybe they have), so it'll be interesting to hear what they have to say.

53) If you had to stop aging, what age would you chose to stop at and why?

No, this isn't the same as asking them if they would live forever. This one, they have no choice. They are going to live forever and they're stuck at an age. This will really tell you more about them and the way they think. Hearing the reason why they chose the age they did will give you a chance to get to know their personality.

54) What is your dream spouse like?

Maybe not everyone has a dream spouse but I think most people do. Having them describe this person to you will get you to know them on a deeper level. This is also perfect if you're asking this ice breaker question on a date.

55) What's the best joke you ever heard?

Maybe they aren't a comedian and this might make them nervous if they aren't, but who knows? Maybe this will give you both a chance to laugh with each other. Or at each other.

56) What mythical creature would you want as a pet?

Dragons, unicorns, centaurs, oh my? Or oh no? I guess you'd have to ask them to find out. If they haven't thought about this before, it will give them a chance to think about it. Or maybe neither of you have any mythical creatures in your head.

57) If you only had one wish, what would it be and why?

This is another question that would be interesting to know about someone when you're trying to make a friend.

58) What would you do if you won a million dollars?

What kind of person are they? I think this million dollar question will help you figure that out.

59) As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

This will be another chance for them to reflect and to share a part of their childhood with you. If you want to know and be friends with someone, then this is something you'd want to know the answer to. It can also lead into a conversation about the career they have now and why it changed. Maybe it actually stayed the same over the years.

60) Water, fire, earth, or air?

Even if neither of you gets the Avatar, the Last Airbender reference here, this will be an interesting question to see which of these elements is their preference. Maybe they'll just choose the one they like the most or maybe they'll choose which one they think reflects their personality.

61) What do you think your superhero name would be?

On the outside, this seems just like any other fun question to possibly strike up a conversation that could end in laughs. But if you think about it deeper, it can tell you a lot about their personality. What hero name would reflect your personality? What do they think reflects theirs? Or maybe they won't think about it that deep and just answer something they think is cute or funny.

62) Do you prefer to be in the heat or air conditioning?

This is a very important question to know about someone. Plus, you'll soon learn if you guys have this in common or if you're going to be fighting over the thermostat when you hang out at someone's house.

63) What's something you're confident you've done that no one else has?

Maybe neither of you can think of anything but this is another way of getting to know a special fact about them that not a lot of people could know. It also gives you the chance to think about this for yourself and tell them what you think you've done that no one else has.

64) If you could take away one human necessity, what would it be and why?

Think about it. If humans weren't confined to going to the bathroom or eating food or sleeping, how much time would that save? What their choice is and what yours are will really tell you both a lot about each other.

65) What's the most embarrassing thing that's happened to you?

Few people will probably want to admit this, but it will no doubt end in a funny story. If they're embarrassed by telling you, you can reassure them and then laugh some more. It would also be nice to share one of your embarrassing stories to make them more comfortable (unless you're the one that's more embarrassed).

66) What was your favorite vacation like?

Hopefully, they have at least taken one vacation in their life. If not, maybe you can share yours and this gives you both a chance to swap stories and reminisce together.

67) What myth, story, legend, or movie scares you the most?

If you're both fans of horror movies, this could really end with some long conversations. And if not, you could always chat about what stories freak you out the most.

68) If you were a mythological creature, what would you be and why?

Either they're going to know the answer to this or they won't have any clue. It really just depends. If they don't, maybe you will and you can answer it for them. If you both have an answer, it will really make you both think about which creature really reflects each of your personalities.

69) If you were a YouTuber, what would your videos be about?

Hopefully, they know what YouTube is. This will really get them to think about the things they like and dislike and what things they believe would be interesting enough for people to watch. Maybe this will let you both talk about what things they listed you would be interested to watch videos about and vice versa.

70) If you had to have a limb amputated, which limb would it be and why?

This might be a little gruesome, but it will allow both of you to really get to know how your thought processes both work.

71) If you could only speak in quotes from one movie for a whole day, what movie would you choose?

This goes beyond choosing a favorite movie. What movie would let them speak as normal as possible? This might take a bit of thought.

72) Ocean or mountains? (Or something else)

Do they have a preference or not care about either? Maybe they have something else in mind or maybe their answer will surprise you.

73) What's your choice of soda?

Technically, this is another question asking for their favorite (fill in the blank), but it could end with a conversation about whatever soda they chose.

74) If you had to join a sport, what would it be and why? (Dancing, martial arts, fencing, and swimming does count).

This would suck for an inactive person but it will possibly give you more insight into what sports they love the most or which ones they would be desperate to avoid.

75) Name five things that are on your bucket list.

Technically, this isn't a question, but it could start some conversations about whatever they chose to be on their list. Maybe you'll discover some new activity or even learn that one of these things might be something you'd want to do too.

76) Fruits or vegetables?

Neither for me, but maybe they'll have a preference or a passion for one over the other. Who knows, they could even be a vegetarian, in which case this will probably end in a long conversation.

77) If you were ever forced to go on a diet, what foods would you give up and why?

This would be absolutely terrible, but maybe they wouldn't have a problem with it. This is another one of those questions that would be fun to have a conversation about.

78) What is something not many people know about you?

If you're getting to know someone, why not ask them this question?

79) Early bird or night owl?

This is just as important as the heat versus air conditioning question. If you're opposites on both of these questions, then that might make hanging out a bit of a problem. Just kidding!

80) If you could eat anything without worrying about health or weight, what would it be and why?

This could be because I'm hungry, but this is another question I'd like to know the answer to. You and your new friend could end up into a nice discussion after you ask this.

Ice breakers are extremely helpful especially for people who aren't good at naturally speaking to someone. They give you a starting point or sometimes are just super fun to ask and discuss. Hopefully, this list gave you some good questions to start off with. That way, the next time you want to start a conversation with someone, you at least have a long list to choose from.

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