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8 Very Little Things That Tell You More About the Person

by Muhammad Hussain 2 years ago in humanity
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#1. How they treat service staff

8 Very Little Things That Tell You More About the Person
Photo by CoWomen on Unsplash

Humans are by nature very different from one another, and this makes human understanding very difficult. Therefore. How can we know who we should keep in touch with and who we should avoid? Although we put different masks on our faces while exposing ourselves to others in everyday life, we cannot avoid expressing some small but important advice for our personality. People give us a lot of information about them without knowing it, by revealing little morals. The only thing we have to do is look at these little things, but what are these little things? In order to better understand people, we have prepared these little things that can tell you a lot about a person:

1. Use of the letter “I”

The more a person uses the “I” character, the more likely he or she is to become violent. Narcissists always like to talk about themselves, their accomplishments, their successes, their beauty and so on. These people consider themselves superior, superior, and do not care about the other person's feelings and thoughts but only value their own.

2. How they treat the waiting staff.

People who are disrespectful to wait for employees judge the work of waiting staff and see them as inferior and themselves are superior. People who treat good waitstaff well, however, see everyone as equal and believe that everyone deserves to be treated the same no matter what.

3. Eye contact.

While talking to someone, follow their eyes. Look inside their eyes. Do they face each other? Or do they avoid the eye and keep wandering with their eyes? Shy people and presentations especially have a hard time making eye contact, in fact, they feel uncomfortable. However, if a person is always right to look at the eye, but in some conversation avoids it, beware, it can be a sign of lying.

By Midas Hofstra on Unsplash

4. When drunk.

Most people show up better when they are drunk. They booked all the masks and eventually became their own. Perhaps that is why most people like to get drunk, because we feel tired of introducing ourselves as a different person, and drunkenness, being real, relaxes us.

5. Ask them questions.

If you want to find someone, you can ask simple but logical questions that can get a person's personality. Questions such as - ‘How is the perfect day for you?’ ‘Would you like to thunder? If so, in what field? ‘‘ What do you value most in life? ’- can express many aspects of a person’s traits.

6. Driving.

The way a person drives can say a lot about his personality. Fast drivers are often skilled people; they like to be active in society, they can communicate, they want emotions. On the other hand, people who drive with great care, who put in a lot of energy and attention often get in, or want perfection. These people may have some anxiety problems.

By why kei on Unsplash

7. Body Language.

Perhaps body language is a powerful tool for understanding a person's personality because in many cases it is out of control. Whether a person uses his hands a lot, his posture, his gestures, and his facial expressions can often say much about what a person is really saying, whether they are telling the truth or lying.

8. Communication.

Social media is another source of information about a person's personality. Whether the person puts up a lot of pictures of their body, their places, their food, clothes etc or even if the person does not use it very much. All of this reflects many human characteristics and characteristics. So if you want to get to know someone, click on their profile!


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