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Part One


One knock.


Two knocks.

"Please, open the door."

Three knocks.

"Please! Anyone home?"

Mi-Nam was not amused someone was knocking on her door at—she reached for her watch, squinting to read the time—3:52AM.

"Who the actual hell?" she grumbled, yanking the blanket off herself and hurrying to open the door. "Whoever that is, you better have a good freaking reason for waking me up!" she called out as the knocking grew persistent. "Otherwise, I will kick your ass—" she stopped mid-swing of her door, eyes widening when she saw her neighbor, Dae-Hyun.

Dae-Hyun currently looked small and frail, unlike anything Mi-Nam was used to seeing. Dae-hyun was usually bubbly and bright, a huge smile on her face at all times. But not this time. Her eyes were swollen, tears streaming down her face, shoulders shaking.

Mi-Nam's heart clenched tightly at the sight.

"Oh my God, Dae!" She opened the door wider, motioning the smaller girl inside. Once the door was shut, Dae-Hyun lurched forward and wrapped her arms around Mi-Nam's torso. Mi-Nam was shocked at the sudden action.

"Dae-Hyun, what happened to you?" she asked, carefully wrapping her own arms around the sobbing girl as she pet her hair, smoothing it out. It was then that Mi-Nam really took in Dae-Hyun's current state.

Disheveled, messy, and bruised. Wait, why is she bruised? Mi-Nam pulled her back enough to look over her properly. "Dae..." she muttered, taking in the horrifying sight.

Black, purple, and blue blotches covered her arms in the form of hand prints. Her dress was ripped at the sleeve, as though it were ripped in a forceful manner. Marks covered her entire neck. But what threw Mi-Nam off guard was the dried blood in her hair.

"What the fuck happened to you, Dae-Hyun?" she whispered in a sad tone, running her hands through the shaking girl's hair. Dae-Hyun simply shook her head, simply pulling the other closer.

"Dae-Hyun." Mi-Nam pulled her off again, gently grabbing her by the chin and lifting her head up to stare in her eyes. It was then that she noticed Dae-Hyun's eyes looked a little too... hollow.

What happened to have her like this?

"I'm gonna need you to tell me what happened, that way, I can help you," she said with a frown. Dae-Hyun reached up to grab her hand.

"It's better if I show you instead."

Her voice was softer than ever, also sounding very hollow. And not in the hollow way when you're stressed or depressed over something. Something was off about her, and Mi-Nam didn't like it one bit. "O-Okay."

Soon, they were walking side-by-side down a deserted alley. Dae-Hyun stayed a few steps ahead, keeping her head down. The walk was silent, with occasional shuddered breaths that Dae-Hyun released. As they walked, Mi-Nam couldn't help but stare at her with tears in her eyes. Dae-Hyun had always been the sweetest person she had ever met; a cute personality with an "I can help with that" attitude. Never turned away anyone's pleas and everything she did was done with 110% effort. She loved unconditionally, whether it was romantic or platonic. Didn't matter. Dae-Hyun thought love was important in all aspects, so she tried to spread what she could of it all around. The thought of someone hurting her pissed her off, she couldn't deny it. But she kept quiet, waiting to get to their destination.

Dae-Hyun stopped walking, surprising Mi-Nam.

"We're here."

There it is again. The hollowness in her voice. Mi-Nam detested it.

Dae-Hyun stayed still. Mi-Nam stepped forward to see what she had brought her out to see.

It was then that Mi-Nam truly felt a wave of anguish, anger, and sorrow.

Dae-Hyun no longer stood by her. Instead, she lay on the floor. Eyes wide as they stared at everything, but saw nothing. Eyes glazed over in tears, blood pooling around her head. Her arms were by her side, inhumanely bent at the forearms. A slit going across her throat, still bleeding out. But very little came out.

Mi-Nam backed up, eyes wide in horror. She couldn't help the scream that erupted from her throat. Dae-Hyun suddenly popped in her vision, sending her down in shock.

"Please, help me."

Clarissa Ramirez
Clarissa Ramirez
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