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Wondering how to make your next Halloween Party memorable?

by Lady Grey about a month ago in halloween

A themed Halloween party might be your answer.

Wondering how to make your next Halloween Party memorable?
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Halloween possibly has more parties than almost any other day, second maybe to New Years. People of all ages love to dress up and pretend they're somebody else for a night. Most people conclude with more than one invitation to Halloween parties and have to elect one of them to attend.

If you're thinking of throwing a Halloween party, how do you persuade people to elect yours over the others? an original, unique theme is the first step.

Most people don't plan a theme beyond wearing a costume at Halloween. Just giving your party a more singular theme will help it stand out from the crowd.

You can elect the traditional spooky form of Hallowen party and have everyone come as their favorite ghost, horror movie character or monster.

A spooky party will possibly be one of the easiest to find party favors and decorations for, since that tends to be the most normal theme for Halloween.

There are plenty of other themes you can try. What about a famous couples party, where everyone comes as a famous couple? Or perhaps a movie theme night, where everyone comes as their favorite Star Wars character or Wizard of Oz character, maybe even your favorite cartoon.

Some other theme ideas include:

crazy hat party

decade party (60s, 70s, 80s, etc)

homicide mystery

favorite cartoon character

pirate party

mardi gras party

future party (everyone comes as themselves in 25 years, for example)

When youre preparing your party, one of the most essential things is the menu. Food and drinks are essential parts of any party.

It might be a full meal or just finger foods, but be creative with what you serve. Try to work the food into the theme of the party.

For example, you could make a couple of ladyfingers that actually look like severed fingers. Plain hot dogs wrapped in biscuit dough makes great little mummies, A white sheet cake covered in crushed cookies and dotted with kitty poop shaped Tootsie rolls for a gross and funny desert. Chocolate pudding covered with crushed oreos, with gummy worms coming out, you are limited by your imagination only. Jolly Ranchers melted and carefully poured over apples make gorgeous candy apples, used clean and dry tree twigs for the sticks. Add colorful sprinkles or nuts to the bottom of caramel apples.

Use themed ice cube trays to create spooktacular or fab cocktails. There are thousands of drink recipes and ideas for themed food on sites such as Pinterest and many, many more.

Set the scene with homemade and store bought decorations. Use things you already have or visit a local thrift store for inspiration. Decorating for the perfect party does not need to cost a forture. With a little imagination and some careful planning you can turn your home into anything you desire. One trick it to purchase old costumes from your local thrift, stuff them to take the form of a humans body and place them in surprising places for a jump scare for your guests for some extra spooky fun.

Another great trick is to incorporate the proper music to match your theme. Movie night could include your favorite soundtracks, decade parties can include popular music from that era, and of course spooky music can set the scene for most of your scary themes. Tip= you can add small music players and speakers to each area, just loud enough to hear but not be obtrusive, then in the main area if you are having dancing add something more appropriate for the activity.

Instead of the old stand by for outdoor parties, of apple bobbing, hang them from a tree instead by some string, loosely tie the participants hands behind them. No washing off of makeup this way. Or you can hang doughnuts for a similar game, and certainly not as hard.

If you start to plan your party early, you'll leave yourself an enormous amount of time to get everything organized. Get help from friends or family if you require it. By starting your party planning early it will ensure a relaxed and memorable time for you instead of dreading the date and worrying that your party may flop. This doesn't have to be a stress inducing event nor does one need to take out a small loan to pay for these things. Remember bringing the party to life is half the fun! Enjoy your preparations, your planning and ENJOY YOUR PARTY.

Lady Grey
Lady Grey
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