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8 Unexpected Reasons That Can Prevent You From Sleeping Peacefully

Are you a heavy sleeper?

By Mickey CastilloPublished about a year ago 5 min read
8 Unexpected Reasons That Can Prevent You From Sleeping Peacefully
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We are all different and our bodies need different types of food, sources of nutrients, different types of movement, and sleep intervals that vary depending on many derivatives. Some need more than eight hours of sleep, others are content with only six.

Some fall asleep before midnight, others only in the morning, just as some wake up when the sun rises and no alarm sounds, while others can sleep until noon. Regardless of the category, we belong to, we have all occasionally encountered sleep problems, temporary or frequent insomnia, and very tiredness.

We present below the most common reasons that can prevent you from having a restful sleep!

1. Alcohol consumption

Just as most people fail to fall asleep after consuming caffeine-based products in the evening - which includes restaurant milkshakes, ice cream or other desserts with coffee or ness flavors, or black tea or energy drinks, Those who drank alcohol shortly before bedtime may find that sleep does not set in as easily, although there is a feeling of fatigue.

2. Exercise

They are welcome in everyone's daily routine, but when you've done them too close to bedtime, the energy the sport generates can keep you from sleeping as well. It should take at least an hour between the exercise session and go to bed.

Those who usually do abdominals before bed can do them a little earlier and can take a book with them later in bed, which will help them to spend their time before falling asleep.

3. The person you sleep with

If you have children and they feel like playing in your room before bed, it will be harder for you to fall asleep, even after they are asleep. Also, if you have a partner or roommate who doesn't sleep well at night, watches TV, reads, listens to music, has no sleep, there is a good chance that you will be able to sleep when someone is busy with you.

Equally important is his type of sleep, if he is asleep but snoring or has restless sleep, it can prevent you from having a good sleep.

4. The room where you sleep

If you want to sleep in a room where it is too hot or too cold, not ventilated enough, in a noisy or too bright place, a room with a window to a central street or where many cars pass, or near a club, chances are you succeed are quite weak. It is also important that the place is clean and smells clean.

5. Mattress

If you sleep on an old mattress with broken springs, left in certain areas, you already know that you have a problem that needs to be solved. Such a mattress not only affects the quality of sleep but can also cause severe back pain. An old and poorly ventilated mattress can also affect breathing. It is ideal to have one of the non-allergic materials, as well as the pillows on which you sleep.

Hardness is also a problem: a mattress that is too hard or too soft has the power to keep you from falling asleep. It is also valid for sofas, not all of them were designed for restful sleep. Most manufacturers build even the most extensible ones on the idea that they will sleep on them only occasionally, considering that they are only for guests and watching a movie or enjoying a conversation in the living room.

It is important if you want a sofa to sleep on and take care of the extension and the mattress if there is one. Otherwise, sleeping frequently on a sofa not intended for this purpose, you will damage it faster.

5. Travel

We would all like to be toured by trade and see as many countries as possible. Some of us travel a lot for business purposes. No matter what you do, time zone differences can affect your naturally established biological rhythm. Don't be surprised if it takes you a while to get used to them, both in the shower and when you return to the country.

6. Lack of discipline

If you don't usually go to bed at about the same time, but when you feel sleepy, you may not be able to sleep well. If you also have a habit of thinking a lot about your daily problems and splitting your thread on any subject and you do it even before bed, don't be surprised that you wake up dizzier than before bed.

7. Job / Lifestyle

If your job keeps you busy in the late hours or you often get overtime, sleep can't be like a book. If you are always alert, available, and thinking about work issues or what you are going to do, you will find it harder to relax completely.

The TV on, the radio, or the mobile phone is always close, they are also sources of agitation. The received messages make noise, the curiosity to check again what is new on social media channels does not give you peace, sleepless friends still Like or comment at inappropriate times, and all this drives away to sleep or affects its quality.

8. Stress

Personal problems, a stressful job, a family or a marriage that put pressure on you, an illness, or the loss of a loved one, daily worries can put a lot of pressure on your shoulders.

Usually, insomnia problems go away after you have solved the problems that kept you in a state of agitation, but if they have been lasting, the body is already set to fall asleep, not being used to relaxing and detaching from daily stress.

Learn how to generate peace of mind and calm before bed, so that you can enjoy the body's recovery during the night and recharge your batteries.

Bonus: 7 tips for better sleep

1. Try to have a regular walking and bedtime schedule.

2. Do not smoke near bedtime.

3. Do not consume caffeinated products for at least four to six hours before bedtime.

4. Avoid alcohol and heavy meals before bed.

5. Make sure you exercise regularly.

6. Keep the cleanliness and relaxing atmosphere in the room where you sleep.

7. Try to wake up naturally, at similar times, without the stress of the alarm on.


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