Witchy Woman

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 Witchy Woman

Back in the 70s’ there was a story of a family whose mother

practiced witchcraft. This family the mother especially claimed to

be a bible believing Christian went to church, read the bible but the

family had their doubts about their mother. This story begins in

1970, the family just but a cute little farmhouse that was right by

a lake and surrounded by woods. They had chickens, pigs, and

ducks, and even had a big old garden. The father worked all the time

and often went away on business trips and was barely home and

the mother was a stay at home mom at the time which hard for her

because she was raising two girls.

The two older girls were home

for summer vacation and often played outside or be playing tag in

the woods, or swimming in the lake. The mom and the daughters

were very close, one day the mom decides to go into town and go

shopping so she asked the neighbor to watch her kids for her till

she got back. She got into her car and drove off, the neighbor sat

and watched the girls play hide and seek, the mother had driven to

the general store where they did all their grocery shopping and

sometimes the store would get a shipment of books in. The mom

goes into the general store grabs some things she needed for dinner

and she ended up looking in the book section.

She sorts through the

books and found a book on witchcraft now her being the supposed

Christian she was wasn’t supposed to even want this book or even

look at, because that was considered bad juju but something made

her do it anyway, but later she soon regret her decision, before this

the mother claimed to hear voices telling her to stuff, now the

voices were telling to buy the book. She ended it buying the book

along with the groceries; she paid for her items and left. While

driving home the road she was on was very twisty, and had a lot

of curves and as she is driving something out of nowhere jumped in

front of the car causing the mother to swerve and hit a tree, now

she claimed it was some type of demon or devil, it was half jack

rabbit and had hooves of a goat now that usually meant if you saw

a creature like this it meant the devil was near.

Now this scared

the living hell out of the mother and she didn’t know what to do or

what to think, and it is said that the book on witchcraft she bought

was the reason why she saw what she saw and now it was only

going to get worse. She gained control, she got out of the car and

checked out the damage it was not too bad she got back into the

car and drove home and did not speak about what had happened

to her. The mother thanked the neighbor and hugged her girls

tightly. She then grabbed her groceries and the book and went

inside to put the groceries away; she ran upstairs and hid the book.

Later that night after dinner and she washed the dishes the girls

had bathed and had snacks and went to bed, the mother was alone

in the living room knitting and listening to the radio when

something came through it was a creepy, eerie voice telling her to

use the book, use the book, use the book. She got chills, the hairs on

her arms began to stand up; she got up and turned off radio. The

mom eventually gave into the voices for she couldn’t take it

anymore for if she listened she thought the voices would stop, but

they didn’t they grew worse and now their hold on the mother grew

stronger for she grew weak in her faith and that’s when the demons

took over her mind.

She felt funny like there so hold on her she felt

weird but yet powerful, she feel the demons’ oppression. You could

feel a heaviness in the house it felt different. Even the girls could

feel the heaviness and dramatic change in the house, and it was

beginning to affect them and their moods. They would fight over

nothing or they would have heated arguments over the stupidest

things. Nothing would prepare this family for worst that was

about to happen. Thar night after the girls ate dinner took their

baths had snacks went to just like every night an went to bed

around eight. The mother was in the basement doing laundry, she

was quietly thinking to herself when she began hearing voices this

time it wasn’t in her head, they telling her to do a spell, form a

circle and do an animal sacrifice, the mother immediately obeyed

the voices, she had a blank look on her face and walked like she

was in a trance.

She went upstairs and grabbed her book and took

out of her nightstand; just then a huge thunderstorm rolled in as if

from nowhere, thunder clapping loudly, lighting flashing, the

mother held the book tightly to her chest, grabbed a butcher knife

went into the chicken coop and took a chicken and held in her other

arm. She then proceeded into the woods where she found a clearing,

took some candles where she formed a circle, then with some

nearby sticks she formed a pentagram, she lit the candles and

started a fire she took the book and out of nowhere a breeze opened

up to the spell she needed and she began to speak and chant and at

the end of the spell she chopped off the chicken’s head took the

blood and poured into the fire along with the chicken and spoke

these words, “Oh mighty Dark One, I present to this sacrifice, to

cleanse me of any sins I may of committed.”

Now she after she

threw the chicken into the fire, she saw the devil himself come out

of the fire, he was tall and large and so scary looking, she came of

her trance and saw what was in front of her, she screamed so

bloody loud over the thunder no one could hear her, she ran through

the woods, just as this happening things in the house are getting

worse, now of the daughters have seen a demon face in the house

and it scared the crap of her she crying and screaming, and now the

other has woken up to hear sister, now they’re both terrified and

yelling for their mother, but she is nowhere to be found, they run to

their mother’s room lock the door and hide, but the demons are

pounding and shaking the door so fiercely the whole house shook.

Meanwhile outside the mother is being chased by the devil and she

is screaming and crying and praying to God for forgiveness for

what she had done, she gets to the house and she locks the before

she gets inside the devil turned into a mist and slipped under the


She hears her kids yelling and screaming and the mother goes

into panic mode but yet she tries to keep calm and be assertive she

yells “I cast you in the name of Jesus Christ”, this had only angered

the demons and they came for the mother, they each grabbed her

and threw up against the wall she hit with a loud thud, they

grabbed her throat and began to choke her, she continued to cast

them out, and eventually gave up and left. When she thought all

was quiet and calm, she went upstairs to her room, and told the

kids it was her and to unlock the door the girls obeyed. It was the

end of this horrible night, as calmed her kids they knelt on the floor

and prayed, when the girls were calm, she sent them back to bed.

After a rough night, the mom herself went to bed, as she is getting

into bed there in front of her stood the devil himself, ‘I own your

soul now, you are mine.” The mother began to cry but she calmly

and firmly cast the devil out. That very next day the mother took

that book took to where to had started that fire built another one

and burned that book into nothing but char. She called the local

reverend at a Baptist church to come out and have her house and

land blessed, the reverend agreed to come out and do that on that

day in that river the mom and kids were baptized.

Creative Writer
Creative Writer
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