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Zombie Life

Have you ever filled a hollow bone with peanut butter and given it to a dog? A dog would show no restraint towards a treat like that. However, if you fill the same hollow bone with some tuna, a cat will take caution before enjoying this treat, at least in my world. The world of the undead!

The Earth Year is 2022, but the start of the Zombie apocalypse started a few years ago. Some will say that the start of it all is Year 0. The world is a different place and nothing that you may have read or seen on TV would have prepared you for this. Hollywood got it so wrong.

The obvious difference from the fictional Zombie shows or movies is that there aren’t packs of people running around with advanced weapons and loads of ammunition. The only individuals that do have that amount of strength is the military. Yes, the military is still around, they don’t just go away like the movies. They never gave up.

The military is our government, police, and sometimes our health care providers. They set-up health care units in small towns to provide assistance and training. No civilian is allowed to live with them unless they are family. Food and other forms of resources for survival are left up to the remaining population.

I myself am a loner, with the exception of two companions. A black cat named Jack and a grey Maine Coon named Shelly. You’d be surprised how much flack I get for not having guard dogs instead. Whenever I come across a barter market or someone on the road, I get asked the same question. “Do they offer any protection at all?”

A dog would be nice to have, if I was in full survival mode all the time. It is common knowledge that a dog would rather fight than run away from danger. In a world where zombies tend to feed together like a hungry pack of wolves, dogs can become a tasty treat. I once saw a German Shepherd attack a zombie, and since the undead don’t feel pain, the poor dog never had a chance.

When surviving in my world, you have to become a scavenger. There is plenty to survive on, but you need to know how to look for supplies. Homes are a great place to start, but you need to practice plenty of caution. Don’t piss off the living and don’t tinker with the undead.

Here are a few tips when you do come across a house that looks vacant. First off, try to be one-hundred percent sure it’s safe to go into a house. If you are a distant traveler, you probably have a walking stick. Use that stick to create some distance and knock on the door several times. Wait and listen, and wait some more.

Humans will tell you to “Scram” right away! Zombies will need more encouragement. After no response break a window and wait for a sound. If you are still unsure, get the door open and step back. Half of the time you’ll get the most exhilarating run of your life! The other half you will need to use the bone and tuna trick, and this is one of the reasons I love my cats.

It’s tough finding a goodnight sleep, with the undead trying to eat you all the time. Shelter isn’t too hard to find but it’s the thoughts in my head and memories that keep me awake. My cats on the other hand tend to be night walkers and they know how to stay alert and quiet. I don’t have to worry about the bark of the dog that would alert nearby zombies that food is close by. The cats tend to give a quiet purr and will nudge me to get up when it’s time to go. Cats are very cautious creatures by nature. They do show affection, trust and protection to their human. In return I make sure they are well fed and I try not to have them become an undead’s meal.

Now going back to the tuna in the bone, I do this last trick before I enter a house. I always toss the tuna filled bone into the house and I wait and see if my cats go for it. If they linger near the entrance and purr and hiss, then I will never see that bone again. If they go in without hesitation, then I hope that I am lucky to find any supplies left in that house. Imagine doing that trick with a dog. You won’t get back the bone or the dog.

Before the Zombie outbreak, the world climate had begun to become unstable. Once the Zombies were everywhere it was obvious that there was a connection, and everyone knows who is responsible for this world-wide disaster. Most of the United States experiences summer—like weather all year round. Any place North of Ohio? Well, it’s the extreme opposite.

North is where I have been heading since I got word that Winter weather slows down the Zombies tremendously. There is an actual term used up North that we just got word of in Georgia: “Zombie-Pops” (Zombie Popsicles). But not many others are following suite to take the trek North. No, they are comfortable, and think the Zombies will eventually fall over.

I don’t think the Zombie Apocalypse will ever end, because we still have plenty of living. New life is still being created and the state of our planet is still unstable. One thing is for certain, I hope to let you know what my status is soon. For now, my advice is to take care and get yourself a cat.

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