Vast (Pt. 2)

by Clarissa Ramirez about a year ago in fiction

Part Two

Vast (Pt. 2)

“Stupid lock,” Mi-Nam grumbled to herself, pulling her key out of the slot of the lock and quickly banging on her door two times. It was then that her door opened, and she sighed in relief. “I really need to call a locksmith.”

“A locksmith?” piped up a soft voice. She turned her head to see a girl she’s never seen before approach her. Mi-Nam felt her heart quicken, as she is a simple girl with good taste. The girl had long orange hair, almost a rose-gold tint. Soft brown eyes that radiated kindness. A body to die for—"My heart can’t take this," Mi-Nam thought to herself, turning properly to face her.

“Yeah, my locks’ been giving me trouble for ages,” she said, motioning to her lock.

Stupid piece of junk—“May I try taking a look?” the stranger said, taking a step closer.

“Yeah, of course!” Mi-Nam stepped aside, watching as the girl inspected it closely.

Why she was so trusting, she didn’t know. For all she knew, she could suddenly pull a 180 on Mi-Nam and kill her, or worse, go inside and steal her gaming console. I wouldn’t doubt if she ended up being a thief, her unsuspecting face helps her ca—

“Done!” The girl stood straight to face her, a wide grin on her face. “You don’t need to get a locksmith! Handle was a little jammed, but I got it fixed!” She backed up, motioning her to try it. Although skeptical, Mi-Nam did it to give her the benefit of the doubt. Her eyes went wide in shock when she found that the door opened with ease this time.

“Whoa, you must be some magician!” Mi-Nam couldn’t help but pull the stranger into a hug. “Thankyouthankyouthankyou!” The other simply laughed and hugged back.

“It’s no problem at all, glad I could help.”

Mi-Nam pulled away, shyly pulling her hair over her shoulder as she realized she just hugged the—very attractive, might she add—stranger without warning.

“Sorry about that.” She blushed heavily. The other girl started laughing, and Mi-Nam swears on her life that cancer could be cured with it.

“It’s no problem at all.” She smiled, holding out her hand. “Name’s Dae-Hyun. I just moved to the apartment next door.” Mi-Nam grabbed hold of her hand—what the actual fuck, it’s so soft—and grinned.

“Mi-Nam. Welcome, neighbor.” Dae-Hyun let go, quickly shoving her hands into her pockets.

“Nice to meet you, Mi-Nam.” She bowed, turning to walk into her apartment. “I’ll be seeing you around.”

Mi-Nam watched her leave, feeling a dreamy sigh leave her lips. “Later...”

. . .

. . .

That was three years ago. Mi-Nam would never forget that day.

Mi-Nam was lead to the body a week ago.

Her parents asked her to speak at the funeral, as they knew her as Dae-Hyun’s best friend. They didn’t know the feelings that harbored in Mi-Nam’s heart, in her mind. The complete adoration for Dae-Hyun. The love. Most would think of them as platonic lovers, but Mi-Nam knew in her heart her feelings were not platonic in the slightest.

“Mi-Nam, you’re up.” Dae-Hyun’s mother came up to her, bringing her out of her numb trance. Mi-Nam looked over to the elderly woman, and gave a sad smile, reaching for her hand.

“I’ll go in a bit, I just need some time alone, please.” She nodded, leaving the grieving girl in peace. Finally, after this past week of just attending meetings and being investigated, she sat and let herself cry. She sobbed her heart out, uncaring of who was close by to listen.

4:50 AM

She had found the body a little over an hour ago. Mi-Nam sat in the small interrogation room, looking around at the bland walls. Dae-Hyun’s body is currently engraved in her mind. She felt her blood run cold, feeling a flicker of a touch on her burning hot skin.

She recognized that feeling.

A touch.

Most importantly, she recognized who it belonged to.


“Sorry for keeping you waiting.” A voice shook her out of her thoughts, the voice that belonged to the nice police officer that brought her in. A nice young man who seemed like he was too nice for this world. “Doing quick paperwork about this case.” Mi-Nam nodded, looking at the table below her. The officer offered a sad smile. “I’m Officer Samuel, I’ll be handling the case of your friend.” Mi-Nam looked up at him, nodding once again. “Now,” he leaned forward a bit, hands folded on his lap, “how did you find the body?”

Mi-Nam opened her mouth, but quickly shut it. He couldn’t just tell him that he saw her spirit come to her and lead her to the body. He’d probably think she’s crazy. “I... It’s gonna sound weird.” She began, sitting up straight. “But I dreamt she came to me.”

“You dreamt she came to you?” Mi-Nam was surprised to see he wasn’t skeptical. Instead, he leaned in more, starting to write in his little notepad.

So, she continued, “Yes. I dreamt she came to me, saying she needed to show me something... and lead me to the alley way. Then I woke up at 3:52, feeling like I had to go look for her. I tried her apartment first. I figured she was asleep... but I just got that nagging feeling in my gut. So I checked out the alleyway myself.”

“And that’s where you found her.” Samuel finished for her, noting to himself that Mi-Nam looked ready to break down. She nodded, covering her face with her hands and shook with sobs. “

I was hoping I’d be wrong. I was hoping I’d have to keep looking for her, and maybe find her in a bar. I wanted to be wrong.” Mi-Nam’s cries came out in an almost slur. Samuel sighed and went over to give her a hug, rubbing her back.

“Let it out.”

. . .

. . .

Mi-Nam stood, collecting herself. “Okay.”

. . .

“Dae-Hyun... How can I even start to describe her?” she began, looking at the people attending the funeral. “She’s a beautiful soul. Kind-hearted, sweet, selfless.” Mi-Nam couldn’t stop the smile that grazed her lips. “When we met, she fixed my doorknob.” A few laughs came up. “It’s true! I was coming home one day, and she saw me struggling with my knob. So she fixed it, then we became friends after that.” Friends, right. “And from that point on, she just became a big part of my life. Over the course of three years, Dae-Hyun and I became really close friends. Even more, almost,” she sighed. “She’s always gonna be a big part of me, even in the following years that come. I’ll never be able to get her out of my heart.” Mi-Nam glanced over at the casket, tears coming to her eyes once again. “I’m gonna miss her.”

. . .

. . .

Mi-Nam watched as the casket was lowered down into the ground with tear-filled eyes. She held a white rose in her hand, taking a step forward to toss it on the casket. I never got to tell her how I feel. She held the rose above the hole, tears starting to stream down her cheeks. I’m gonna make sure whoever did this pays for what they’ve done. I promise. She let go of the rose, as well as of her composure for the second time that week, and let herself break.

They will pay for what they’ve done. I’ll make sure of it.

Clarissa Ramirez
Clarissa Ramirez
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