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5 Signs That You Have Trust Issues

by Leonora Watkins 6 months ago in dating

Signs that you don't trust your partner.

Everyone has moments of mistrust, when we feel slightly suspicious about events or we think our partner may be up to something, but we shrug it off when we realize that there is nothing to worry about. But some people have some pretty serious trust issues and will suspect their partner of lying, even when they are not. This can lead to some major problems in what would otherwise be a healthy, normal relationship. Many people with trust issues don't even realize they have a problem, but trust issues are easy to identify

1. You Check Their Phone

Even when they have done nothing to make you feel suspicious, you still check their phone, just in case. Everyone is entitled to their privacy and you are invading theirs by checking their phone for messages. If you want to see their phone, just ask them, if they refuse, then maybe they have something to hide, but don't go looking at it trying to find something bad because this will definitely give you trust issues.

2. You Test Their Love for You

Nobody likes to have their relationship and trust put to the test, so why would you do it to someone you are supposed to care about. They should not have to prove their love for you under duress, it's not a genuine expression of love if they do.

3. You Hate it When They go out Without You

Everyone needs time apart, it's normal in a healthy relationship, but you hate it when they go out with their friends or even their family because you automatically assume they will be up to no good. Even the idea of them having innocent fun without you is too much for you to bear because you don't trust them.

4. They're Not Allowed Friends They Might Be Attracted to

Whether they have said they are attracted to them or not is irrelevant to you, all you care about is them having friends that you consider attractive.

5. You Assume the Worst

No matter what has happened, you always assume the worst about your partner, if they haven't answered their phone it is because they are cheating, if they are not with you then they must be betraying you. It doesn't even cross your mind that they might simply be busy. This is a sign of major trust issues and it needs to be addressed.

Admit You Have a Trust Problem

Trust issues are difficult to get around, it can be done, but it requires commitment from you to be a more trusting person.

The first thing to do is to admit you have trust problems, this will be one of the most important steps you can take for your relationship. Nothing can change until you admit you have a problem.

Secondly, remember that you don't know what is going to happen in the future, nobody does, nobody is psychic and you don't have a crystal ball. So stop trying to predict the future because all you are doing is neglecting the present.

Talking things out is always helpful, preferably with your partner, that way you can address all of your fears. They might not take it too kindly, but a good partner will not get angry, a good partner will put your mind at ease and respect that you can't help feeling like that and they will want to prove that you can trust them.

Speak to a Professional

If your trust issues are becoming a serious problem in day to day life then it may be time to consider talking to a professional. Trust issues can be the result of personality disorders or childhood traumas and only a therapist will be able to help with serious problems like this.


Leonora Watkins

A qualified counsellor and an even more qualified queer. I specialise in victims of rape and sexual assault. I also have a degree in behaviour analysis.

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Leonora Watkins
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