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Witchcraft Manipulation

Mermaid Sacrificial Love

By Noah Adekunle AdetilewaPublished 2 months ago 12 min read
Lisa, The Stream goddess CHAPTER TEN: By Noah Adetilewa

Witchcraft Manipulation

Prince Olaboye was the first son of king Olusegun, this means that the crown prince will inherit the throne of his father when king Olusegun join his ancestors in death. Traditionally, crown prince Olaboye cannot go anywhere without two palace Guards for security reason.

However, the crown prince was free to go anywhere within and outside the kingdom without restriction. The crown prince was twenty five years old, with a plan to get married to a princess from a neighboring Community of Ayandola in the coming year. One Thursday morning, the crown prince decided to go and swim in Lisa’s stream, though he could have his normal bath at the palace, but that particular morning; he wanted to swim in Lisa’s warm stream.

He commanded his two official Guards to follow him to the stream, but when they arrived at the stream, everyone at the stream vacated the stream for the crown prince out of respect for the royal family, this was the reason the royal family would not go to the stream often to avoid displeasing the people at the stream, commoners must leave the stream for any member of the royal family in accordance with the customs and the tradition of Odogbagede community.

The lanky and handsome crown prince was well loved by all the maidens in Odogbagede, many of them thought he will pick his wife from his own domain; but unfortunately for them, he met the princess from the other Community when the princess attended the previous year’s Lisa’s annual festival with her father the king of Ayandola, a Community that was very close to Odogbagede; the Ayandola princess was a dark in complexion paragon of beauty, tall and slim.

Prince Olaboye fell in love with her instantly; his feeling was love at first sight. Prince Olaboye approached princess Olayemi of Ayandola with his love for her; she in turn found him very charming; their love for each other started that very day. Their love was mutual. The two Kings approved the love relationship between Crown prince Olaboye and princess Olayemi; both families were very happy with the two lovers’ decision to get married in the nearest future; and the marriage proposal from the prince to the princess was promptly approved by the two Royal families.

When Lisa’s stream was vacated for the crown prince, he decided to swim without any clothe on his body, he wanted to swim completely naked because there was no other person around except his two body Guards. The crown prince ordered his two body Guards to give him some privacy because he wished to swim naked, the two body Guards walked back to the base of Lisa’s hill and waited for his signal whenever he was done with swimming.

The crown prince removed his princely robes and entered the stream to swim, and he enjoyed the warm water of the stream on his naked body that morning. Shortly after, a medium sized fish thought the crown prince’s male organ was a big earth worm, as the crown prince continued to enjoy his swimming, unaware of the predator around him; the fish moved so fast that the crown prince did not see it coming until he felt a sharp pain on his male organ as the fish bit the tip end of his male organ and fastened its teeth on his staff. The crown prince cried out in pain, and jumped out of the stream with the fish still hanging on his rod; the fish refused to let go of its catch because it was hungry and needed the fat earth worm to satisfy its hunger.

The crown prince managed to free his organ and demobilized the fish with a stick. The prince was badly wounded as he was bleeding profusely from the wound inflicted on his male organ by the accursed fish; to his greatest surprise, right there before his eyes; the fish practically transformed into a badly wounded mermaid!

The mermaid was bleeding seriously from the wound on one side of her head where he had hit the fish’s head with a stick when the fish would not release his third leg. One of the Guards looked at the wounded mermaid on the ground worriedly, and said; “This is big trouble for my prince and the royal family, this wounded mermaid is one of Lisa’s daughters that must not be harmed in any way.” The crown prince who was visibly in pain said, ‘How can a fish which attacked my male organ physically transformed into a mermaid before my eyes; why would a fish attacked my male organ, and then turned into a mermaid?”

The guards could not say anything because what they saw on the ground was a badly wounded mermaid, and she was unconscious. The prince left the stream with his two body Guards and returned to the palace for medical treatment on his male organ. One of the herbalists in the community treated the prince with herbs, honey and other natural means before he was completely healed.

When the prince was born, Lisa, the stream goddess compelled the royal family to dedicate the son to her and the stream for protection. The royal family accepted the goddess offer without knowing the implication. An oath was taken on behalf of the baby boy by his father, Olusegun who was then the crown prince of Odogbagede; that the newly born prince will not harm any of Lisa’s children throughout his life time in return for the protection of the baby prince.

The goddess became angry because the crown prince had broken his oath by wounding one of her daughters; therefore, the stream goddess informed the chief priest that the crown prince must die for his breach of oath; and the fact that Lisa’s mermaid attacked the prince first was not even put into consideration by the goddess. Three weeks later, the crown prince became terribly sick, he could not even stand up from his bed, and his stomach was swelling every hour of the day.

The chief priest was consulted by the royal family for solution; “Only the stream goddess has the power to cure the crown prince and break the oath that is tormenting the prince, if the goddess refuses to help, then the prince shall die within seven days,” the chief priest said.

After five days in his affliction, the stomach was as big as a nine month old pregnancy, and there was no solution in sight, because the goddess insisted that the prince must die for wounding her daughter. The crown prince was dying, and there was nothing the royal family could do about it. The whole Community was just waiting for the announcement of his demise.

