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Why Mick Taylor Is the Best Horror Villain

by Leonora Watkins 5 months ago in slasher

Why the 'Wolf Creek' legend is so scary.

Horror movie villains are unique. If you create a good one, after one movie, they become icons. Just look at how Michael Myers has stood the test of time in the horror stakes. Even now, after almost 40 years, people still consider him one of the scariest horror villains ever created.

But modern day horror villains seem to be getting less and less scary, particularly with so many remakes and sequels, everything is being watered down or completely played out.

But once in a while, someone will touch on something truly successful and a brilliant villain will be born. And that villain is "Pig-shooter and general f***in' Outback legend," Mick Taylor.

And as someone who watches a lot of horror films, in fact, horror films are pretty much all I watch, I have to say that Mick Taylor is the best modern horror villains around today.

He's Unpredictable

There is nothing more scary than when you don't know how someone is going to react. You are on a total knife edge and waiting to see what kind of response you are going to get. And Mick Taylor is the living embodiment of unpredictability. Whenever anyone says something to him, you're just waiting for his reaction. And sometimes the reaction is laughter, sometimes it's a knife in the guts.

Even when he is laughing, you know that the laughter could stop at any second and then it's game on, then game over.

He's Friendly

I think it is his friendliness that makes him so terrifying. He has a laugh with you and it seems like he really wants to help. He could easily slip under the radar and fool someone into thinking that they were safe. It's made me so paranoid about breaking down in my car now!

The fact that he doesn't immediately kill people is another way of making him terrifying, he's going to do it, you know that. But you don't know when and the suspense that creates is amazing.

He's Real

Mick Taylor himself is not real, but he is based on a real life serial murderer named Ivan Milat, who's brutal killings were known as "The Backpacker Murders."

Milat was found guilty of the murder of seven people and in 1996 was given seven life sentences with no possibility of parole. Even in prison, Milat has proved to be a dangerous man having attempted to escape and he allegedly cut off his own finger with a plastic knife.

Mick Taylor might be loosely based on Ivan Milat, but the fact is, someone like that existed, and the thing that makes it so scary is that someone else might too.

There is nothing else needed to say about Mick Taylor's laugh.

He's funny.

Nobody can pull off funny and scary at the same time like John Jarratt. Mick Taylor's murderous side is often punctuated with some weird humor or funny remark. In the Wolf Creek series, he says to Eve's father when asked what he does for a living, "Me? Oh, I shoot pests. You know, feral animals. Ah, pigs, donkeys, camels, tourists." It's another nod to his unpredictability and that awkward tension everyone has right before he laughs.

He's prepared for anything.

He's a man who lives and thrives in an environment that would kill a lot of other people if they're not prepared. But Mick Taylor is prepared for anything and always appears to be either right on your trail or one step ahead.

He's John Jarratt.

Nobody could be the serial murdering maniac Mick Taylor other than John Jarratt. His performance is flawless and he has made Mick Taylor the legend he is today.

When you see him, it's too late

Being chased by Dracula? No worries, just head outside into the sun. Freddie Kruger can be kept at bay with a few espressos, but if you're being hunted down by Mick Taylor, prepare to be a head on a stick.


Leonora Watkins

A qualified counsellor and an even more qualified queer. I specialise in victims of rape and sexual assault. I also have a degree in behaviour analysis.

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Leonora Watkins
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