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6 Signs That Your Relationship Is Near Its End

by Sabrina Boyd 4 months ago in advice
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And a set of recommendations.

6 Signs That Your Relationship Is Near Its End
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It is not easy to accept that a relationship is no longer working, but certain signals can prepare you for an imminent breakup. Psychotherapists say that ruptures are rarely sudden, there are usually "symptoms" in the couple, who announce well in advance that the breakup is near. All you have to do is pay attention to the signs that the couple therapists are looking for to know if your relationship has a future or not.

Stop fighting

Even if many couples are looking for the perfect harmony, in which there are no disputes and quarrels, they find that their absence is not a good sign, according to Experts say that from time to time, a small quarrel is normal, which shows that there is direct communication and passion in the couple.

When is jealousy confused with love?

When you have no more disputes on any subject, it is clear that things are not going well, that you are ignoring each other, and that you will not care so much about each other.

Recommendation: Don't be indifferent to the couple's problems, communicate, tell each other your points of view. Even if you quarrel sometimes, this means that you will still care about each other.

You can't stand each other anymore

But pay attention to the intensity of the disputes. The appearance of strong quarrels, which can lead to physical and verbal violence, insults on trivial issues, is a sign that the separation is near. If you end up arguing daily because he forgot to lift the toilet lid or put too much salt in his food, then a quick change of behavior is needed.

Recommendation: Try to find out the reasons for these anger attacks, which often have roots in the past, discuss them and resolve them.

What to forgive and what not to forgive in a relationship

One wants sex, the other doesn't

A major problem that occurs over time in many couples is the lack of sexual appetite in one or even both partners. It is an extremely frustrating situation when one partner wants to love and the other never wants to. Such situations can lead to huge frustrations, feelings of rejection, and pressure.

Recommendation: Try to communicate and make time for your weekly sex life. Even if you are tired or busy, plan a getaway for two: this will improve your love life and, implicitly, your relationship.

Poor quality sex

If your sex life has reached the point where everything is done mechanically, without any passion, this is not a good sign. You need to be aware that for the happiness of a love life to be at least acceptable, it is important that you both feel good in bed.

It's not your type, but does it appeal to you? What are your chances of resisting together?

Recommendation: Routine is an extremely important factor in the deterioration of a relationship. You have to start experimenting with new things in bed, bring your passion back to an acceptable level. Communicate and try to get out of the routine without fear.

Those around you advise you to break up

If family and friends keep telling you to get out of the relationship, then this should make you think. In these conditions, in which the people who love you are alarmed by the changes in your emotional state, you should analyze your relationship once again.

Recommendation: Don't break up with your partner because that's what my mother says. But look at what your close friends and family are saying to you, and see if they have noticed negative things in your partner that you haven't seen yet.

The illusion of a perfect relationship

In many couples, one of the partners tries to create a relationship as in stories, in which there are no quarrels or problems. Therapists warn that such relationships are not real, and waking up to reality will be extremely harsh.

Recommendation: Don't try to build relationships like in movies or books. Be realistic and accept that a relationship comes with problems and quarrels. Nothing is perfect!


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