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3 Things a Man Does That a Woman Misreads as Him Liking Her

Plus: The SHOCKING Thing That Men Do!

By Heart Centered UniversePublished 6 years ago 3 min read

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I totally get it. Being single and putting yourself out there isn't easy! You risk getting rejected or falling in love and him not feeling the same way. The dating game is super tricky to navigate simply because there are no rules. You literally make them up as you go along.

Well, that's where I come in. You need an impartial third party to help you navigate this mine field, so you don't make a wrong move! Granted, it's not life threatening if you do make a wrong move. But trust me when I tell you that dating is a skill and in order to master it you need to know what you're doing!

One of the best skills that you need to master when you're single is reading a man's signals. You need to take your emotions out of the equation and truly not care about the final outcome in any dating situation. Learning how to read a man will ensure that you don't make a fool of yourself! Look more at his actions rather then what is coming out of his mouth. Learn to read his body language and read between the lines.

That said, there are three things a man does that a woman can often MISREAD as him liking her. When you first meet a man or first start dating a man, oftentimes it's difficult to determine whether or not he actually likes you. So here they are:

1. He Asks You Out

Ok yes, he has asked you out. It may be hard for a guy to decide in the first few minutes of meeting you whether or not he likes you. But the good news is that he's definitely ATTRACTED to you. If he's asked you out, he likes what he sees. Don't make the mistake of thinking he's head over heels at this point. He likes what he sees and wants to get to know you to see if he could like you!

2. He Compliments You

He starts complimenting you and telling you how pretty you look, how nice that dress you're wearing is, or how your jokes are so funny. He's complimenting you left and right. Now this could mean that he likes you, or it could mean that he's just trying to get a date with you. Some men are great at insincere flattery. Hone your people skills so you can spot one of these phonies from a mile away. The only way to do this is by practicing. Get out there, meet some men, and flirt!

3. He Touches You

Yes, he touches you or he TRIES to. Often when a man is attracted to you, he will reach out and try to grab your hand, touch your hair, or brush up against you. This is a sure sign that he's attracted to you. It doesn't necessarily mean he likes you... yet.

Now I know what you're thinking, you have a guy that you know likes you and he does these three things. Yes, a man that likes you WILL do these things, but he will do MUCH MORE than that in order to win you and keep you in his life. Take an honest assessment of the situation.

The reality is that if he is just doing these three things, you can bet that he is attracted to you. But most likely, he just wants to sleep with you.

Which brings me to my next point and that is the SHOCKING THING that MEN do, and that is:

A man CAN, and WILL, sleep with a woman that he doesn't even LIKE. SHOCKED? I was too. If you don't believe me, just go ahead and ask any man that you know will feel you the truth.

So, if the man in your life is doing these three things and nothing else, you can bet that he wants to sleep with you. That's because he can do all these things within the first few minutes of meeting you and takes zero effort on his part. If he really does like you, you can bet he will be doing much more than just these things!


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