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15 Foods You Should Never Buy

by Conner Bowen 6 months ago in advice
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If you are on a tight budget.

15 Foods You Should Never Buy
Photo by Ratul Ghosh on Unsplash

Most of the time, we eat what we are offered. Specifically, we buy everything we find most appetizing in the supermarket, without thinking about the real benefits of those products. Although we believe that all foods on the shelves are intended for consumption, it seems that certain products can be very harmful to health and very expensive - so they should never be consumed.

Thus, nutrition experts have compiled a list of 15 foods that you should never spend money on. This includes smoked sausages, as well as bottled tea and tomato sauce for pasta. Are you curious about other foods you should never buy?

Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese

Only a few grams of this grated cheese on top of pasta or vegetables can add a unique flavor, but also change the texture of the food.

However, this type of cheese is quite expensive. For a slightly cheaper alternative, choose Pecorino Romano and SarVecchio, which have the same flavor and are half price.

Sausages and smoked meat

From sandwiches to fancy appetizers, cold cuts and processed and smoked meat are not missing from our diet.

In addition, most types of meat are very fatty, which raises blood cholesterol levels.

Blueberry products

Everyone loves blueberries! From the cereals you eat for breakfast to the delicious bars and sauces, every housewife is eager to fill her shopping cart with such blueberry products.

However, what are they? It seems that most blueberry-flavored foods do not contain a single blueberry, only artificial flavors! To make sure there are blueberries in your cereal, try adding fruit yourself.

Wholemeal bread

This product is just an unhealthy food disguised as a healthy name.

If it does not appear first, then it means that your bread is made from a few mixed grains, which have been added to wheat flour. To make sure you eat healthily, choose brown rice, quinoa, and oatmeal.

Bottled tea

Make tea at home and you will save both your money and your figure! Bottled tea contains more sugar than carbonated juices and even a slice of pie.

Tomato pasta sauces

The main reason why you should not buy such tomato sauces in pasta jars is that they are overpriced. Our suggestion is to make your sauce at home from canned tomatoes, which are much cheaper, but also from fresh vegetables.


Sea fish, which feed on the ocean floor, such as tuna, shark, giant mackerel, and swordfish, contain large amounts of mercury. To maintain your health, choose smaller fish, such as sardines, salmon, turbot, or catfish.

Energy drinks

To increase your energy level in the afternoon, it is better to drink a cup of coffee. It seems that caffeinated energy drinks are real sugar bombs. There have also been numerous reports that certain brands have led to heart attacks, seizures, and even death.

Gluten-free sweets

If you have not been diagnosed with celiac disease or gluten intolerance, you should know that if a product does not contain gluten, it does not necessarily mean that it is healthy. These gluten-free products are usually rich in refined flour, artificial ingredients, and sugar. In addition, it costs twice as much as regular products.

White rice

Try to avoid refined foods and opt for whole grains. There is a 17% higher risk of diabetes if you eat white rice at least 5 times a week, compared to once a month.

Frozen vegetables

It is more convenient to buy a bag of mixed vegetables, but why not make this fresh mix on your own? It is much more convenient to prepare your vegetables for the pan, but also healthier. In addition, the food is much tastier.

Ready-made sandwiches

When you buy a sandwich that you only need to heat before consuming it, you should know that you are paying for a higher amount of salt, fats, and unhealthy additives. With the money you spend on a single sandwich, you can make a bigger, richer, and a more delicious one at home.

Protein bars

These high-calorie bars are usually placed near the cash register for those impulsive shoppers to buy.

Unfortunately, they are high in fat and sugar and have the same amount of calories as a regular chocolate bar. In addition, they are 2–3 times more expensive than a normal bar. If you need an energy source, choose a vitamin-rich fruit, yogurt, or a handful of nuts.

Spice mixture

Spice mixes, such as grill or steak, seem like a good buy because they contain all the spices you would normally buy separately.

However, it is advisable to check their label before adding them to the shopping cart. There is a good chance that the main ingredient will be salt, followed by "herbs and spices". If you check your spice drawer, we assure you that you will find more than just the label of the mixture you want to buy.

Bottled water

Bottled water is a bad investment for several reasons. It is expensive compared to what it contains, the effects on the environment are negative and it is not healthier than the tap. If the tap water is good and filtered, you can consume it without any problems.


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