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Two Realities or One?


Two Realities or One?
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"Medkit, Gauze, Nile lotus extract , just enough until the healing kicks in..." After sitting deep in the crop fields for about a half hour, Andreas managed to slip past Law Enforcement and made his way back to his apartment. Drained and Disoriented from the strange encounter, he did what he could before he slipped into a deep sleep on his burgundy couch...

The next morning....

His phone went off loudly on the floor next to his clothes, he opened his eyes and groaned annoyed, laying there for a brief moment before he grabbed it -Sheriff Moira- he answered and put it on speaker "Hm." he mumbled loud enough to be heard 'You know i just knew it had to be you, but usually you don't leave behind that much of a mess. what was the fire about?' he opened his eyes and looked at the phone "what are you talking about?" he asked curiously 'there's nothing here that could have set the front of the church cripsed. was it a molotov?' Sheriff Moira, a SWAT Operative and Sniper is the only witness in his dealings with the weird and creepy things in the town, he saved her son from a human trafficking ring operated by djinn. Since then she's the only person that knows Andreas , the real Andreas.

"I don't remember much of last night actually.." he sat up and looked at the clock , 10:00am, 'What do you mean? you didn't get bit or anything right? is that a thing..' Andreas got up and walked over to his sink "yes that's a thing.." he checked under his bandages , no bite's , no infection , just bruises and a few deep cuts. "no bite's" , 'Well..maybe you're just tired.' "No..i don't forget stuff like that. ever." He never forgets days like yesterday. when lives are saved or taken away, or created, when gods and monsters come out to play, you just don't forget that kind of stuff. He's been Studying and trading words..and fists with them since he was 16 years old. Was the stress finally catching up to him? was it a spell? did he hit his head too hard? all of this was going through Andreas's mind as he prepared for his day job. He wore a gray turtleneck and dark blue pants, on top, a casual jacket. he grabbed a prepped egg sandwich from his fridge and looked in the mirror.

Andreas Elerium was a native american and egyptian tall male standing at 6'0, with a athletic physique. his beard was short but full, brown eyes overlayed with strange gray ring's he has no answer to. A healed cut was under his lower lip and a smaller one sat in between his temple and right eye. he had short hair that became a dirty blonde in his roots, his bruised hands fixed his glasses as he muttered to himself in the mirror and left the apartment. He wears tinted glasses, as it is harder people to see the rings that way.

he went to work, he owns a metal welding company, his mother owned it at first and gave it to him as a way of inheritance, he walked past the employees and into his office, just like any other day it involved paperwork, meetings, and research on whatever the problem of the week was, he sat in his chair staring at the words on his laptop quietly when his vision began to become fuzzy , his ears ranged and he held the crest of his nose "hm." he looked at the words on his computer again and they were no longer english, they looked like a dead language and were rapidly changing, he slid away from the screen and looked at the ground "The fuck..?" he stood up and walked over to his mini kitchen and poured a glass of water, his vision became blurry and almost cloudy , he leaned against the table fighting the dizziness, he walked over to his desk and the room shifted entirely to a dark room with nothing but stone, he looked around and began hyperventilating , the ringing became a harmonic howl, like a druid in the thickened woods of old. and he tried to drink the water before everything went numb , the howling stopped and he helplessly fell backwards passing out and dropping the glass in the process.

"Andreas..? hey..oh my god." the sound of boots clicking against his floor banged at his eardrums and he looked at the ceiling, He sat up quickly looking around confused -Okay..- he thought to himself -What the fuck was that..seriously- Sheriff Moira knelt beside him and grabbed his shoulder and his arm "You okay..?" He looked at her "Yeah..yeah im good." he breathed deeply "i haven't eaten." he got up and walked over to his desk , Andreas really hasn't eaten since the previous morning, 24 hours later you'd think he would have eaten. He grabbed the egg sandwich and felt the eyes on him, he turned around and looked at her and she looked at the floor where the cup broke, "Im fine.." he said , she looked at him and rose her hands awkwardly "Okay okay" , words didn't have to be exchanged to express how she felt about walking in on him blacked out, he cleared his throat and walked up to her "You came to tell me or something or you just wanted to visit?" he asked nicely to break the cold awkwardness that started making him feel weird, she fixed her curly hair , Sheriff Moira Thomas is 34 years old, she's hispanic and caucasian , and stood at 5'7 with neck length curly black with red highlights. Going on her 12th year in law enforcement , she spent time in the military as a sniper. She has a lot of reputation for the operations she was included in after joining SWAT, she was toned but had some weight on her which is a joke Andreas made when he saw her put a getaway criminal's head through drywall after attempting to stab her. "Yeah something happened at the bridge, looks like something in your field of work." her brown eyes stared at him like solid stone and then she looked at her phone "Sgt Holmes was found missing his entire ribcage. and somehow it was removed without cutting him open. he died of cardiac arrest." She cleared her throat and showed him a picture , he looked at it and exhaled sharply "We'll handle whoever did this." he held her shoulder "I know." she put the phone away "We should go the Morgue so i can identify what happened." he said grabbing his jacket, "You should just come tomorrow. get some rest and eat." he cleaned up the broken glass "No. im fine." he walked to the door of his office "Let's find this bastard."

At the mayor's office...

The mayor sat in her chair, her grey streaked raven black hair was up in a tight ponytail as she was reading emails in her laptop when her door was knocked. "Enter." A tall female walked in , she had long straight dark brown hair and wore a red turtleneck , black trousers and slippers. her nails were polished and her tanned skin glowed "How are you honey, i'm so glad to see you!" the mayor got up and hugged the woman , "Hey mum" her accent was heavily from Puerto Rico , but her looks derived from Europe , down to her clothing. "What are you doing here? i thought the next time id see you was Christmas?" The Tall woman smiled softly 'I thought about it, and i think ill stay for awhile.' , "Well you're always welcomed in my house, i'm your mother. why the sudden change in plans i thought you were in Italy for an expedition?" , the woman tilted her head "I think i'm better off here, taking up the mining company." The Mayor smiled "I knew you'd take the offer." she hugged her tightly , the woman grinned and looked out the window at the town.

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