8 BS Facts About Empaths

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That Everyone Thinks Are True

8 BS Facts About Empaths

Do you feel unreasonably overwhelmed in crowded public spaces?

Have your friends or members of the family described you as "too emotional?"

Do you prefer to be in control of driving when you travel?

These questions are just a small example of the questions listed in empath tests.

I imagine if you landed on this article and decided to read it, chances are you have already heard the term "empath" before. On the very small chance that you have not, an empath is described as someone with a supernatural ability to host the mental or emotional moods of others.

Google search "empath" and I can almost guarantee you will find a plethora of articles, bloggers, quizzes, and the like with an overwhelming amount of information and suggestion.

Being a type of empath myself, I do find joy seeking out these articles and quizzes for entertainment. After all, these are the quizzes and articles holding similarities to my personal interests. I would much rather do a "What's your empath type?" quiz, over "Who's your celebrity crush?" any day of the week.

This is a topic I take seriously, though. In my experience working as a spiritual guide over the past six years, the types of questions on the empath test and quizzes can warrant a "yes" from just about all of us. We live in a world with over seven billion people in a society that relies on electronics and mass productions.

We live together, in an overwhelming environment. At any given moment, any one of us could be described as "too emotional," introverted, a loner, etc... I am under a dynamic spiritual impression that we are all empaths, period.

There is very little information to support the theory that the human race operates as a house of empaths. Yet, there is an astounding amount of information telling us that empaths do exist, but are a limited edition humans.

This staggering amount of information on the rarity of empath people allows very little room for thought expansion, community growth, and cultural metamorphosis. I am here to break the mold of popular opinion.

This article is for the unknowing empath, however, all empaths would benefit greatly considering these eight facts as either outdated or mythical in nature.

Here are eight bull-shit facts about empaths, that everyone thinks are true:

1) Empaths are paranormal and rare.

While this statement might have held some validity in the 1990s, times have significantly changed over the last several years. In 2012, specifically, the world as we knew it ended and those of us capable and ready for a DNA shift received that shift. There are more people attuned to the empath frequency than ever before. If from 2011 to 2013 you experienced a loss of job, circle of friends shifted, and/or a home relocation you received a DNA adjustment and are more than likely a member of one of the empathic mansions.

2) Empaths prefer to be alone.

One of the biggest misleading "facts" about empaths is that we prefer to be alone. Empaths are actually extremely social creatures. Being so closely attuned to the collective, Empaths are happiest in an intimate environment with all of their favorite people, which translates as an environment wherein they can appreciate everything and everyone with undivided attention. We get the reputation for preferring to be alone due to the lack of comfortable environments. Most environments today have a crippling amount of activity, EMF's, groups of people, expectations, terrible listeners (i.e friends talking over one another, etc.). We prefer to be with others, out experiencing new things, but often opt to stay in for fear of becoming overwhelmed and misunderstood.

3) Empaths are extremely emotional.

While empaths are very sensitive beings, defining any person as extremely emotional or too emotional is emotional and mental abuse. Being emotional is a direct link/connection to source/spirit and people with the capacity to feel deeply should be celebrated and understood. There is absolutely such a thing as being out of balance. However, empaths get the sour reputation of being extremely emotional due to our innate connection to everything. The world itself could stand to be a lot less mechanical and a lot more compassionate.

4) Empaths know that they are empaths.

This is possibly the biggest plague of empathic beings. Most Empaths do not even realize that they are an empath and operate most frequently in auto-pilot routines. This lack of knowing is directly connecting to the disarray of information being shared about empathic people. Essentially, if you don't consider yourself too emotional, an introvert, and above everyone else you would be under the impression that you are not an empath; unknowing empath.

5) Empaths feel deeply with humans, animals, and plants or none at all.

This fact is shared less often than the rest, but still often enough that I wanted to address it. Empathic people have different missions and responsibilities to the kingdoms. While there are some of us that are capable of feeling the emotions and mental states of people, animal, and plants, there are other empathic people who feel one or the other. For example, there are empathic people who resonate with the moods and feelings of animals, but are not empathic to other people. There are also empathic people who only resonate with the moods and emotions of other people.

6) There are several types of empaths.

This fact is certainly debatable and depending on your spiritual guides and council, some may disagree with my understanding of the empathic kingdoms. I encourage you to meditate deeply on this if it truly interests you and find your own truth. Having a background as a chakra specialist, reiki master, and shaman, my understanding of the empath mansions is as follows;

  • Plant/Seedling Empath: This empath type will feel a close relationship to home gardens, city trees, seeing the seeds of fruits and/or veggies, and garden stores. Plant/seedling empaths typically grow house plants, herbs, veggies, and/or fruits if able to. This type of empath will take greater care picking out fruit and veggie store bought items. Takes great pride in the colorful spectrum of fruits and veggies.
  • Ambiance Empath: This empath type will feel a close relationship to their home or safe space. Often wanting to go out and see people, this type of empath will opt to stay in and try to encourage company to come over. This empath cannot help but to feel overwhelmed going anywhere at all. This is due to their connection to the ambiance of any given perimeter. Ambiance empathic people would do well to find a piece of home that they can carry around with them as a grounding item. A rock found near the home, a special home cup, or even a small essential oil that reminds you of home. The ambiance empath is constantly taking in environmental pulses, even from times past, and will need to learn how to process these impressions or else feel a relentless buzzing of discomfort. It is very common for this type of empath to settle into acceptance of this state of living; feeling constantly uncomfortable unless they are home.
  • Animal/Brute Empath: This type of empath will feel compelled to work with animals in any sense of the word. From animal shelter workers, to vets, to ranch owners. The animal/brute empath has a unique quality to them which enables an empathic relationship with a variety of species that are not human in nature. If this empath is unable to work with animals or doesn't work with animals for whatever reason, there are other ways for them to recognize themselves. (Typically owns a handful of animals, emotional attachment to monkeys, chimps, apes, etc., experience seeing wild animals seemingly out of the blue, has housed/homed rescue cats or dogs.) Last but not least, funnily enough, the animal/brute empath neither likes or dislikes humans.
  • Human Empath: This empath is the one most often talked/written about. The human empathic person is the empath that feels the moods and emotions of the people within their environment. One common misunderstanding here is that these empaths only pick up on the people they love and people whom are within a close vicinity. In truth, the human empath is susceptible to all humans on planet Earth regardless of distance.
  • Extra-Sensory Empath: This empath has the qualities of all the empath types.

7) Empaths are too giving of themselves.

While some empaths can be too giving of themselves, other empaths can get caught up taking too much. Anybody experiencing poor boundaries runs the risk of being too giving of themselves and this is not a trait specific to empathic people. Everybody, empath or not, should take extra care exercising healthy boundaries in order to maintain a balanced 'give and take' in all relationships.

8) Empaths are good listeners.

This is another loaded statement. To suggest that all empaths are good listeners would be as ridiculous as saying all musicians are legends. Being an empath doesn't automatically mean that you are a good listener. Some empaths have unbalanced throat chakras and talk too much to listen! If you are a good listener, good for you! If you are not, you still might be an empath AND you can work on your listening skills.

Being an empath isn't some mythical paranormal ability that few of us have. Being an empath just might actually be a natural born characteristic surviving in each and every one of us, waiting to be honed and understood.

Reconsider everything you have been told about the exclusive, mythic, overly emotional empath. What an empath is, is someone with the natural ability to perceive the emotions and moods of people, plants, animals, and/or environments knowingly or unknowingly. So, the next time your feeling or mood shifts gears be willing to ask yourself, "Is this me?"

Thank you for reading <3

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