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10 Things I've Learned Since Being In Quarantine

I miss my Charmin toilet paper

By Aria WhitePublished 4 years ago 4 min read
10 Things I've Learned Since Being In Quarantine
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I'm an introverted homebody by nature and I've worked from home for the last several years. So when quarantine with my two kids started, life wasn't a whole lot different. But also, it's not been the same.

I try to see the good in every situation, but I've realized that being in quarantine has been both a blessing and a curse. Allow me to share 10 things I have learned from this new way of living.

1. Angel Soft Ain't So Soft

Had I known that 2020 would be the year of a national toilet paper shortage, I would have stocked up long ago. My family and I use Charmin toilet paper and I didn't realize how soft and soothing it really is until the only toilet paper option at the store was Angel Soft. Now I know why that's the only brand most stores have available. Don't let the name fool you. This stuff would be better suited for inmates in federal prison.

2. Single Motherhood Is Hard AF

It didn't take being in quarantine to know that motherhood is hard. It's a daily pandemic of its own. But as a single mom in quarantine, the challenges I face are seen more clearly, as if being placed under a microscope and enlarged 1,000 times. Moms everywhere - not just single moms - know exactly what I'm talking about. I've got two bottles of wine in my pantry, just in case. And if I haven't muttered "what the f*ck" at least once a day to myself, my kids are being suspiciously too well-behaved. Of course, I wouldn't have it any other way, but sometimes I really need a glass of wine.

3. I Might Be Addicted To True Crime Shows

When my kids are with their dad on the weekends, it's my time to do grown up stuff. Sometimes that includes binge watching shows on Netflix, and my shows of choice are true crime. So far, I've seen both seasons of I Am A Killer and am currently making my way through the nine seasons of Forensic Files. I know that most people are talking about Tiger King right now, which I guess technically qualifies as true crime based on what I've heard, so maybe I'll watch that next. All I know is that my interest in psychopaths is very hot and heavy at the moment.

4. Social Media Is My Saving Grace

I can't be with friends right now. And as an introvert, that's mostly okay. But I do miss seeing them and having the choice to grab dinner or drinks with my besties. That's why I love being able to connect on social media. I still have access to my favorite people, so even though we're not physically together, I can still keep up with what's happening in their lives. Plus, there are tons of entertaining things on social media to keep me feeling sane and laughing through these hard times.

5. I Actually Miss Going Out

I'm usually fine staying at home and being a hermit by myself. But after two-ish months of isolation and social distancing, I want to get out just so I can do my hair and makeup. I just want to feel human again. I want to have adult interaction. Every time I drive to the store, which is rare, I feel like a stranger in my own vehicle. I see the outside world and I'm in awe of what I've been missing out on. Even if I only get out to socialize once, it should be enough to satisfy my craving.

6. I'm Still No Betty Crocker

You'd think being stuck at home with my kids would inspire me to try new recipes and up my cooking game. Nope. Not me. I still hate cooking. I've continued to shop for groceries online, and instead of buying ingredients, I buy as many prepared or easy to prepare meals as possible. When it comes to meal planning, the only plan I have is to feed my kids the easiest thing I can find.

7. It Would Be Nice To Have A Boyfriend

I love being with my kids, but not having interaction with other adults - especially those of the male persuasion - makes me realize how nice it would be to have a boyfriend right now. Even if we couldn't actually go out, we could talk, FaceTime, and at least exchange sexy photos back and forth. It might not be the same as connecting IRL, but I'll take whatever form of boyfriend I can get.

8. I Really Miss My Alone Time

While being at home is my ideal situation, it's not the same when I'm not completely alone. Sure, I have moments where my kids leave me alone long enough to form a complete thought, but mostly it's me fighting a battle between them and what's going on inside my head. I'm not able to focus on projects, it's difficult to try and read anything, and I don't have the 'me' time that I so desperately need in order to be a happy, healthy version of myself. I do get a break on the weekends, but alone time is something I need on a daily basis in order to function and thrive.

9. I'm Not Equipped For Homeschooling

I've been giving my children school assignments as much as possible, but their desire to do the work is about as strong as my patience to enforce it. So most days, homeschooling looks like learning how to strategize from Smartphone games, encouraging imaginative play inspired by YouTube videos, and learning the laws of gravity from bed gymnastics. I know it's important for my kids to have book smarts, but right now they are learning about the joys of simply being children.

10. Being In Quarantine Is A Gift

Being in quarantine sucks. But it's also an unexpected gift. I think most of us have realized how busy our lives have become and have a new appreciation for living life more simply. I, for one, have enjoyed seeing new sides of my children. I've recognized things about myself that I can work on, and I have also gained a few new strengths. This is a difficult time, but it's also a time to be grateful for what we have, and perhaps move forward more focused on family, faith, and stopping to smell the roses.


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Aria White is an author, mental health advocate, narcissistic abuse survivor, and relationship expert. Her first book, "Dear Me, I've Missed You" is available at Amazon and other book retailers. Follow her on Instagram @authorariawhite.

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