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A mysterious figure lurks in the dark.

This distorted figure hides in the shadows as it follows the young woman.

The ominous entity has come to know this young adult intimately. It knows her darkest secrets and worst fears.

One evening as she turns the hall to her bedroom, the creature moves just inside her peripheral.

The woman freezes in fear, "Show yourself."

The shadows lie dormant as she approaches the black corner of her home. Maybe if it doesn't move she won't see the creature waiting amidst the void.

The young woman's foot steps to the line that separates the moonlight from the space that lets imagination run wild.

Her mind plays tricks on her eyes as she reaches to feel for what moved seconds ago.

The entity can't move away any further. Having become cornered by the young woman standing in the night.

Just as her fingertips are about to touch the figure, the phone rings.

She reels her arm back in and leaves the hall as if nothing happened. The mysterious entity misses her presence, oddly enough.

All these years of stalking the young lady, its identity was nearly revealed.

A sigh of relief leaves the body of the hidden figure.


The next night as the girl sleeps peacefully, the entity hovers above her body. Watching the woman dream time away.

Her face was relaxed, as if she didn't have a care in the world. In some way the figure envied such ability.

Suddenly she shuffled loudly, causing the shadow to retreat to the dark once again.

She tosses and turns, appearing to have a nightmare. Dragging the sheets across the bed with her flailing limbs.

The woman shoots upright, breathing heavily.

Her hands placed upon her forehead in relief once she realizes that it was only a nightmare.

The figure accidentally grabs her attention from shuffling across the floor. Her eyes squinting in concentration.

The creature worries for her well being. Although it mustn't reveal itself. An entity possessing concern?

"Reveal yourself" The female demands.

She throws off her blankets to face the darkness that lies ahead. An overwhelming sense of curiosity taking control.

Once again she reaches into the night, feeling for the cause of her disturbance.

"I know you're there."

The unknown figure tries escaping, beginning to scratch at the walls. Desperately searching for any means to stay concealed.

The bedroom walls echo with the sounds of scraping paint. She pounces in the dark, her hands grazing what feels like sandpaper.

The girl screams, landing on her rear side. Crawling away from the sensation she felt. Whatever is causing her alarm, sure wasn't human.

Just as suddenly as she fell the scratching ceased. The entities ability of hiding had been compromised.

"Who are you?" The woman speaks, her voice shaking with nerves.

It was time to reveal itself, no more hiding. The creature could no longer stalk the girl. She finally learned of its existence.

The creature stepped out of the void and into the moonlight. The young girl gasping at the atrocity that stood before her.

It was tall, and skinny as a twig. The skin of the creature appeared to have flesh but felt rough. Its face distorted in such shape that she had to look away out of shock.

"What are you?" She asked once she gained back her courage.

The entity answered in a deep rasp, "I'm you."

Her face grew puzzled, "No."

"I'm the part of you that hides away. Never to be revealed to others."

The young woman stood up to brush herself off, "Then why do you look like that?"

The figure bent to the girls level, it's midnight face staring into her soul.

"I grew more distorted each time you felt pain, or the need to hide your true self."

She invited the mysterious figure to sit beside her on the bed, "I am lonely, nobody really knows me."

A heavy sigh leaves the girls lips before continuing, “I’ve grown distrustful, all the pain has given me demons.”

The tall entity sits beside the young woman, "I am your deepest desires, worst fears, true personality that you won't allow to shine."

"So that's why you hide in the shadows?" The girl wonders, placing her hand upon the clammy limb of the creature.

"Yes, you've forced me to hide away. The shadowy night is my home."

The girl sighs in fatigue, "I'm sorry, feeling nothing and pretending everything kills me."

The entity whispers in sorrow, "I know."

Song: Monsters by All Time Low

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