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5 Simple Things You Should Be Doing if You Love to Be Loved

You Found Love, but that’s only half the battle, now you need to keep it.

By Erika PotapPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

When someone truly loves you, they love you unconditionally and without restrictions. Their love is not dependent on how you look, how much money you make, or what you do for them. They love you simply for who you are on the inside, naked and bare.

They see you in all your beauty, in all your glory with no regard to your flaws or imperfections. They love you exactly as you are and for who it is that you are, and they don't try to change you or make you into something they think is better.

Having someone truly love you often times is all we need to make us better people. Love has a funny way of making us more beautiful, both inside and out. It is the fuel that makes the fire in our hearts burn this everlasting flame of inspiration. It is the catalyst to all things amazing. When someone really loves you , you feel it all the way through your being, in to every crack and crevice, through each and every cell, every organ system all the way through, to your bones… it warms your soul even on the coldest of days.

You feel it wherever you go and you are never lonely as long as you are loved, because that love never leaves your side, it never gives your mind the chance to wander or question the love, wherever you go it goes with you. It watches you while you sleep, it comforts you when you are sad and it laughs with you when you are happy, celebrating each moment with you. It beats in unison with your heart and flows through your veins. Love makes you feel alive, almost as if you had wings and could fly.

When you are truly loved by someone you feel as though anything and everything is possible, even the unthinkable—love gives you the courage and the strength to flourish beyond measure. It is the water and the sunshine we need to bloom and it is the best feeling in the world.

We are lucky to love and be loved. Appreciate it when you have it because there is nothing worse than a love that is no more, or a love that is lost. Here are five simple things you can do to keep the love alive.

1. Act on it.

As opposed to just uttering ‘I love you’ try acting on those three little words and do something special for your love. It can be anything from breakfast in bed to a date night. Send flowers or write a poem, anything that shows them you were thinking of them.

2. Give more and take less.

The world is already a selfish place in itself. Think less of what you can get out of love and focus more on what you are willing to give. Think of love like an investment, the more you are willing to put in the greater the return on your investment.

3. Be spontaneous.

Add some spice into your love life by doing something on the spur of the moment. We plan almost everything in life, from weddings to doctor appointments, to business meetings and hotel reservations. Step out of the box and do something unexpected and out of the ordinary once in a while.

4. Be present.

Just because you are there in the physical sense doesn’t mean you are actually present. You might be sitting right next to them having dinner but your too busy scrolling through your instagram feed to even notice they went to the restroom. Snapping selfies isn’t any better, you lose the present moment in your attempts to capture it with a picture. Try being there mind, body, and soul. Be less preoccupied with the external and you will have more time to connect with one another. The more you are able to connect, the less likely you are to grow apart.

5. Talk less and listen more.

Don’t just hear what your love is saying, actually listen to the words, the body language, the tone and let it penetrate through your entire being. Listen for clues and hidden meanings, listen to the depth, the vibration, even the silence.

There you have it, five of the simplest ways to keep the love alive. Remember to always love yourself first and foremost, if you can’t love yourself how can you even begin to love someone else? You can’t. And remember, they say that Love has the power to conquer the world, and if not the entire world... at least allow it to conquer yours!

Love—they say it can conquer the world, and if it can’t... at least it can conquer your world.


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Erika Potap

I know a thing about a thing or two. Believe in the power of the universe. hope my words can somehow make you smile, even if only on the inside. Questions, thoughts or comments?

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