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7 Things You Need to Keep Secret

by John Rudd 5 months ago in advice
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Can you keep secrets?

7 Things You Need to Keep Secret
Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash

People around you will find many reasons to hurt you, which means that to protect yourself it is important not to forget the golden rule of silence.

7 things you need to keep secret from others:

1. Plans for the future

We are used to sharing life plans, and we get incredible pleasure when we tell others about what will happen shortly. However, practice shows that plans and dreams cannot be shared with anyone, even close ones.

Among those, you trust may be envious people who envy your success. Even if they do nothing, everyone knows that their thoughts are materializing, which means that their envy and hatred can negatively affect the implementation of the plan.

2. Quarrels and conflicts

What is happening in your family should not be shared with anyone. Talking about arguing with someone is ugly and sounds treacherous to a loved one. But even more dangerous, the people around you can mourn your quarrels, because of which the conflicts in your family will not only increase.

Add to that the fact that when you tell relatives about a bad husband or unfaithful wife, you inadvertently set that person against the other half.

3. Help and benefits

Talking about charity with other people is ugly in itself. Others will not appreciate your delight, considering you brag. This will be a bad thing that can seriously damage your reputation.

Therefore, if you have done a good deed and you are eager to throw your joy at this opportunity, do it alone, for example, in front of a mirror. This approach will protect you from jealousy and negative thinking.

4. Successes

Telling others about your success and accomplishments makes you happy, but it will only hurt you. People will consider your words as pride and praise and, in addition, they will begin to envy you.

Their negativity can affect your success, after which luck will simply leave you! Therefore, it is better not to share your achievements and successes with anyone or to dedicate your successes to those close to you whom you trust.

5. Lies and gossip

Gossiping and talking to other people will at least ruin your reputation, because your words will reach the person in question sooner or later, and this will affect your relationship.

Others prefer to distance themselves from such people. The same can be said of people who use swear words. By swearing, you pollute your inner world and create an unhealthy aura around you that will never allow anything good and positive to grow.

6. Money

By bragging about your income, you are at least at risk of attracting the attention of thieves and dishonest people. There are a lot of envious people around, which means that your words can lead to further problems and loss of income. The negative aura that you attract through speech can deprive you of financial well-being. No wonder sages say, "Money loves silence!"

7. Children and health

In any case, a person talks about life topics, such as children and health. But it is one thing to discuss your children positively and to enjoy their achievements, and it is quite another to discuss their mistakes in the circle of strangers.

This cannot be done because the child has a tender psyche and any criticism from adults, especially parents, will negatively affect his condition. The same can be said of one's health. Constantly complaining to others that you are feeling bad, you are attracting illness and suffering.

The universe always hears and sends us what we want and what we are talking about. Therefore, pay attention to your statements and remember: "Silence is golden!"


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