5 Main Reasons People Ghost

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Ghosting: the disappearance from someone in your life without any explanation

5 Main Reasons People Ghost
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It happens to the best of us. I was ghosted after seeing someone for 7 months. It hurt like hell and I took it as a personal hit to my own ego.

I kept asking myself

Why was it so easy for them to dispose of me in their life?

Do they not miss me? Am I that unlovable?

Everything hurt and I did not feel like myself.

The truth is that the majority of times someone ghosts you, it is for their own personal reasons. Here are 5 reasons someone may be ghosting you.

1) They are seeing someone else

Sometimes you are a side piece because they have a partner that they did not tell you about. Sometimes they just wanted to date multiple people at once and decided to end things with you by ghosting. Maybe you were just a fling.

I know it hurts babes, but just know you did nothing wrong if this is the case. Someone who can't even tell you the reason why they ended things is a coward and you don't want them in your life anyways.

2) They lost interest

Sometimes people just lose interest. Maybe you just were not the right fit in their eyes and they wanted something different. Again-- do not take this personally. They do not determine your self-worth unless you let them.

3) They are busy with other commitments

They are focusing on everything else in their lives but this connection.

Maybe they are a student or starting a huge project in their job that requires most of their attention.


Do not let this fool you. If someone really saw you in their future, they would make time for you. Do not make excuses for their behavior towards you.

Focus more on yourself and your own goals and aspirations so you are not so fixated on them and their presence in your life.

When your whole world revolves around the other person—where does that leave time for your own personal growth and self-love?

4) They need to learn to love themselves

Maybe they really do love and care for you, but they do not have the proper love that they need for themselves to love you in the way that you deserve.

They need to learn how to be happy on their own before being happy with another person. Although we may think they are being selfish for choosing themselves and not trying to communicate with us—they need to do what is best for their personal mental health.

We can not be mad at people for taking care of their personal mental health needs first. A healthy relationship will not work if both parties are completely codependent on each other for happiness.

5) They are Lazy

Simply put- they do not care enough to contact you. At this point you really need to evaluate if it is worth even having them in your life. If they are too lazy to put in any effort to see you—why do you want them in your life? If someone does not want to be a part of your life, LET. THEM. GO.

You deserve to have friends, lovers, and whoever else out there who show how much they want to be in your life. They should be excited to put in the effort to help your relationship grow!

I know it hurts and this is a lot easier said than done. But, you just gotta focus on yourselves and really make the time to love yourself without them.

Trust me—a year from now you all will be thriving and will be glad that person ghosted you and ended it for your own self-growth journey. You can't control what happens to you all the time, but you can control how you handle the situation.

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5 Reasons They are Ghosting You

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