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Lust and Blood mix in the Rock & Roll halls of Los Angeles

By Agent Ranch HandPublished 10 months ago 8 min read
Photo by Diane Picchiottino on Unsplash

October 1, 1986

It never takes long for the call. The desire to feed. The need. Like the great 1983 film The Hunger, the blood calls to us. I am stronger than that. I call to the blood, and usually my victims feed on me.

The pretty blonde was out of place in that smokey room of thrashing metal and sticky floors. Her hair-metal, butt-rock boyfriend thought he was a little more motley than his crew. What’s a girl to do but find someone new?

I appeared at the bar unnoticed, as if I’d always been there. She timidly nursed the same beer and fumbled in the same dish of peanuts she’d had since she sat there. When she left the bottle on the bar, I waved a finger, and it smashed on the ground.

“Shit!” she proclaimed.

“Clumsy?” I replied.

“Not usually, but I suppose I am tonight.”

“Let me get you another.”

“Thanks, I’d like that,” she yelled over a bad guitar solo from the local band jamming.

“What would you like?”

“I don’t know. I don’t drink that much.”

“Something light then?”


I waved my finger at the bartender and looked into his eyes, and, without a word, he turned and made an Amaretto Sour. He came over to us and placed the drink on a napkin and asked for nothing in return.

“They made me pay a buck for this. You just got a mixed drink for free. They didn’t even card you.”

“I’m old enough.”

“You look twenty-five maybe?”

“A little older,” I lied. I was 312 at the time.

“You come here very often then, huh? He looked like he knew you.”

“He’s a friend.” He was not.

“You don’t look much like the other guys here. Short hair?”

“Yes, I would say this isn’t really my scene, but the wildlife is nice to look at.”


“Yes, I like the music, the lights, and the dancing.”

“Tony always brings me here. I just want to go real dancing with good music, like Tina Turner and the Pet Shop Boys.”

“I like those as well, though I enjoyed Tina and Ike more than her more popular hits. The Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, The Cure, these are my kinds of music,” I lied a little more.

I heard someone say that in this very room two weeks ago, after they’d paid their cover fee to get in. They never got the chance to leave.

“Where is Tony now?”

She shrugged and pointed at the gathering of hairspray and makeup by the stage. I saw a table in the corner. There were two guys and a girl talking. After a moment, one of them made eye contact with me. He looked at the girl with him and knocked her teeth out. The other guy leaped on top of him, yelling about what he’d just done. The blonde looked over, amazed and shocked at the commotion.

I placed my hand on hers and said, “I do enjoy the wildlife.”

I looked back and caught the bar keeper's eyes, he hopped over the counter with a towel and cleaned the area.

He came back over to us and said, “I think you guys would be happier over there. I’ll bring you another couple of drinks. Sorry about the fight. That kind of shit happens all the time.”

“You’re too kind,” I said.

We made our way over to the chairs, and I noticed that one of the pillars of the old warehouse where this bar stood had mirrors on each side. I saw her sit in the chair and then the chair that was beside her scooted back. She fidgeted with her skirt under the table, and she was smiling and looking innocent and delicious.

“Is he good to you?” I asked, looking into her blue eyes.


“Tony, that boy you are with.”

“I didn’t come here with any boy.”

“Didn’t you? What about the tallish punk you pointed out earlier?”

“Him?” She looked inquisitive.

“Yes, the young man you said you came in with.”

“I came here with you.”

“Yes, you came here with me,” I responded, with a whisper.

She could hear it over the loud drums and reverb. She could hear everything I was saying as if I were speaking to her thoughts with my eyes.

I stared into her eyes, and she looked back into mine. Slowly, she reached for my cheek and came in for a kiss. I reciprocated with a tiny nibble on her tongue. A taste.

I was calling to her now, not so subtly. I was moving her blood around to all the erogenous zones. Her cheeks were being flushed, her chest was red. She was quickly becoming concupiscent.

“Hey, Suzie!” the hair sprayed behemoth called out. “What are you doing sitting over here?”

“Tell him, Suzie.”

“I’m sitting with–I never caught your name.”

“I never gave it.”

“I’m sitting with him.”

“Well this place is over, man. The next band is about to come on, and they stink.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” Suzie responded.

“You should sit with us,” I said.

“I don’t think so. Suzie, you have to be home by curfew.”

