5 Books Teens Should Read and Will Fall in Love With

Have you ever thought of finding a book to read and be hooked on the story? Here’s a list of books you will definitely not want to put down if you’re into romance❤️

5 Books Teens Should Read and Will Fall in Love With

Here's a list of books I would recommend anyone to read, especially if they love romance or are a hopeless romantic.

'The Longest Ride' by Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks. One of the most popular writers for his best selling novels. As we all know, he writes stories based on love. This story is about a good looking professional bull rider who meets a young lady who goes to college. They both like each other and decided to start dating. Once they began to date, they both realize how different their lives are and didn’t see a chance in making the relationship work.

On the other hand, there’s another couple in the story. An older couple. An older gentleman plays a role in helping the young lady with her relationship problems by giving his life stories and experiences. The old man helps the young lady realize about love and life which helps bring her relationship closer to the professional bull rider.

Both of them didn’t realize that the old man would make a difference in their lives together individually and as a couple before he passed away himself.

I had—HAD—to read this book when I saw Nicholas Sparks wrote and thought it was a good idea to read something while going on vacation one year once I started reading the book, I did NOT want to put the book down. Half of my vacation was spent by reading this book all day no matter if I was tanning or laying in my room. I honestly love the story so much! I would recommend reading this to anyone who loves Nicholas Sparks’ work and for all the romance lovers out there.

'Perfect Chemistry' by Simone Elkeles

I think I knew about this book because I was at the library and then thought it should be a good story based on what I read on the back cover. Sure enough, it was a great book. This story is about two teenagers who both attend the same high school. This story takes place in a chemistry classroom. The teacher was very hard-headed when it comes to doing the senior group project every year. She even assigned the partners for them. The rich, popular girl got partnered up with a low class, Spanish speaking boy who never took anything seriously. Both of them from different worlds and yet they get matched up together.

Each of them had a rough start at first to try and work on this project. Once they started to really get to know each other instead of working on the piece, they both felt a connection they only created together. Both never felt this way towards anyone they’ve been with before.

Coming from two different worlds, trying to make a relationship work, and understanding each other is how they build a better relationship.

And yes, the picture above is a sequel of the family/friends love stories. No, I haven’t read the other two, but it has its similarities and differences just like the first story.

'LA Candy' by Lauren Conrad

Have you ever fantasized something you always wanted to see or do and all of a sudden, it’s a dream come true? Nineteen-year-old Jane has always wanted to live the famous life, go to clubs, attend parties, etc. Jane and her friend were asked to be a part of a TV show just like Sex and the City but only it’s different. This is something Jane has always wanted to do and now she gets to see it happen in real life.

Along the way, there are times where either her friend would find a guy to glance at or even talk about to be set up on a date but Jane is more than happy acting in a show. In LA.

Soon enough, Jane decides that she would wake up from this whole dreams and fantasies about being a Hollywood star. After chasing her dreams and making things happen in LA, she decided to not chase her dreams anymore and go back to reality because this is experience is so different.

I know it’s not much of a love story between two people but I PROMISE you, it is a really great book to read, and it’s also about love in a way. Jane loves what she’s doing and the life she’s living in but has to sacrifice. Isn’t that what love requires? Sacrificing for the things you love?

'If I Stay' by Gayle Forman

This book was published in 2014. I was a junior, almost a senior, in high school when I found out about this story. I didn’t even want to stop reading it, and I fell in love with this story.

Anyway, this story is about a young high school couple. Both are musicians who love music, creating music, and playing instruments. It’s no wonder why they have this strong connection as a couple!

With both being musicians, they both have bigger dreams when it comes to making music a serious career. You have the boy who likes to sing and writes songs while the young girl plays her favorite instrument and both are so talented at what they do.

Until one day, the relationship starts to drift. One gets accepted into a top music school in New York and her dream begins to come true. Choices and sacrifices has to be made for the both of them if they want to keep the relationship going... or not. While he wasn’t happy about that, a tragedy happens.

Her family decided to go out and visit a family member during the winter break. It was snowing and a car accident happens. While he comes standing next to her in the hospital bed, he realizes time and makes her a priority as his choice, but it’s up to her to make the choice as to whether she wants to fight it or let it go.

This book is also a sequel. There are only two books in the series. I haven’t read the other one, but I know the next story is about the boy’s life and leaves the girl a mystery of some sort.

'Dear John' by Nicolas Sparks

In case you haven’t figured out this one, I love Nicholas Sparks’ work. And who doesn’t love Channing Tatum? Anyway, I absolutely love this story because not only is this about long distance relationship but because I went/am still going through this part of my life.

No one will understand the emotions you’re going through, how you’re feeling, and understand what you’re going through unless you've gone through it yourself. This is about a young man who comes home on leave from his military job and just enjoyed being home. He meets with a girl after he helped dive in the water and reach for her bag that fell over the railing while hanging out at the dock. She invites him over to a party and from there, click.

Once a relationship started to develop, she realizes this is going to be harder than what she thought. When he had to go back to work, they wrote to each other as much as they can. It’s kind of like writing in boot camp because no cell phones or electronic devices were allowed on the base field. Along the way, long distance didn’t work at first. She met someone else and while he’s out fighting and has no idea why she stopped writing letters and kept distancing herself away. Both of them have to talk and see how the relationship is going to work or not in the future the next time he comes home. This conversation can either make him or break him and the decision he chooses.

This story just shows that long distance relationships are not easy, but it can happen whether in the military or not. It’s another component of a type of relationship people are willing to be in if they really care and love the person.

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