Mr. Olatubosun Teriba, the principal of the Secondary school in the Community heard about the terrible sickness that had befallen the likeable prince, he felt so sorry for the royal family, and all of a sudden, he had the urge of praying to God because of the crown prince, a pastor once told him about the Almighty God who is on His throne in heaven and He is the Creator of heaven and the earth; and Jesus Christ who shed his precious blood on the Cross for the Salvation of mankind. The School principal looked up to heaven and said, “Our Father who art in heaven, blessed be your Holy name, as the Creator of man, save the crown prince from the hands of Lisa, the stream goddess in Jesus name. Amen!”

The School principal did not know he had just interceded on behalf of the crown prince when he offered his simple prayer. However, that night, the School principal had a dream, a man surrounded by bright light appeared to him, his face was too bright to behold, the man spoke with the voice that sounded like thunder; “Yes there is God, and He is everywhere; He is the Creator of everything, go to the palace in the morning, tell the king to lay his hands on the head of the crown prince, and renounce all what he said on behalf of his son when he was born, he must cancel the oath with the blood of the Lamb of God; and by saying the prince was not responsible for the oath as a baby, and it shall be well with the prince.” When Olatubosun Teriba woke up in the morning; he wondered about the dream.

“That means God truly exist,” he said to himself. “But how can ordinary statement of renouncing the oath with the blood of the Lamb of God set the prince free from the goddess?” He asked himself.

Later that very morning, the School principal entered the palace, and told the king about his strange dream and what the man in the light said he should do to free his son from the hands of the goddess. The king immediately consulted the chief priest about what Mr. Teriba told him to do, in order to free the prince from the oath. “The goddess is the one controlling this territory, how can simple words of saying the “blood of the Lamb of God” free your son from the stream goddess?” The priest asked the king sarcastically. “No one can free your son from the goddess;” the chief priest boasted, almost shouting. “But my son is dying slowly in every passing hour, and all you could say is that nothing can be done to save him unless he dies as a punishment for wounding a fish which later transformed into a mermaid? That is a deliberate wickedness from you and the goddess,” the king said dejectedly. “That was the decree from the goddess, I was not even there when you yourself dedicated your son to the stream goddess,” the priest protested arrogantly.

Because of what the priest said, and the humiliating manner by which the priest spoke to him, the king decided to do what the School principal suggested, and he made up his mind not to discuss the issue with any of his chiefs, and the king left the priest’s house in anger.

When the king returned to the palace, he heard shout of pain coming from his son’s private chambers, he quickly entered the room and found his son shaking on his bed like a man struggling for breath, to stop his son from dying, he gently laid his hands on his head and declared; “By the greatest power of God in heaven, and by the blood of the Lamb of God; I hereby cancel the oath you my son did not make; neither did you dedicate yourself to the goddess, nor did you make that oath with Lisa’s stream when you were born.

Therefore, you cannot be held responsible for the oath you did not make, and you are not guilty of death by wounding a fish that inflicted injury on your male organ, I hereby set you free from your sickness and I also set you free from marine witchcraft manipulation for life by the power that is in the blood of the Lamb of God Almighty the Creator of the universe; and I believe the Almighty God is the Creator of all creatures in heaven and on earth.” The king repeated these words three times before he stopped; breathing heavily.

As the king was still standing by the bed of his son, there was a loud noise, coming from the back side of his son, the offensive gas that was coming out of his son’s anus was stinking like rotten eggs, as the prince was passing out gas from his backside, his stomach started to go down until it became normal again! All these happened within ten minutes, and the crown prince was completely healed to the glory of God Almighty that very hour! Lisa the stream goddess saw what the king did to his son through her magic mirror in her kingdom, and how the prince was healed through the power of God Almighty, she appeared immediately at the palace to kill the prince physically, but to her greatest surprise, everywhere was filled with bright light that blinded her vision, all her power was no longer functioning because of the bright light, she came to kill the prince outright, and she was powerless in the palace because of that bright light which she knew only belong to the Savior of the world who sacrificed His blood on the Cross to save mankind from the punishment of their sins.

The goddess left the palace out of frustration; and she appeared again at the house of the School principal who taught the king how to revoke the oath with a simple prayer.

She met the School principal sleeping peacefully on his bed, but when she pointed her index finger at him with the intention of killing the man on his bed, the man in the bright light appeared suddenly and blocked her power, the man in the light shouted angrily; “I created you to provide water in this world, and you turned yourself into a goddess to be worshipped by men and women you are supposed to serve all living creatures with drinkable water.”

The goddess was on her kneels as she protested; “But I am helping them to increase in population and in commerce, and I also defended them against the slave traders.” “You could have helped them silently without attracting unnecessary attention to yourself, you did many things wrongly in order to establish yourself as a goddess,” the Man in the Light said angrily. Lisa was speechless; and she looked very scared.

“I have come to redeem this Community from your hands. In three years time, no one will worship you again in this village, and very soon, the people coming to fetch water from your stream will reduce gradually, I have taken away your powers over this village, go back to your stream where I placed you!” As the Man in the Light finished his speech, an invisible power lifted up the stream goddess and landed her back into the marine kingdom to her chagrin.


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Noah Adekunle Adetilewa

Noah Adetilewa is the Author of the following books: Principles of True Leadership; Lisa, the stream goddess; Fate And Unconditional Love; Love Potion And The Bliss of Real Love; Mysterious wisdom of God; Paradise in Hades; You & Yur Health

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