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8 Diseases of the Body Caused by the Mental State

by Nora Huber 5 months ago in advice
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The Mental State Is Important.

8 Diseases of the Body Caused by the Mental State
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Anger, sadness, stress, anxiety, and jealousy have an unexpected impact on the human body: they make it sick! Discover the 8 diseases of the body caused by mental states.

High blood pressure and anxiety

Jealousy is one of the most powerful, destructive, and difficult to control of all the feelings that people can have. Most of the time, this negative state appears due to misunderstandings, mistrust, etc. and it's a mix of stress, anger, and fear. Jealousy manifests itself differently depending on the person and the sex.

In the case of women, jealousy occurs when there are suspicions of infidelity related to the life partner, and men show this type of behavior when they feel threatened by another man.

No matter what causes this feeling, jealousy influences a person's health: it increases his blood pressure, heart rate, lowers adrenaline, lowers immunity - resulting in conditions such as high blood pressure (high blood pressure), panic attacks, anxiety, and even hormonal and behavioral disorders.

Memory loss and indigestion

Scientists have found that when we cry for emotional reasons and not because of onions, the body releases several hormones responsible for relieving stress.

People who refrain from crying put their bodies under a high level of stress, which can lead to anxiety, memory, and digestive problems, and weakened immunity.

Depression and physical pain

Depressed people often feel physically ill. Apathy and malaise occur due to low levels of serotonin and dopamine, the neurotransmitters responsible for a person's well-being.

Scientists say that serotonin is used to regulate the perception of pain in the body, and its low level is probably the reason why depressed people feel bad and physically and experience all kinds of pain.

Diabetes, cancer, or heart disease

Quarrels with our life partner make us feel bad, angry, upset but also affect our health. Scientists claim that quarrels reduce the body's regeneration process. According to them, the quarrels cause a reaction of the immune system that triggers a series of inflammations. A high level of inflammation in an organism leads to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, etc.

Cardiovascular disease triggered by stress

We all know that stress is not good for our bodies, but we do not know what risks we face if we do not face this enemy. According to researchers at Stanford University in the United States, when we put the body under a level of stress, its natural reaction is to increase immunity and the number of molecules that fight cancer.

Even after the stressful situation is over, the body continues its fight process for weeks. When it comes to a very high level of stress or chronic stress, the body does nothing but fight the enemy and make plans for the future. Thus, the body reacts: memory problems occur, the ability to reproduce decreases, and the risks of cardiovascular disease and diabetes are very high.

Researchers warn that even unresolved quarrels lead to increased levels of stress in the body.

Risk of heart attack and stroke

The quarrels, the upsets, the stress caused by them do nothing but leave deep traces in our health. Failure to resolve the problem and the person's unwillingness to disclose may result in an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, or cancer. Even confessions do not work wonders: people screaming or arguing increase blood pressure, heart rate, reactions that lead to a heart attack.

The benefits of well-being on the body

We have seen the impact of negative emotions and deteriorating mental states on the complex mechanism of functioning of the human body. The reverse of the medal is positive feelings, well-being, and relaxation. Bonus, here are some of the wonders that this well-being brings to our body:

Low cholesterol

A study by the journal Human Communication Research found that people who attended three 20-minute sessions in which they wrote love letters to their life partners received better test results. According to them, the cholesterol level managed to drop in five weeks.

Regenerating the nervous system and improving memory

According to researchers at the University of Pavia in Italy, when we fall in love, the body increases the level of a hormone responsible for regenerating the nervous system, leading to improved memory capacity.

Regenerating the body and reducing the risk of heart attack

Besides being the cheapest accessory we can wear every day, a smile and a laugh have a wonderful effect on our body. Researchers at Loma Linda University in California, USA, claim that when we laugh, our body releases hormones responsible for cell regeneration and lowers stress. Goodbye heart attack!


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