10 Ways to Know Your Boyfriend Is the One

by Nancy D about a year ago in love

It Feels Right

10 Ways to Know Your Boyfriend Is the One

When I say "The One," it doesn't have to be marriage, because marriage isn't for everyone. However, I am suggesting an attempted lifetime commitment to one single person. In this case, it's my boyfriend: Ned.

1. He listens to you.

Not only does he look at you when you talk (most of the time), but he actually remembers little things about you. Like what your friends' names are and what your friend is naming their kid.

2. He makes time for you.

Even though it's long distance, he still makes time to Skype, and if he has homework, he'll do it at your place. More importantly, he doesn't just leave after sex. Like, not even once. In fact, he'll stay for hours.

3. He is your best friend.

You do things friends would do too, not just things couples do. Like playing video games and going to get coffee.

4. He is there for emotional support.

He doesn't mock you when you are upset, he listens and tries to help you. He might put his hand on your leg when you seem upset or another small gesture. Little things like that show a lot.

5. You have lots of silly fun together.

You make frequent weird noises to each other when no one else is around, like mimicking loon calls (Really bad loon calls too). There's lots of laughs and giggles. Just hope no one else walks in and hears it, cause they won't understand your inside joke.

6. But you can also have serious conversations sometimes.

If the conversation comes up for whether or not you want kids, or to move in together ... there comes a time where serious conversations need to happen. If they can handle both serious and silly, you have a keeper.

7. He's not afraid to fart in front of you.

Let's be honest, it's going to sneak out eventually. So if it happens and no one freaks out, congratulations, you are not now comfy in front of each other.

With that said, if he is doing all the time and you have actually asked him to stop...you might have a problem. If he has purposefully farted on your face, that's a deal breaker too.

8. You are happy.

Sometimes other factors in life can make you unhappy too, so don't get confused. If you are unhappy, it might be because of work or roommates, so don't take it out on him. At the same time, if he is being abusive, don't make excuses and think it might be something else.

I guess what I'm trying to say here is, are you happy when you are with him?

9. He's giving in bed.

I'm so sick of the concept of size. It's about feeling safe and having fun. If he takes the time to figure out your kinks, thats more than enough.

10. It feels right.

The truth is, you just know. You will feel in it your gut. Trust it.

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