3 Tips To Make Him Love You Like Crazy

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Quit Chasing The Man of Your Dreams and Make Him Want You!

3 Tips To Make Him Love You Like Crazy
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Are you falling head over heels for a special man ? Is your heart filled with love and affection for him, but you’re not sure exactly how to say it?

Possibly you’re anxious he will find you too overbearing and back away , or maybe you’re imagining he’ll be drawn into somebody else ‘s heart .

Whatever the case , I’ve got 3 sure-fire strategies to help him really feel an extreme , all consuming craving to have you in his life .

# 1. Slowly Work Your Way Into His Heart

Most women assume that guys want to have sex with a new girl as quick as they can . But from my own research , I identified that you’re more likely to successfully pull him in by being close friends with him before going to the next level .

Now, I understand that sounds alarming because this could get you banished into the “Friend Zone”. But the suggestion here is to not hop in bed immediately and to tactfully draw it out a little bit .

The fact is , guys are hooked in by the tantalizing torment of the “slow burn”.

If you play it right , you can skillfully continue this seduction until his passion gets to a stage when he can’t fathom being ‘just good friends ‘ with you .

He’ll soon want to move the relationship to a more romantic level.

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# 2. Spark His Desire With Words

A strong connection comes about when humans build a routine of communicating in a gentle , caring style .

Of course, in every-day life this isn’t always the case , especially when they get into a disagreement .

However, for the most part, a connection flourishes when the focus is more on words of affirmation than hostility or objection .

That’s the reason why he is more inclined to react constructively to a partner that recognizes his positive traits and also encourages them with words of affirmation .

For instance , you may highlight how great he looks in his brand-new t-shirt , or even simply the way he remembers all that movie trivia .

Think about the personality traits you love in him, and make sure to say it to him .

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# 3. Make Use Of Powerful Body Language

Have you ever noticed how some partners seem to complement one another ? I’m referring to the manner in which they complete one another ‘s sentences and already recognize what the other person is feeling without saying a single word .

You can see this unusual quality in happy lovers , whether it’s your friend or colleague with her other half or even your 90-year old grandparents. When they appear to simply connect on a deep, unstated level .

If you’d like to mimic that quality and set the tone for you and your significant other , you can start with body language, gestures, and mannerisms .

Of course , a lasting partnership requires you to create a deep bond of time and experience and so forth . However matching his expressions and habits , for instance , can be a great method to set the foundations .

As an example , when you’re going out on a date or adventure with him and he is engaged in the moment , he might be wearing a content and engaged look on his gorgeous face.

In this moment you can match the brightness of his expression and, quickly , it will allow you to have an emotional synergy with him. It is magical , and it will definitely feel that way .

The moment you start implementing these things , you start putting your partnership on a better course . Treat these as habits you can take as part of your daily schedule , like going to work or making a deposit at the bank .

Pretty soon , your connection is going to be abundant with passionate love and there’s going to be plenty of it to continue growing for decades to come .

But , did you know that you can also say a few special words to a man and make him immediately fall for you even HARDER? It sounds crazy , yet there’s a mix of words that will essentially alter a male ‘s emotional state and produce burning feelings of passion for you.

The fact is that it’s based on an obscure psychological concept . Absolutely any woman can apply this through a combination of particular words that will produce a powerful effect on the way he thinks about you.

It’s practically like re-wiring his brain so that he can’t imagine spending the rest of his life with anybody else but you. Honestly , it’s a degree of devotion that’s almost scary.

If you’re ready for this type of commitment , however, you can learn the secrets to this method right here:

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