When I Woke

by ellanah jackson 2 years ago in fiction

Nature Is a Killer

When I Woke

The bell struck, and I woke. Woke up to find myself in a rather unusual place, beautiful even; although I could feel a sense of uncertainty around. I wasn't in the comfort of my home, nor in the warm blankets of my bed, but I woke up laying upon on an iced pavement in the middle of a deserted town. The air was thin and cold and my quick breathing let out a steam in the air. I glanced around and only the bell which had woken me was left swinging from side to side as it approached its stop. No people to be seen nor cars driving by. Alone, with just a cardigan, some trainers and thin leggings I sat in the bitter coldness of the arctic town.

Opposite me was a shop. I gradually walked over and peered into the window, pressing my forehead onto it and instantly feeling a sharp sting from the ice frozen layer clung to the glass. As I wiped off the ice from the window my hands instantly became numb sending a shiver rushing down my spine. That uncertain feeling began to rise again. Peering into the shop I noticed the time was 8:24 AM.

I waited for hours patiently by that shop window, trying to stop the weight of my eyelids covering my eyes and letting me sleep. I had to stay awake, something felt too odd to let myself drift off carelessly. I sat waiting for hours, for someone, for anyone, but nothing and no one appeared.

Night had fallen and the air became thinner and more chillingly painful with each breath I took. The sky was a clear dark blue and no clouds pondered around. Only the shimmers of the stars glistening through were to be seen. I started walking through the town which was still empty and silent. I was afraid more than ever. Something about the darkness always scared me. The unknown lurked throughout, and uncertainty and danger lingered in the night atmosphere.

As I walked through the eerie town I noticed a fire surrounded by some men, smoke blurring out their appearance. At first, going over didn't seem so scary until I got closer and closer and that idea quickly faded. Once I'd walked through the smoke I could now see their faces clear through a misty orange filter in the air.

“Do you know what the time is?” I asked with a shakiness in my voice.

They could tell I was nervous. They could sense my vulnerability. My heart began to race as one man approached me slowly, dauntingly, with an evilness and dominance to him. Each heartbeat became stronger and stronger until each one was a turbulent push from within which willingly descended into my stomach. I could feel every thump, every beat, every pulse so clearly. My ears and mind drowned with the sound of the pounding in my chest.

The man's grating husky voice stopped all of this suddenly as he started to speak and say “You're looking lonely, why don't you stay with us tonight,” sounding as though he wasn't asking a question but making a demand.

Inch by inch, I slowly and cautiously began to move backward, hoping to escape.

“Where you going?” he said as he clenched one hand firmly onto my shoulder, gripping his nails deep into my skin.

I quickly turned around only to have his tight grip stop me and fall on to my hands and knees. In the greatest hurry, I tried to drag myself across the ground and up only to have my legs pulled from behind. I kicked and pushed and thankfully got up and sprinted away as fast as my legs could carry me, my shoes being taken in that horrific incident. I could hear their laughter getting dimmer and dimmer as I ran further into the land encompassed with snow. Quicker with no care in the world other than to get as far away as I possibly could from them.

Still sprinting for my life my eyes began to fill up with tears, my vision becoming blurrier and blurrier until all I could make out was the faint line between the sky and the ground, which now seemed white. A piercing sting shot through my bare feet and into my legs as I ran on and into thick crunchy frozen snow. As I plunged further into the unknown, I could hear each crunch as I pushed through the deep thickness of the snow, slowing me down second by second.

Pointlessly I still ran; becoming short of breath and breathing faster and harder in the dangerously cold air. I slowed down gradually beginning to blink away the frozen tears in my eyes. Still walking rapidly I looked around and all I could see was the vast piles of snow which engulfed the landscape and every inch in sight other than the sky. About a mile ahead of me stood a forest surrounded by thin, tall trees each covered in snow, barely showing any leaves or any sign of life. I screamed. The air biting my throat. I was so out of breath all I could do was breath in the painful icy air as hard as possible. It felt about -20 degrees right now, and that chilling air began filling in my lungs. I started hyperventilating and the air filling up my lungs was getting thicker and thicker each second, freezing inside of me. I could feel the ice particles closing up my airways, soon covering the entire area in my lungs.

The feeling felt as though someone was shoving a sharp, pointy iced dagger, deep down into my lungs and spinning it fast; choking away at me, making it impossible for me to breathe. Blood filled my lungs quicker than I could imagine, till I was coughing, choking, trying to grasp on to air as much as I could. All I could feel was the thickness of the blood filling up in my lungs. I couldn't feel my toes as they were purple and blue, numb and bare. My hands solid, stuck, frozen and covered in ice, unable to move, unable to feel. I fell to the crisp snow turning its clear glistening white sheet to a dark splatter of blood. My face hit the snow as my body could not hold its self anymore. From head to toe I was purple; encapsulated in ice and unable to move. I curled up and let my eyelids drop, drowning in my own blood, unable to fight any longer.

ellanah jackson
ellanah jackson
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