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by Tiny Tales of Terror 10 months ago in humanity
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Of all the things going on, I might be pregnant, too. This upcoming week is going to be wild for me. I start work Monday, I move Wednesday, and on Friday I have a blood hCG test and a tooth getting pulled. The things I’m having an issue with are that there is one person who cannot wait for me to be gone, is making it known to everyone, and is treating me like absolute shit over things that I have no control over at all. Things that she herself has done and then she will sit there and act like I am the one who can’t get myself together. Ma’am, stop. Just stop. Put yourself in some kind of vaguely objective view and look at all the things you’re doing and the way you’re acting and then come back to me at a later date when I’m not so irritated with you. You can apologize then, because regardless of what is wrong with me, I know damn good and well that not a soul deserves to be treated the way you are treating me. And I’m trying to see her side, I really am. Her side just seems to be revolving around how she wants things to be, like always. There is never a day in her life when someone else, even a child, matters more than herself. That is the single most annoying thing about the situation. I would even be able to handle her absurd behavior if she would just stop once in a while and think about how what she’s doing and the way she is talking affects other people. And the flipping back and forth between being a bitch and being nice is enough to drive someone insane. It’s also called gaslighting but I am doing my best to not let it get to me.

It’s working and she is starting to reach out to other people and making her behavior known and seen and that is the best part to me. Yes, a little of it is revenge. I like that she is making her behavior obvious to people who haven’t believed me one time in all the years. I am also starting to see where she got it, though. I can see where she was basically given everything she ever wanted and people just seem to act like what she is doing is fine and it is absolutely not. But, on to better and happier things.

I start my new job in 2 days. I move in 4. My tooth comes out in 6. And for all I know, I have a baby on the way. I would be mad, I would be sacred, and yesterday I didn’t know what I should feel. But, this morning I woke up and I was excited. I thought about how I might be a mom all alone this time and then I thought about all the people who have been or are doing it on their own and I realized that, no matter what, the baby will be loved and things will go just how they were meant to. I don’t always believe in god or anything like that, but I do believe in fate and karma. I do believe those are the kinds of things that make this world what it is. I don’t know why I believe in them exactly, but I do know that things have happened where it just makes sense that those would be the forces at work.

As for the baby thing, I will make a post about whether or not I am pregnant and, if I am, I will keep everyone updated on things. I am also starting to think that I might want to use my Vocal as something I not only post stories and journal entires on, but also as something I keep a sort of mommy blog on. I also might just start a mommy blog. I already have a YouTube page that I might post videos and such things on about being a mom with mental health issues. I think that would be a pretty cool use of my free time. I also think it would be something interesting to do that other moms and dads like me might be interested in seeing.


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Obsessed with writing. Trying to make it as a writer and accounting student, a mom, living on my own for the first time. Crazy on top of everything else. Thanks for reading!

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