“A curfew, he says?”

“I’m eighteen! My parents just treat me like a kid.”

“You turned eighteen yesterday.” Tony replied.

“Why don’t you have a drink and sit with us, Tony?”

His eyes were on her so I got up and stood between them. After he caught my gaze, he immediately calmed down and asked, “Is there another chair?”

“Why don’t you sit on my lap, Tony?” I asked.

His eyes rolled a little, but he complied. He sat on my lap and slowly became more comfortable, like I was his father and he was my child. It was awkward, to say the least, the way he slumped down until I corrected his behavior. He was a fighter, I could tell, and it had been a while since I’d had a challenge like this. Suzie watched on in astonishment. He spread his legs around my knees and planted his ass over my zipper.

“Suzie, why don’t you come closer and kiss him?”

I let him lean into her and felt the grind of his ass into my bulge. They kissed for a few moments of passion. I would give them that.

“Suzie, push his ass into me with his crotch. Get him nice and hard. And Suzie, don’t be afraid to use your mouth.”

She quickly responded to my words and unzipped his pants. I had already aligned my thoughts with his erection, filling his firmness with perfervidity. After his rigid cock was hardened by her touch, his pelvic gyrations warmed my phallus. So cold most of the time. Until I was fed.

The more she jerked his rubbernecked dick, the more his assault on my crotch withstood. He had become a wrecking ball of friction.

“Suzie, why don’t you slide your panties off and put them in his mouth? He might like a little something to bite down on. Are you a little wet yourself?”

“Uh huh.”

“Why don’t you go ahead and wrap your legs around us and sit on that cock?”


I pulled my pants down around my knees while he took a break to settle her. I had them both spit in my hand and then I lightly wiped my hand up his crack. He moaned a little when I scratched him. His questioned lust was met when I put the tip against his little brown button. He inhaled slowly as I slid it in, but his thrusting into Suzie only became more abundant. She met him for every thrust.

I allowed them to kiss once more before reaching up to Suzie and taking her mouth with mine.

I controlled him now; the blood was swelling in and around the tip of his penis, heightening what was already an plethora of pleasure for Suzie. I controlled her, only allowing her redness to proliferate, her canal closing in around his prick, but his penis was growing and growing exponentially. Today, medical doctors would call it a priapism. The swelling pain felt crushing on Tony’s prick, but that same swelling was thumping Suzie’s buttons to the climax I wouldn’t let her have.

I was enjoying every minute I was stretching Tony, but his mind and body were focused on Suzie. I had to get his attention back, so I pulled his mouth from hers and brought it to mine. I bit into my tongue for a drop of blood and gave him a taste. He didn’t recoil. I made him thirsty for it. We kissed long enough to make Suzie jealous, and she pushed her face into ours.

Her tongue touched my lips more than his, but rejection was a bitch and I was making her boyfriend mine. I could see her frown, but my cock was fully enveloped and ready to keep going.

I grabbed her arms and pulled them towards the floor so she couldn’t really bounce but grind. She didn’t disapprove. I was able to push through holding them up. He was quickly swelling inside her because as my arousal grew, so did my control of his priapism. His moans were getting louder and louder but were ignored over the sound of Mountain Song playing in the background.

Her moans and whimpers became bouts of quivering pleasure as she came on his anaconda. I allowed him to release her too, surrendering the strict control I held over his testicles and penis. The swelling subsided, and she was able to move, but I still held her arms and let her watch as I bit down hard into his neck.

Even with the strobe lights, the room was dark enough that Suzie didn’t notice the stream of blood coming down. I made eye contact with her as I drained his neck. The feeling must have been exquisite for Tony, to come and pass out from blood flow at the same time. But I’m sure he panicked as he slipped away in the darkness.

When I was sated, I licked his pale neck and made the wounds disappear, but I maintained eye contact with her. She was as calm as a kitten as Tony died while still inside her. I let her off and had her sit back in the chair before I let Tony slide to the floor, still in a state of undress. I zipped my pants back up and stood. I took Suzie’s hand and we walked out of the bar.

“I think that went well,” I said.

“Can I stay over at your place tonight?”

“Sure, you won’t be going home again.”


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Agent Ranch Hand

Writing is my hobby and I like to create fun sexy stories. They are always fiction, unless otherwise noted. Follow me for more.

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